Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Optimizing my travels

Wait no, I'm not going on holiday soon. But in the midst of planning for one in July.

Where to? Cousin's wedding in London and this will be my 1st time back there after I graduated more than 10 years ago. So this will be UK-revisit and of course a stopover in Leeds in compulsory.

Now, what am I trying to optimize? My interest in running started when I was in UK. It was also then I unearthed my ability to swim consecutively many laps in the pool (yeah, trying to swim my sorrows away after a bad break-up, seriously) but that wasn't the begining of my interest in endurance sports/ multi-sports yet. All I did was just individually. And that was it.

Managed to swim 20 laps I think at that point of time and I think about 10 rounds of Hyde Park (in Leeds). Can't really remember the numbers.

And upon starting work and subsequently my post-grad studies, it was during the post-grad studies that I had time to gain weight and of course my counter measures were to 'indulge' more in endurance sports. And so it began. I ran...half marathons....included biking and then went for swimming lessons specifically for free-style (I was a breast-stroker only person then). And so my first triathlon was in 2000 in Melaka (A-formosa Tri).

Anyway, I digressed. So now that I am returning to UK, I'd like to at least do a run there. Triathlon will be too challenging logistically. I was excited when I realised London Marathon was quite close to my travel dates, but there are certain criterias to be met before participating. So now I've resorted to 10k runs within the time frame of my travel. Found York 10k run about a week within my travel range, so I think that will be my event to look forward to. York is a quaint city not too far from Leeds. A 20+ minute bus ride from Leeds and it was where more 'entertainment' was back then compared to Leeds.

That being said, I may look for another event within that time too. One before and one after perhaps. Since it is summer anyway....surely there will be lots of events.

*keeping fingers crossed*

Planter project

Nothing very grand but a few weeks ago, I decided to teach my kids about how the plant grows from a seed. So there goes the 'taugeh' plant. This is his second round of the project done in his grandma's house. He wanted to see how tall it would grow, but by the time we left after a week, it was still very much alive and very tall. So he learnt about the plant's lifecycle. Or so I hope he did. :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Today I had an interesting encounter....

Technical meeting in client's office where my ex-boss was also present. Talk about awkwardness on the decade.  I was expecting my ex-colleague but ended up it was my ex-boss present. Hah! So much for thinking of a gossip session :P

But all in all, it ended up not too bad. We were preoccupied with presentations after presentations so it didn't leave much opportunity for interaction!

oh well!