Monday, October 26, 2009

Food-laden weekend

Weekend on 24th-25th Oct and all we did was eat.

On 24th, we finally set foot at the SS2 eat-all-you-can durian stall. RM9 per pax and fruits were good. But, if you’re not game for stuffing yourself stupid with durians, then its not worth it. Go for the individual fruits or the rm10 for 3.

We had almost 7 fruits, 1 huge one was tasteless and hard and had that changed and that didn’t count. I think if we sat there longer and hubby hasn’t given up, I’d probably be able to down 2 smaller ones. Anyway, we stopped and decided to go window shopping to ‘work it all out’! hehe and all the while, lil’ AIR was sound asleep, there was a slight breeze and amidst the durian aroma.

The next day, it was another day of eating. We planned to have buffet dinner at Kites Restaurant in Holiday Inn Glenmarie. AIR was really tired but refused to sleep. We were already at the area, but he was still tossing and turning in his seat and we decided to drive a little more cos we were still early, anyway. And few seconds later, he dozed off. And so we went for our dinner sans disturbance.

Nice ambience but (not my first time at the place, but first in this restaurant)….the moment we went in;

1. I told waitress I made reservations already, the foreigner-waitress asks me to wait and she was supposed to get her supervisor, but instead she never came back, but another waiter (local) from the other direction comes to assist. Then he discovers that there was no reservation under my name!! Luckily restaurant not full. Table easily available, otherwise I’d have exploded!

2. Asked that same waitress what was it outside (there was BBQ) and she couldn’t even answer. That same waiter answered on her behalf. So I asked if it was included. Mana tau, maybe different package.

3. Luckily when I asked if coffee & tea are served with the buffet she could answer.

Otherwise, the food wasn’t too bad, but the variety was much less than I expected. However, it was indeed filling and delicious. We had our fill. Really full to the brim.

On another note, the service at that hotel has particularly deteriorated with these foreigners around. I’m surprised that the hotel doesn’t bother to train them, or do they, but these people are just slow learners?

1. When I made my reservations, the person at the restaurant who took my call was a foreigner. When I asked if buffet dinner was available on Sunday (it was Saturday when I called), she told me to hold the line. When I said I wanted to make reservations, she did the same, and in the background she was asking someone local, presuming her supervisor. And why didn’t this local lady just take the line? And she had to stop twice while taking my details because she forgot what else to ask and when I prompted her for the price, she didn’t know either. My question is – isn’t this bad reputation for the hotel? Why aren’t they properly trained before being placed in the front-line servicing? Luckily I was in a good mood and she was polite. Otherwise I’d have given her a piece of my mind.

2. Couple of weeks back, we attended a wedding dinner there. It’s a 1Malaysia wedding, so though food is halal, there was alcohol served. And I think these waitresses/waiters should be thought how to identify, if not ask in general first before going around asking Muslims if they wanted wine. Those young and open-minded would be able to shrug it off giving them the benefit of the doubt that they are foreigners, but what about the Pak Hajis and gang and those who were not so open-minded who were there? They were definitely offended. Somehow the waitress came to me and apologized, but hey, out of a table of 10, only me? What about the rest? And how many took the initiative like her?

I am indeed very disappointed with this place. For its lousy service. Wait, I’ll be there again early next year, and I’ll see how it goes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jom! Let's go to the Movies!

Taking a break from what I’ve been doing….

Last night, I had so much fun. From being greeted by my 9.5month-old-son-with –party-hat (yet to take picture)to finally being able to watch a movie, with the presence of my son.

What bliss!

I went to the nursery and when the door opened, he was sitting down with that pointy-top-party-hat on, looking as mischievous as ever. Oh boy, I could just hug him and not let go! Unfortunately, he couldn’t put the hat on all the way home, cos his bucket-like-car seat can’t accommodate. (I’ve yet to change him to the vertical one cos its so much more comfy sleeping in this and convenient for us if he so happens falls asleep if we’re going anywhere)

And then we were going to try and take him to the movie. When we were having dinner, he was asleep. Then, as we were finishing and leaving, he awakens. And then I thought it maybe more difficult now. We’re prepared to leave if he makes noise (tickets free wat) :) and so we went in. slightly late, so the show started.

He was still drowsy, so we kept him in his car seat and on the seat next to me. After a while, he got didn’t want his milk anymore and it was really cold inside so we had his blankie round him. He looked really comfy n cuddly. Keke

Although his eyes were sleepy already, he refused to doze off (it’s the same problem in the day). And after many eye-rubbing, head-scratching sessions, his eyes were almost closed. I peered at him and he starred back at me wide-eyed. Aiyo!

Thank God, after staring at the screen and 30mins into the movie, he finally dozed off, snoring and ignorant to all the laughter and noise around him. I was so happy. Movie – sans action so music wasn’t too loud or sudden for his sensitive ears.

It was an achievement. Now, I can plan for more movies, can’t I?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Reflexology, sir?

A couple of weeks back, hubby & I went for a foot reflexology. I also wanted shoulder/back massage badly. I really didn’t know why but all of a sudden, that week, I was having achy shoulders. Since we’ve postponed this many times, this time we made it a point.

Our usual place has an electricity supply problem, so we headed off to Sunway Damansara in search of another place. We came across one which seemed quite ok (i.e. not those dodgy ones) and price was reasonable. And so we settled for the foot & shoulder package.

Like many foot reflexology centers, usually the massage areas are right in front, as you enter. Midway through our massage, the masseurs were talking amongst themselves and suddenly the phone in their reception rang.

And I overhead this, ‘ Yeah, we have massages and reflexology’ there was a pause followed by

‘what do you mean? Oh extra services? Erm, no sorry we don’t have that.’…

’ok, thank you’

And I was about to burst out laughing. I turned and asked hubby if he heard that. He didn’t, so I whispered/mouthed it to him. And he too was surprised.

For one, the place is not dodgy (thank God!) and secondly, both the ladies attending to us were not to bad, but they didn’t have the extra skill where they could tell you if there’s anything wrong with you by just pressing at your pressure points. So, off we go in search again for the person who has that skill.

And I was thinking to myself, ‘gosh, there are people who actually call up these places to enquire for ‘extra services’ huh’ and then I pondered – are these places any better than that of those dodgy prostitute places? Perhaps the ‘imported’ girls make the difference, I suppose. I wouldn’t know . :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jundeco Stickers

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Another weekend!

Saturday was a blast. Why? It’s been a while since we spent most of our time at home. Since just before Raya, that is. Always out for food, or buying groceries to make cookies erm, going everywhere…its been our habit, erm we’ve not able to stay still too long!

So Saturday morning, again, was awaken by AIR (what’s new?). Decided to take him to the playground and then we’ll decide later if I’m up for a walk/run. After the playground, he didn’t seem THAT sleepy, so I decided to put him in the stroller and jog. But I ended up walking cos 1) the new jogging route I wanted to try next to the new housing area didn’t look very safe as there were few men cleaning/grass cutting and doing some landscaping there; 2) I didn’t want to risk it with baby & stroller and w/o my handphone to call for help. So I walked down the ‘hill’ right to the guard and attempted to ‘speed walk’ up, but only managed ¾ of the way. Hmmmph fitness now non-existance lah! (I guess my dream of attempting Powerman Lumut is also non-existance lah – Darn!)

Usually by the time I reach the ‘top’ again, AIR would be asleep or almost. This time, not…so I decided to go for another round. I enjoyed it. Most weekend mornings I’m too tired to even think about walking. At 11am, since hubby wanted to take the car for a wash, I decided to go for a swim. Haaa another almost-forgotten activity. Slower than my previous first-attempts but I felt good.

And it was open-house-feast in the evening. All the way to Senawang. Not too bad la. Food so-so but durian we tapau-ed from Langat was da-bomb! :D

On Sunday, I awoke to body ache. Hah now, that’s new. Usually after swims, I rarely get that. Now, that’s a sign that my body is soooo tired and I’m totally unfit! Bah! I need to get my routine up again. Pants are getting slightly tight on the waistline!

And yesterday itself too, I went and bought my gym-ball (after almost half a year of contemplating) and I think I’ll start today! It’s going to be difficult to work-out out of the house and during un-Godly hours for someone like me. I’m alright with the un-Godly hours but its getting really unsafe out there! Hence a small investment! Now I’m already imagining some nice abs (hahaha, I wonder how long it’ll take) and toned triceps. I’ve got imbalanced triceps-biceps now. If only I had enough budget for my very own treadmill.....hmmmm

My shoulder still aches – this is definitely not from swimming – its diff, think it’s from office or carrying AIR's stuff. Crap! I can’t wait to get on my ‘durian-like’ gymball. :D

Friday, October 9, 2009

Is THIS Fair?

When I have to ask you to repeat, you smirk at me. When I have to repeat to you, its ok, cos I don’t pronounce/speak properly.

When I ask you the 2nd time (the 1st time I didn’t get the answer), I get blasted.

When I ask you to compromise, you say that it’s always you.

When I ask you to follow my choice, you criticize.

When I ask you to decide, you say its my turn to decide. But when I decide, you say you prefer something else.

When I don’t do it my way, you say I can’t think for myself. When I do it my way, you say I’m stubborn and don’t want to listen. Or when I do it my way, you say its all wrong.

When I ask you for an opinion, you say I’m fickle and can’t decide on my own. Oh God, its just an opinion.

So tell me, is this fair?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1Malaysia F1 Team

When I heard 1Malaysia F1 team looking for qualified people to join them, I wondered. Had I stayed on after I finished my thesis and proceeded in the same line, would I be qualified enough? Or would I be head-hunted by them (perasan tak ingat). Hehe Since my research was about lubrication in high speed engines, i.e. F1 engines, wouldn’t my supervisor or someone I’m working with think I’m qualified enough? But would I want to work with them, if I get it?

All those questions were running through my mind. I guess my simple answer to that was no, not at this point of time at this stage of my life. I guess since I’ve left that many years ago (more than 5 already, hahaha actual number remains a secret), if I actually stayed in that same field, I’d have done more than just research on lubrication. Perhaps something more exciting and perhaps maybe even beneficial to the team ( if there were no one else out there…). If I were still in that field, I may have taken the opportunity. But now I’m not and circumstances have changed.

But (aiyo, already say no, some more so many buts) I just can’t help thinking of the fact that ‘once it was my dream’ would have actually came true. :)

Are you sleeping?

Gosh, its so funny and cute when we ‘tortured’ AIR yesterday. Well, not literally torture.

Of late, he always has difficulty wanting to go to bed. He will be sooo tired that halfway through playing, he will rub his eyes, lie down and rub his face against his pillow and momentarily stay in that position (and we think he’ll fall asleep), and then sit up again and continue playing. And this will happen a few times, until he starts making noise and then we have to put him to sleep. Earlier attempts to put him to sleep before his ‘cry for help’ is always futile.

Usually, he will sleep on the way to the nursery. Recently, by the time he’s tired, we’ll be almost reaching the place already, so no point sleeping for less than 10minutes and then waking him up. (he awakens usually when we carry him from his seat)

So, yesterday, since there were both of us, and we were 5 minutes away from the nursery, we tried to stop him from sleeping. Yes, that was the torture I meant. Daddy tickled and tried to catch his attention, and he smiled and laughed, but at a subdued tone….and then we did it again when we saw his eyes almost going to shut. And oh boy, the reaction we got – eyes closed with a smile and trying to laugh. Gosh, that brought laughter to both of us…and when we laughed, he looked up at us and smiled again. It was certainly adorable!

It was cute and pitiful to him at the same time. Felt so bad not allowing him to sleep…but then ….

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quake, Tsunami, Dizzy, Sleepy...

I’ve meant to post something about Raya, but I’ve only managed half way drafting it and then it’s been left since 4 days’ ago. I don’t have the luxury of time to write a long post though that’s what I want to. Anyway, will post that up soon, promise. At home, I just want to chill…hehehe cos now lil’ AIR no longer sleeps from his ride home through. He wakes up when we reach the house. So have to entertain him for a while, usually up to approx 1 hr, before he’s ready for bed again. Then only we get to relax and watch some TV.

First it was the quake and tsunami in the Samoa and American Samoa, then later in the evening, the quake in Padang, Sumatra. Right after I heard that, it brought one thought to me. Is that a sign? Earlier it was the Typhoon in Hong Kong. Then Typhoon in Philippines and now Vietnam….hmmmm makes me wonder….

I didn’t feel the tremor this time around though at that time, I was on the 9th floor….back in Pg, mum felt it. The way she described it seemed like it was stronger than the one I felt sometime circa 12 yrs ago when I was still studying, and home alone at that time. Anyway….funny that KL felt it so bad but in Uptown we didn’t feel anything. Apparently there were people in Uptown who felt it and ran out…guess I was already ‘dizzy’ to begin with and starring at this lappy made no difference. Just added to the dizziness. Haha

I guess that contributed to the traffic jam on Kerinchi Link? Cos on traffic was smooth on Federal highway so it definitely wasn’t the usual congestion…perhaps people running out of the Menara TM and its nearby towers contributed to the havoc on the road.


Mind my incoherent train of thoughts. I keep getting interrupted and its not good. hence lousy blogpost...

I was complaining towards the end of Ramadhan that I was constantly feeling sleepy and lethargic. After fasting completed, I was back to normal. But then again, I assumed it was the toll from the whole 4 week duration and not a short few days incidents. But today when I fasted, the same happened on the way to work. Maybe it was lack of sleep, I dunno. Can’t tell but I’ll have to see if it happens again next week.