Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour etcetera

It’s funny how our Saturday was. We went to a warehouse sale, more like it was hubby who wanted to go there and I ended up buying something. We were almost leaving when I suddenly went to the display case and took a look at some of the sunnies available and suddenly this particular unit just caught my attention and from then on, it was it. No matter how many more I tried on afterwards.

Then we went down to KL, our postponed trip to the Pavilion. Not that we love to shop there but we just love the coffee and mini cheesecakes. So since I wasn’t well 2 weeks’ back, we decided to go this week. Pavilion wasn’t the only reason we had to go to town. I wanted to get an ‘extension’ of the milk container and funny I should’ve bought something which could only be found at that particular branch of Parkson outlet. Aiyo, so much trouble for such a small item. Mum’s colourful pair of shoes is also no longer available. So looks like I’ve got to be on the lookout for something else for her.

Then there was Earth Hour. We had dinner in 1-Utama and our dinner stretched past 830pm. So just before 830pm, every table was given a tea light candle. And so we ate in the candle light. Well, it didn’t turn out to be romantic cos baby decided to have a mind of his own and refused milk when he woke up and wanted to be carried around moving, not in his stroller. What to do, there are things that have to be sacrificed when you have a small one along. Nonetheless it’s a joy to take him out with us every time.

Some of the outlet in the shopping mall actually dimmed or switched off their lights and left those near their display items on only. Some switched off completely, like the restaurant we were in. Except the kitchen of course. It’s interesting how people did work together for just this one hour. Maybe it should be on a larger scale and not just a once-a-year thing.

We can do a lot more than just switching off lights to save the environment. There are many ways to reduce our daily carbon footprint. I’ll have to start somewhere too. I keep telling myself I should take a bag when I do my grocery shopping, which I did yesterday, but I ended up with the same plastic bags before putting it into my bag. Hence, it equates to nothing. I just had a carry-all bag. Haha I forgot, I guess in the haste to tell the seller no need to give me the plastic bag. OK, next time I’ll bring that bag again when I go to Tesco. There we bag our things ourselves so I suppose I will remember.

For the first time in such a long time, well not THAT long, maybe in more than 2 months, yes since baby and I were allowed out of the house, yesterday we stayed in. We didn’t even go out for lunch, which we usually do on weekends even if we didn’t have plans to go anywhere else after. I finally cooked lunch. Simple lunch but since it’s been a while since I cooked rice and dishes, it wasn’t too bad an attempt.

I’m looking forward to spaggy night again tonight, in such a long time. Hopefully it turns out as good as before…and baby will allow me to cook properly and not rushed.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Surprise! Surprise!

Haha I was pleasantly surprised....2 days in a row in the morning - no jams! the normal slow stretch in front of One Utama was there, but it wasn't extremely slow and after that it was smooth. I wonder what hapened....UMNO general assembly?

After cursing since monday till Wed about the jams, suddenly no jam, wah really surprising la. It's never happened, only on 2 different situations - school holidays (now holiday or not also jam) and when the petrol price was high. After that, jam along LDP was a daily love affair.

And to make the day better, yesterday I discovered that the stall selling breakfast in the morning near my place actually does sell quite good food. It's relatively new cos after Jan, the stall mended by two ladies were gone, then suddenly this new one appeared and I never tried it. Mum bought some kuih a couple of times but I was in confinement was it was all so elusive to me.

Then yesterday, our bread-stock was gone, and I was hungry so I just HAD to stop and buy the kuih. Then, the nasi lemak looked really nice. So being the greedy oink oink I was, I bought the nasi lemak too. And my oh my, superb nasi and the sambal was definitely my style. Hubby says it was nice because I was hungry....hahaha so today, I stopped by and noticed there was fried bihun, and that too wasn't too bad. Looks like I'll have to start controlling....:)

Have a good weekend people!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Food for thoughts

It just didn't turn out as I wanted it to be. Perhaps I was in a hurry. But now I know better what to do next time.

Weird. It wasn't that baby was around. Perhaps it was the anxiety anticipating that baby will be home soon so I tried my best to speed things up. Yeah, but it tasted as good anyways, just that it would've been much better if left on the stove slightly longer.

Yeah, my Fish Head Curry....sorry la no pics...just imagine the best-looking fish head curry you've encountered with lots of ladies fingers and tomatoes. *perasan kan?*

And I've got thumbs-up to cook for my in-laws....oh no!! I don't like cooking for people, especially whom I'm not very certain how their taste-buds would adapt to my style of cooking. Somehow it's daunting. I'd much rather cook for my pals and even if it doesn't taste that great, its not so bad. Phai-seh perhaps. Not living up to your in-laws' expectations of your cooking. hahaha we'll have to wait and see la.

We 'graduated' from our favourite (at that time) grilled salmon. Somehow the blocks got larger everytime we bought it and cutting into two would make it too small and leaving it as one was too big, so we ended up not buying.

Then there was the pasta phase when I was preggy. Yes, I could have pasta for dinner almost everynight. Thank God I managed to cook up some commendable seafood pasta so hubby had no complains. Now, I wonder it that left over pasta sauce from 3 months ago is still fungi-free? Better de-clutter my fridge later.

And somehow now it's it fish head curry and 'sup ekor' phase. Sup ekor has been quite sometime. Almost (yeah, almost) once a week we'll have that.

But now that there's a new distraction in our life, cooking is not priority. I try to do it as often as I can cos it's definitely easier and faster than eating out with baby in tow, especially on weekdays. So far I think it's 3 times a week and some days of tapau while weekends we will eat out.

It's weird - I do miss cooking somehow. hahaha not that I'm such a fantastic cook, but then sometimes its quite fun concocting dishes you either end up eating with joy or forcing it down your throat (luckily that not so often la). Hmmm I miss my sambal belacan la...:P

For now, it'll have to be a wait-n-see strategy on our daily dinner fare. Maybe we'll eat out tonight?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm inspired

Am I? By what? Somehow I just woke up and felt inspired. Inspired to take my training to another level (errr though it's no where at whatever level it is now).

I just want to do something but I have to manage it well this time. It's been raining on and off and this doesn't really help but I hope that perhaps I could put in some time during the weekends. PD tri in July looks do-able. But I have to remind myself that my fitness level is at 'zilch' at the moment.

SLOW and steady will do it! hehe

I'm also excited. Excited at the prospects that we'll be moving. To a place we can call our own. Despite the distance, more so further for hubby, but I guess it's a different feeling that you have a place you can renovate (now I understand this excitement) and then go back and lie back and not worry if the water supply will be cut off that night. PLus there'll be a pool that I can take baby out when time permits.

Aiyo, super sian you know...I wanna run!!! hehehehe

Looking back, ever since starting to be involved in sports, I don't think I've ever had a 11-month break...even though I was down injured, somehow I was always doing something. Looks like I better be slotting some gym work at home. 6kg makes ideal weight for lifting and additional weight for sit ups, no? :D

Monday, March 23, 2009

Earth Hour

Let's be part of Earth Hour and make a diference - 28th March 2009 8.30-9.30 pm, wherever in the world you may be, switch off all your lights and be part of the cause!

Extended Leave

Reality delivered a blow at me last week.

It didn't occur to me that I was THAT vulnerable. Who would've expected it, much less me. I was up and about right after delivery as though nothing happened, not sleeping the previous 24 hours and the coming 24 hours either.

So after the mandatory 30days confinement period of being pampered (in a way, minus the fact that you don't get to wash your hair as often or bathe as often) and being fed nutritious food, I felt really good. Looking and feeling healthy. Not an ounce more than before bulging.

Finally, after 7 weeks, I decided to 'trial run' sending baby to the nursery. Afterwhich, mum and I went for a walk in the park. It would've been my first jog in almost 11 months.Yes, 11 months! A miserable start, waking up all the muscles, veins and whatever-nots in my body which somehow went into hiding the last 11 months. Its wobbled, jiggled, hurt and every slightest movement accentuated every pain I used to have. I thought they were banished forever. Boy, was I wrong!

I was disspointed and depressed after a miserable 1.5 rounds of not even completely jogging, I succummbed to a stroll. Went home feeling good cos finally I broke a sweat the way it was supposed to. hehe Breakfast, shower, changed, sat around for a while and off we went shopping.

After two days, yes, only 2 days, day-two was much better, my body was showing signs for protest. I just didn't jog the next day. By then, too late. Was down with horrible achy and feverish body.

And then, I knew I NEEDED that extended leave to recover from the 60days I had earlier.

So hero I am not, I have to learn to chill when I have too. Opps, not in my office's aircond though cos that was what made me 'extend' my leave by another 2 days later that week.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My 23-hour Endurance Race

It's one race I never expected I had to go through.

After a smooth-sailing 39 weeks of pregnancy I imagined that I would have an easy delivery, though some people say as u get older, it doens't get any easier. But nevertheles I was just being optimistic.

I always will catch a movie every Wed when hubby goes for badminton, but somehow that night on 13th Jan, a Tuesday, I actually asked hubby if he wanted to catch IP-Man. He agreed and so we went. Movie finished 11 plus and by the time we were ready for bed it was about 12plus am. Amazingly, like during some concerts and action movies we've been to, baby moved alot inside me during the kung-fu scenes. I was scheduled for my routine checkup the next day.

I just couldn't drop off to sleep. And just as I realised hubby had drifted to 'dreamland' I was awaken by a strange feeling and I immediately climbed out of bed. Hubby sensed something and he too awakened. I told him my waterbag broke. He panicked. I calmly walked to the bathroom thinking after a while the water would slow down, but no. (So much for ignorance) Told hubby to get me the maternity pads (thank God by then my bags were packed, otherwise lagi kelam kabut).

We changed and he drove me to SJMC at 1245am.

The hospital was so quiet. I waddled to the maternity wad and checked myself in while hubby parked the car. Ok, so it was a leak. I was dilated. HOwever, baby already passed motion. Dr wasn't really worried and she'll attend to me the next morning. So after settling in to 'my delivery room' and getting all the paperwork sorted out, I told hubby to go back and rest and come again in the morning, since I wasn't dilated yet.

Come next morning, they realised by bloodcount was back to 6.9 and still not dilated. So I was given drips with Pitocin and also another pint of blood. Looks like my 2 pints earlier just went to waste. hehe

So on my left i had drips, on my right I was transfused. Aiya so mahuan. And right after breakfast, I was told not to be given anything to intake to prevent baby from passing more motion and to avoid fetal distress. Lying there helplessly listening to the occasional bantering of the midwife I drifted in and out of sleep cos I just didn't have energy. hungry la. Mum was informed and as usual la, she panicked la. Every hour she would call hubby for updates.

Up till almost 4-5pm, then I was only dilated about 4-5cm. Gosh, I sensed a loooong wait. The pain was getting slightly unbearable. I asked for painkiller. It felt better. I was just tired. No food and drinks since 830am. Slowly the contractions were stronger, the pain more unbearable and up till almost 9pm I just became rather 'lost'. Hubby was there trying to calm me down. Gosh, now I know how contractions are supposed to feel like.

By 11pm, I told hubby that it maybe till 12 before its goonna be over. Well, I was almost right. By 1130pm, my gynea said we'll try now. So 1st time. I didn't push right. We waited for the 2nd wave of contractions. This time I did better but suddenly the vacuum dislogded. So we had to try again. The 3rd time, by now I was tired. I pushed and pushed and because I can't see and I dun know wat actually is going on. All they keep telling me is harder and harder and almost there. was the hardest push of my life I tink and suddenly it was a relief when a 'blob' was placed on me. All warm and bloody. The biggest medal of my longest race ever, at 2.92kg. And hubby proceeded to cut the umbilical cord.

So people ask me - was normal delivery painful? Everyone's perception is that the delivery and the push is painful, but to me, it's the ordeal before that, i.e. the contractions. Because right after that, you are already given a jap 'down there' before the Dr prepares to cut you up to prevent unsightly tears. Then when the baby comes out, you don't feel the pain either. And the stiching up after either. I was estatic.

I didn't even realise how my 'bed' was transformed before delivery and when they 're-transformed' it after tat only did I notice. I realised I wasn't tired at all. A friend mentioned her body ached all over after that for the next 2 days. But it didn't hapen to me. I was taken to the ward to rest but I just couldn't. I was excited. Also the fact that every hour the nurse would come and take my temperature and pressure. How to sleep? and suddenly at 4am baby was brought in to be fed. He was soooo tiny and it felt so fragile.

And I was just adjusting to the fact that now I'm a mom.