Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alvina Iman Ranya

Checked myself into labour suite #3 at 9am for the scheduled transfusion and induce (yalah, in view of wanting to deliver with my gynea and not anyone else...what to do, luckily baby & all were 'ready').

Long morning…blood only came at 10+am, 1st pint was quick, 2nd pint took more than 4hrs to finish. By 11 am I was hungry. Thinking I’d be given normal food, I was wrong. I was served tasteless porridge with some weird soup. Adoi. I looked at it and decided not to eat. Had milo instead. Asked hubby to buy porridge from outside as I was still hungry. Had the porridge and wasn’t feeling too good but didn’t think much about it.

At 5pm, pitocin drip was given. By then I was 3cm. contractions were consistent all the while, at about 5mins apart. Shortly after I felt nauseas and vomited all my porridge and whatever else that was remaining.

Just before asking for a painkiller jab, I vomited again. This time the remaining portions of whatever left, so technically tummy empty. By 8pm, I decided to ask for the painkiller jab. I was almost 5cm and was told usually 5 or more, they won’t give. But midwife gave anyway. But the pain was still there. Consistently increasing.

Drowsy but everytime almost dozing off, I’ll be jolted by the pain, and I was trying to make a mockery of myself to forget the pain, I’ll talk nonsense. Hubby was surprised that I was asking bout mosquitoes, food and then I kept asking baby to come out quick to see us so I won’t feel the pain anymore.

By 9-9.5cm, I had the strong urge to push. I was told not too in case I’ll tear a lot. I dunno but it was really hard to hold back. Painful to hold back and it felt much easier to just push. And I think I somehow at certain points did push and tear. :(

At 10cm when I pushed with all my might, somehow it just didn’t seem to make progress. After what seemed like never ending tries, I think it was 4 cycles, dr decided to use vacuum. And finally she was out. Relieved and oh my goodness, she was soooooo tiny. So tiny yet so difficult to come out :) I was thinking since she was tiny, it’ll be easier. How wrong was I!

Legs were quivering (I dunno why) and so was my mouth, like I was shivering. Everyone thought Iwas cold, but I think it was just muscle spasms reacting and I was kinda tired. Wasn’t sooooo bad the last time though I didn’t eat the whole 23 hours.

Ecstatic that finally the ordeal was over and we finally got to see our dear princess. Albeit much earlier than anticipated and no ‘nice birthday’ dates to choose from (EDD was 7th July, so quite nice...since induce, I would have thought we would have a better pick, but we were only left with the ONE day, after that, gynea is off), a healthy and dandy baby girl, Alvina Iman Ranya, was already born.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome AIR2

Gosh! it's 2+am and I am tired. But still awake with AIR#2 in my arms...

She popped into the world at 2201 hrs on 23rd June 2010. Alvina Iman Rania, 2.485kg.

Will blog details later. since I am awake nursing her, thought I'd just pop some info.

Boderline low birthweight (2.5kg) with boderline low glucose level at 2.9 (vs 3), so am hoping to nurse that level back.
Adoi, feeling sore already...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I forgot that I'd be one-arm-down for some parts of today, so my plans to blog alot, uplaod photos delayed.

hmmmm sitting here (more like lying) waiting for the 1 pint to finish (and another to go), listening to baby's heartbeat, battling hunger n boredom....aiyo...can't wait for the action to begin! hehe

Oh boy....

23 June 2010

This will be the day...check in at 9am and let the show begin.... ;p

My gynea will be away from Thursday (24th) onwards for about 2 weeks, and from the check up on 22nd, I'm already 2cm dilated. We don't think AIR#2 can wait so long, so tomoro, I'll be induced.

Now this is a totally different experience as now I know what and when it will happen. As I am writing this, I feel mild period-pain sensations, and from previous experience, at this point of time, strapped on the CTG, there was mild (yes, very mild) contractions also. It's really weird and different now, in the sense that it was all a surprise the last time, and now, I am experiencing 'things' for the first time - sort of lah. PReviously, I was already in the labour room, not walking around and just waiting and waiting and waiting for the 'show'.

Today, I've eaten all that I think I would miss for the next one month (includes iced-coffee, tea, durian, fries from a certain fast food outlet and vanilla coke), done some last minute shopping for AIR#1's stuff and stuff I may need for the next one month.

Yes, I do feel abit different in the legs (like high-lactic-acid built-up sensation) when I walk alot and a slight achy-feeling on the waist when I sit/lie down. Not noticeable until 2 days ago.

So, bags packed and mum's on the way here.

Not to mention that the encounter with CIMB bank this morning was an experience (will blog about this later and will be lodging a complaint to the HQ and the press)!

Anyway, praying for a smooth delivery and healthy, bubbly baby! :)

Good night! (will try to get some sleep!)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

4 days of fasting....

So it was the dumpling festival yesterday, but this time I had my share of dumplings well ahead.

Instead, it was spaghetti oglio-carbonara for me yesterday.What's that? Leftover spaghetti oglio, with carbonara sauce because I was craving for carbonara and the cream I bought was almost expiring. So there u have it, a slightly more spicy version of the oglio with creamy carbonara sauce. hmmmm turned out fairly well. (sorry, it was 5+am and I forgot to take snaps of it ;p)

Today? spaghetti carbonara only.

Actually, I was fasting since Tuesday. SUpposed to start on Monday but thinking I would wake up well ahead of my alarm (like all other days), I didn't, and I only woke up at 6am. So, postponed.

Well, I guess, to many, this may be like peanuts lah, but then it'll be my first time fasting at 37+ weeks (haha, time is running out and it's a real last minute thing with 4 days to go) and its no fun doing it alone. And I didn't know what to expect. When I was expecting AIR, fasting month was on during my 6th month of pregnancy, so it was a breeze, plus things are much easier when there's someone (or every other Muslim are) doing it with you.

And so far, after 2+ days, I'm still doing great. haha managed to even take AIR out for a walk in the park yesterday (Day#2) and was bullied cos after a while he asked me to carry him, but I was really tired on Day#1 (an almost normal reaction, I guess).

So I guess its a do-able thing. Hubby was a lil' concern bout the lil' one, but seems like she's up and about kicking...and tickling me all the time.

Another 1+ day to go! Wheeeee......

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do you waddle?

No offence to anyone, but I’m curious, seriously. Why do pregnant women waddle (walking abit like a duck)when they walk?

Not all do that. It happens when most are already very late into their pregnancy (this one I understand) but there are some cases when it’s barely even-there and they waddle or hold on to their tummy as though it was about to drop!

After 2 pregnancies, I still can’t figure out why those not-yet-due ones do that. During my 1st, I never understood it at all, because I was relatively small, even up till I delivered. This time, I’m slightly larger and my tummy seems to be lower and hence I find sometimes my strides can be different and it can be obstructing. But then, I’m still not waddling about nor am I clutching or holding on to my tummy as though it’s going to fall.

But seriously, I’m curious. Why do people do that? Is it because it’s easier to walk? Or do they have some history of the tummy causing backache, hence ‘holding’ it would help slightly (like the function of a maternity support belt)?
* erm, I'm not very sure but I think the pic I've used courtesy of google seems rather familiar....apologies if its similar to one that one of you mommy-bloggers may have used ;p *

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup 2010 fever

Little did I know, I guess he must've gotten the fever too at 1 yr 5 months old.

Halfway through eating banana last night, he asked for the ball. And it occured to me that all through the weekend, he's been wanting to play football. hmmmm now I know, he pun kena the world cup fever la kot ;p But then, he's never glued to watching any footie match, last time or even now.

At 6am this morning, he made me play football with him. With the real-sized one, not this tiny one ;p


That's my brekkie this morning. The supposedly 'original chang' but for RM2, I guess it's Hainan relative is more worth it (@RM5+ for 2 with 2 pcs chicken, 1 whole shitake mushroom, 1 salted egg yolk and lots more dried shrimps).

What's inside? I forgot to take pic laaaa, but there's only half a shitake mushroom (the ones that are dried and then soak in water before cooking) and one piece (miserable piece, if I may add) of chicken and some dried shrimps. Somehow the chicken in this is better than the Hainan one, though they look the same and are from the same manufacturer. The latter seemed to have more errmm msg taste.

Neways, this was the closest frozen chang I could find. But oh well, unless mum decides to be rajin (well, I overheard a convesation between her and my aunties wanting to make some this year), beggars can't be choosers and I will have to just make do with this.

Fong, if that happens, I'll reserve some for you ;p

I do miss Ah Ma's 'action-packed' chang and all the other varients which she used to make......

Oh maybe mum can make Lor Mai Kai after my confinement? ;p kekeke

Monday, June 14, 2010


Why is it that a well-rested-night somehow doesn’t make me feel so well-rested afterall when I get to the office? Could it be my breakfast?

It was a perspiration-free and disturbance-free night. Nice cool weather (otherwise I’d be perspiring in the middle of the night without the A/C) and AIR slept thru just as well as I did, hence no disturbance. Wonderful.

Now, perhaps a nice shoulder/back massage would just do the trick! ;p

Friday, June 11, 2010

Critical Illness

Of all times, it had to choose now to fall ill. Critically ill. Erm, this one no critical illness plan on any insurance. CRAP!

OK, I was just refering to the faithful was 'coughing' and sometimes 'dying off' while driving. That was on Monday and it didn't get any better. So instead of our regular mechanic who was repairing it on Tues and Thurs, today it went to its authorized service centre. And guess what?? It's gonna cost us a BOMB! As expensive as AIR's delivery, in the 4-digit range, if we choose to do ALL that was suggested.

So, after looking at the essentials, it's half of that, but still 4-digits. But still...why now?

Thank God WQF is still young and healthy. I hope it'll stay that's gonna be 3 years next month. Looks like I'm gonna have 2 July babies, then....kekeke

Thursday, June 10, 2010


We were late yesterday in fetching AIR from the nursery.

When I arrived, sitter#3 was carrying him while sitter#2 told me that AIR actually mistook sitter#3 for me. Then I looked at her and realised, yeah, she's about my size, wears specs (I do, esp at home) and she's also pregnant. However, I was told that when she took off her head scarf, he reliased it wasn't me and started to cry. Oh, poor boy! I felt so bad. The other kids were already long gone by then, that's why I supposed he wanted to manja with someone.

It probably happened not too long before I arrived. I tried to pacify and pujuk him. I asked him to sayang me, he did but it seems kinda half hearted. Perhaps he was tired, or perhaps he was really upset. I asked him to give me a '5'. He did it emotionless-ly.

Oh well, what to do. It wasn't planned that we would be late.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Remember Linus?

His blankie is a must at home. He was sleeping on the stroller hence he had this at the restaurant. And I just couldn't pry it away from him, no matter how much I coaxed him to.

Reminds me of Linus from the Peanuts comic strip.

Typically at home, he'll drag it wherever he goes. Until there are things to distract him and he'll forget it until nap time. Or when food is served. He will promptly take away the blankie. There are soooo many blankies but now he's stuck to this black one and another blue baby Mickey one. When it's in the laundry, he must not see it. He'll pull it off its hanger even if its wet.

Ready for his nap/sleep? With blankie in one hand, he'll say 'teat' and put out the other hand. Or go looking for it himself.

His sure I will miss this once he outgrows it. :)

Dim Sum galore

That was Round #1...the must haves :)
Round #2 - forgot to take photo, mostly fried stuff
Round #3 - not so many but there were a few more
There were few more rounds, (well technically not rounds cos we only took one or two additional at one time) which this time was significantly less than the one we had on Mother's Day. Tummy no space already :)
Planning/Scheming for another trip there preferably before D-Day! :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Week 36

Baby's weight - 2.7kg
Baby's size - alamak...too many measurements, but it's of a proper size to 'meet the world' quote the dr
But baby hasn't engaged yet.
So we will see in the next two weeks.

Mummy's weight - gained 7kg so far (am at the same weight now when I delivered AIR#1 at 39 weeks 2 days)
Mummy - enough iron, no need for anymore obimin (padahal I never took any of it!) hahaha, but not enough blood....
will see what happens in two weeks too...

So the waiting begins ;p

Monday, June 7, 2010

What would happen if....

Seriously, today I got worried. Why? All of a sudden, after lunch, my tummy made funny noises (its actually from the tummy la) and then JR started to move a lot. Slow but strong movements.

Perhaps the sambal from the nasi lemak combined with the nice cold milo wasn’t so soothing as it would have been for my tummy than her. :)

And then subsequently, JR’s occasional movements were very strong and erm different from usual or even when I was carrying AIR.

Strange things crosses the mind when the time draws nearer, I guess.

Previously I also didn’t experience any contractions prior. Nor did I have any ‘show’. Hence there’s no way foretelling the ‘arrival’.

I just wonder what would’ve happened if I really had a waterbag leak during office hours? Toilet’s so far away and I’ll probably leave a trail. Hahahah OMG!!! I can’t believe that I’m saying and even thinking of this!


How young should we start brushing our kids’ teeth?

I always pondered on this question as it was a difficult task trying to get the finger brush into AIR’s mouth since young. Since he was a rather late bloomer, I was taking it easy. Until recently.

At 16months old, he’s got 4 upper front teeth and 3 lower ones. And one more just beginning to pop out below. But I noticed, the 4 top and bottom front teeth were quite nice. But those beside these were not so. Then, I saw that there was a slight yellow tinge on one of it!! What?! I was kinda surprised.

I’ve already bought him a toothbrush and toothpaste which allows to be swallowed. So one day when mum was around, she tried. And he loved it. I guess after a couple of times seeing how I brush he kinda thought it was fun. Though 50% of the time he’ll be chewing on the toothbrush, but I suppose this is a start.

Coincidentally an article on teeth and brushing for babies/toddlers was also on this month’s ‘Young Parents’ magazine. Looks like my choice of products were quite ok afterall.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

430 am?

Strange. For the past two weeks, I’ve been waking up at 430am or 5am and not being able to go to sleep again. Only once or twice I managed to continue. Usually its 530am.

Under normal circumstances, I’d be glad to don my running shoes and perhaps go for a quick run or something, but not at 34 wks pregnant! ;p so what should I do? Read, try to be as quiet as I can preparing and eating my breakfast (the microwave doesn’t do justice at times, though) and pray that after I finish all my tasks only will the lil’ one wake up. Oh yes, he’s an early riser. And talk about wanting to have as much rest before the next arrival! :)

AIR wakes up between 530am to 630am. Hence, I’ve always made it a point that I have to be earlier than him. But for the past 2 weeks, this is impossible! By 11pm I’m all ready to ZZZzzzzz….no fun la, watch Desperate Housewives pun can’t finish the last 15minutes. Watch CSI also the same. Crap!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Taiping Zoo (Part 2)

taking a break

C'mon lets go for more

Wheeeeee this is waaay more fun! after all the walking!

That was his first encounter with the zoo. Not afraid to approach those large birds, fascinated by girraffes and elephants and enjoying the ride at the end of it all!

Day 1 New Nursery

Relieved that AIR didn’t kick up a fuss and actually did enjoy himself at the new place. As I left yesterday, he cried a little (normal, to me) and was fine the whole day, according to the sitter.

When I went to fetch him in the evening, I drove further on to make a U-turn then parked right in front of the house. Before even I got out of the car, he was already jumping up and down, holding on to the grill, wanting to come out, recognizing the car. It was quite difficult to compare the emotions then because usually he’s happy to go back.

Funny thing was, it was as though he knew we were going to see his grandma, and he kept saying 'Ah Ma!' (that's grandma in Hokkien) repeatedly throughout the journey from the new place to One Utama.

And this morning, he was happy, as we arrived at the house. Am taking this as a good sign, so far. There were more kids his age in the evening than in the morning.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We're going to the Zoo!

That was where the lil' one and his dad went when I was at site in Bagan Serai.

Apparently he enjoyed himself, though they didn't manage to explore the whole place as my work didn't take too long. Sweaty and tired and drained off all his energy after that.

Too bad I couldn't be there. Perhaps in another year's time, then there'll be two and they'll both enjoy themselves more :)

New place...

Everything else can wait....stories of the weekend can wait....I'm just so happy to see AIR taking it really well at the new place just now.

He smiled and immediately wanted to be carried by the new sitter. I was totally surprised. He was almost going to 'salam' but then got distracted by another toddler. I guess the fact that there were few other kids there made him more happy. He has friends now.

But the funny part was that, when I was about to leave, he seemed to sense it and came and wanted to manja with me. And of course when I left, he did cry la...I believe its quite normal for the first time. Will see how things go at the new place and hope its for the best.

The best part was, they even recommended the house opposite, if I wanted to send my baby to a less crowded place. Well, that is to be considered later, but for now, lets just see how things go at the new place.