Friday, May 25, 2012

Learning and teaching a new language

I’ve been trying very hard to vary the language and dialects which I use to communicate with the kids. But so far, it only comes, ‘if I remember’. Otherwise it will be only be English and Malay.

Recently I’ve been consciously slotting in Hokkien whenever I have play sessions with them (not too often, depending on their moods too). So whenever they did well, i.e. fix the puzzle, arrange the items or even just sing and count, I will congratulate them with a ‘high-5’ hand-action and then praise them with ‘clever’ or ‘pandai’ (Malay) or ‘gau’ (Hokkien).

Last night, after fixing a puzzle on her own, AIR2 said ‘gau-lah’ and I was caught by surprise! I smiled to myself and praised her for that too. Then she gave me a ‘high-5’.

Then I asked AIR1 ‘Ai chiak dragon fruit boh?’ (Do you want to eat dragon fruit?) I am not sure if he actually understood me, but at first he looked puzzled, but after I repeated, he nodded. It’s either he understood or he just caught the key word ‘dragon fruit’ :D

Indeed interesting to speak and hear them speak new things in return. Here’s to more Hokkien this weekend!

Single parenthood

Hubby has been travelling alot for about 6 weeks now. All weekends not around. In short, we see him only 2 days a week.

So it's single parenting for me, for the 2 of them!! Weekdays, nothing different from the usual. Only unusual thing is that now AIR1 tends to stay up very late. Almost midnight and he is still awake. Gosh...but thank God he's skipped kindy for May.

On the weekends, it can be quite challenging, trying to humour them and keep them from dying of boredom. However, I seriously do not know if this is the best for them.

So rather than staying home and trying hard to be sane while not getting a high-blood-pressure, I take them out. by the time we get ready, we're too late for the playground in the park cos it'll be hot by then. So our routine? We leave home bout 10 or 11 am (depending on whether I have other errands to run) then we head to the shopping mall. We stroll around, have lunch and window shop some more. By then, AIR2 is asleep. AIR1 is tired. I sit him on the handlebars of the stroller and continue. Sometimes he will ask to push the shopping cart or even the stroller. He can be very helpful nowadays, knowing the limitations I have. (When things get out of hand, technology in the form of a tablet comes into the picture :P)

And by the time he is sleepy, its 3pm or so and its time to leave. Rare cases, AIR2 will awaken and so AIR1 will take over the stroller :) and more shopping continues.

It's quite fun, because when we are out, we are all less stressed. The kids don't get bored easily, esp AIR1.

I wished I could just take them swimming, but I can't handle both at the same time. Only if AIR1's impossible cos he always wants it his way.. :)

I also wished I could take them running..but its only playground time in the evening for them...and then I will be looking at other people running and wondering how nice it would have been if I could run with them :)

But it's been an interesting time. AIR1 helps me do grocery shopping, has a set toilet-routine, can help me look out for his sister and of course do all those small kaypoh (busybody) stuff :P

Now, it's gonna be dim sum and banana leaf this weekend for us...and shopping for gift for Ahma (grandma).

What did you say?

Gosh! 1 month went by and I've not really logged in or blogged. Crap. So many things happened, but thanks to blogger-friends who do link their posts to FB, I read them there :)

Well, it's been 1 month of turmoil. Yes, you heard right.

New work, new schedules, new arrangements and all sorts of things happening at home. Yes, it was a real 'rojak' of happiness and sadness.


And to top it all, I heard of some bad news about a friend this morning too. :(

Now I am thinking....and thinking of all the things that I've been through this whole month and wondering if it needs to be re-looked. Do I need another drastic change?

(sorry, I am writing in metaphors cos it's quite difficult to get to the point at this point of time)

Now let's go shopping for a present for Mummy's birthday!! :D