Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy 53rd Merdeka!

There's lots of fireworks tonight and its only 9pm+. It made me wonder why - Raya's not till 2 more weeks, so what could it be? Yes, I was that blur. Haha and suddenly it struck me, tomorrow is our 53rd independence day!

It's just another public holiday for me! :) Yes, this time around, I need and want more holidays! Tired la, the 430 am till 11+pm daily routine. Thank God another 2 weeks left, and I hope by then, AIR2 would've adjusted to 530am instead (my regular time).

Catch me on TV3, NTV7, 8TV and maybe TV9 throughout Sept, in 3 different installments of commercial and public sevice announcement (PSA). RIght now, I don't know the dates yet, but it's scheduled to be sometime this week.

Oh yes, Moi will be on TV again, but this time in a different context. phaiseh-phaiseh (Shy in Hokkien) cos I've not seen the end product myself. 2 of it (1 raya and 1 merdeka PSA) has no dialogue and another themed 'Faces of Malaysia' has a dialogue to it. mmmm I'll try to post some pics of it soon, in another post!

TV & toddlers

AIR's recent keen interest with animated movies and cartoons made me curious on what they actually see and absorb.

Extracted from this site, it tells of what our kids, from toddlers to adolescent, see and absorb from the 'idiot box'.

Infants (children up to 18 months old) can pay attention to an operating television set for short periods of time, but the attention demands a great effort and infants are usually more interested in their own activities. Even when they do pay attention to the television, infants likely miss most of what adults consider to be program content. They experience it primarily as fragmented displays of light and sound, which they are only intermittently able to group into meaningful combinations such as recognizable human or animal characters.

No research has focused specifically on how violent content affects infants, but there is some evidence that infants can imitate behaviour from television when that behaviour is presented in a simple, uncluttered and instructional manner.

Children do not become full-fledged "viewers" until around the age of two-and-a-half. As toddlers, they begin to pay more attention to the television set when it is on, and they develop a limited ability to extract meaning from television content. They are likely to imitate what they see and hear on television.

I noticed AIR , at 19 months, already immitating or try to say what he hears. From numerous repeats of 18 episodes of Upin & Ipin, he's learnt quite a few words. From watching Barnyard over the 3-day-weekend, he's learnt words from the mouse, Otis the cow, Manny this chick and a couple more characters. He dances with the Barnyard animals and well, for now its heartwarming to see that he's enjoying it.

But it may be becomming too much, because now when he wakes up, on weekends, he will ask us to put on the show for him. He already knows how to switch everything on by himself. He can spend 3+ hours (2 repeats back to back) of Barnyard and only gets bored (he walks out and looks for toys of books to read). In the evening, he will ask for Barnyard again.

The viewing patterns children establish as toddlers will influence their viewing habits throughout their lives. Since toddlers have a strong preference for cartoons and other programs that have characters who move fast, there is considerable likelihood that they will be exposed to large amounts of violence.

Under normal conditions, parents probably do not need to worry too much about their infants being negatively influenced by television, although they might want to limit their exposure to violence or other portrayals it might be dangerous for an infant to imitate.

Limiting exposure to this kind of TV content is especially wise with toddlers, who are even more prone to imitating what they see on television. Another highly influential action parents can take for toddlers is to examine and regulate their own viewing behaviour, since toddlers are highly influenced by their parents' viewing habits.

OKlah, at this moment I'm sure no violence yet, except for the scene where the coyote attacks the chicken coup and the cow (Ben and later Otis) fights them off.

Although toddlers do not understand a great deal of program content, creating educational programming using such features as animation, children's or women's voices on the sound track, and simplified movements and camera work will likely win them as loyal viewers. A habit of watching educational programs (as opposed to cartoons) will reduce their exposure to violent content and make it more likely that they will watch and benefit from educational television later on, as preschoolers.

For preschoolers, effective programming would include the use of vivid production features and "child-directed speech" (simple sentences spoken slowly, referring to objects that are actually being shown on the screen, and with repetition). These features will improve their attention and understanding and can be used to highlight important features of program content, such as critical plot events.

So, alternating with the more educational progs would be good. And I'm glad that AIR can sit still (more than 10mins good enough for now) and watch these too...

What about your toddlers or pre-schoolers? How do you handle their TV habbits?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Contest Senyuman @ Happy Birthday Farisyah

Asrul Irfan Riley
1 year 7 months 12 days
This contest is organised by Anna-Juenna in conjunction with her daughter's 6th birthday. Closing date is on 08.09.10 at 5.32pm (that was when her daughter was born).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yellow yellow

Today I feel ‘yellow’.Yellow Wednesday, I guess.

To make the long story short, I’m so yellow that many have asked if I have Jaundice and some even think I’ve put kunyit on myself! (I used to get this remark quite often when I was much younger, maybe I was less healthy last time ;p)

In my case of Thalassaemia, when I am tired, do not have enough sleep, I tend to be jaundiced. One of the side effects, in my case only. Not all Thalassaemia patients have this same effect. My eyes are also kinda yellow and definitely my face too. Gosh, and I looked kinda yellow in the photo too…

I guess it boils down to waking up at 4+ am (depending on what time baby wakes up for her feed), otherwise the latest is at 445am when I wake up for sahur. Then I don’t go back to sleep because a 20-30min nap with a full tummy gives me a horrible headache and leaves me drowsy the whole morning. Not what I need when I have to drive for 30-45mins to the nursery and work!

Not sure if changing the food I take would help, but I already take my vitamins.

In any case, another two weeks to go and hope I’ll be back to normal. In the meantime, perhaps some exposure to the evening sun might help? Kekeke run baby, run!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Food during Ramadhan

It's been a lazy Ramadhan for me!

The only thing I've cooked was spagethi and that was only once and ate for 2 sahurs. :) The rest - we've been tapau-ing.

Technically its not exactly being lazy, but everytime I feel like/want to cook, with the tod wanting attention and sometimes disturbing, I find it easier (for now) to not cook. We have very different sahur patterns also :) No 'proper meal' is required. Thank God for that. So saves alot of hassle.

Teringin jugak to cook especially when I see those food many keep posting showing what has/had been cooking in the kitchen, but I guess that, for me perhaps will be next year! Since I managed to do it even when I was preggy with AIR1, not being pregnant also for sure can lah!

So no food pic to show! :)

Happy fasting!

Friday, August 20, 2010

PCK The Movie

After many moons not going to the cinema, I've decided to go catch at least a movie before I get back to work. And the silly me only had this 'urge' of wanting to watch a movie during the last week of my leave. Oh well, otherwise I could've watched more movies free! :)

So to the press preview of PCK The Movie, I went, yesterday. With no other willing partner (hub not a fan of PCK), I went alone to GSC Pavillion. Hah, also my first time at this cinema. So jakun. hehe

Should be screening next week, and if you want to watch end, then read no more. Otherwise I'll just be revealing some parts of it.

Filmed in Malaysia, it captures PCK's childhood and how/why his grandpa says he is a 'sooi kia' (in Hokkien, means a child who brings bad luck) and then he never saw his grandpa again, being told he was already dead, but in fact not. His search for his missing Ma, who upon arrival in KL got 'lost', landed him a renovation job in an old folks home, and having to share this job with his life-long rival, Frankie Foo.

Twists and turns in the story reveals that the boss behind this home is a crook and how it was found out, also revealing that PCK's grandpa is not dead and is actually living in that home. And all this while, his Ma is in the home, staying/visiting his grandpa.

And after a short 'reconciliation' with his grandpa, the short-lived happiness had to end.

Funny in the PCK ways, but touching at the same time, especially the end. Though one or two parts were a bit too long-winded.

For a stingy person like me, to pay RM12 or 13 per person to watch, not too worth it. But since I went for free, no complaints! :) Catch it if you're a PCK fan!

Upin & Ipin

How many of you out there with toddlers who love watching this?

I never actually sat down to watch this before (altho its only like 10-15mins per episode), until someone gave hub one set of VCD of this series to watch. And one day, after chancing upon this on TV9 and realising that AIR seemed mersmerized at it, we decided to play those CDs.

Nice short stories which captures the essentials/morals of what they want to portray. And I think the colours, voice and characters do capture these young tods to stay and view.

And now, every so often, AIR would request that we play it for him, although he will sit still for only about 4 -5 episodes maximum, after that he will walk around or do other things, but still refuse to allow us to switch it off.

Guess it'll be more Upin & Ipin next when we go CD shopping ;)

Sugar cane

Haaa notice that? Know what that is?

I love eating sugar cane 'raw'. It's been eons, perhaps about 20 years since I ate it that way, and suddenly this Ramadhan, seeing the sugar cane water stalls selling sugar cane, I was tempted to ask for one length of it. And yesterday, hubby came back with this. I was thrilled and happy but have yet to chew into it yet...tonight will be the night.

Now, how did I come to have that 'eating habit'? When I was a kid, during the 9th day of the Chinese New Year, the Chinese will pray to the God of Heavens (Tnee Kong) and there will be sugar canes offered. After prayers, my mum used to cut them up into segments (and smaller) and then keep in the fridge. Then, when we felt like it, we'll take it and chew on it. It's really nice, some have alot of juice and some are just hopeless. Not worth the effort.

And I do miss 'eating' sugar cane :) Now, I will re-live this....hehehe

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breaking Fast...

I've been totally lazy lately. My intention to cook for buka puasa always somewhat comes with one reason or another. So it's off to the nearest Ramadhan Bazaar for our daily dose. Suntex, Tmn Alam Jaya or TTDI so far. We've stayed away from Kg. Penchala and have only once went to the one in PKNS Shah Alam, cos we were in the vicinity. Not yet ventured to many places yet. Only eaten out once. But I feel that I'm just bored of eating the same (almost the same) stuff day in, day out...or perhaps its because I'm just not feeling right because I've not done any exercise? I want to RUN! (wait, out of topic already lah!)

AIR now knows the routine when it comes to breaking fast. When he hears the azan and after we have our dates, and when he sees me taking his bowl and spoon out, he'll go to his high-chair, ask for his bib and wait at our dining table. Thank God he's now not disruptive (as he was on the 1st and 2nd day of fasting, causing us to break fast kelam kabut).

Not as easy as before with just 1, now with 2. Though the lil one is still relatively easy to handle, but AIR can get quite difficult when he wants to, especially when he's sleepy/tired and at the same time jealous of his sister.

Sahur is just the same, the 'whole family' wakes up for sahur :) but only two eating, one wanting attention and another needs assistance to feed :)

It's going to be a different routine beginning next week when I start work....oh boy!

BAck to running, I think I'll be able to slot in my runs before iftar when I start work ;p oh I miss that 'drained-out'-feeling!!

Now, what's for buka puasa this weekend? :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Sleep!

Gosh! I can't I relived my college/student days just last night...what happened? I was awake throughout the night until after sahur.

Long story short, my bedtime was delayed because baby was not comfortable, crying etc and then she vomitted. While all this was happening, her brother woke up at 1am+ after hearing her cries and then stayed awake till almost 4am after many tries of going to sleep again failed. Baby was asleep again about 2am+.

And since it was 4am, I decided that I should just sahur and then go to sleep. I was dead tired already by then. And finally after subuh prayers I went to bed.

Apparently, not too long after I knocked off, big brother awakens and it was havoc for hubby pulak!

What a turmoil...and at 830 am I was rudely awakened and I could hardly stay awake but thank God he played by himself with me suposedly 'supervising' him, but half the time sleeping :) I was awake again at 1030am and now I can't go to sleep again. Thank God I'm still on maternity...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa

It's the time of the year again when Muslims around the world will fast during the month of Ramadhan before welcoming Syawal!

Slightly different challenge for me this year as I'll be fasting at home while breastfeeding (though not exclusively anymore) as for the 1st 2 weeks of Ramadhan I'm still on maternity leave. It's more of a challenge as I think time will pass slower at home all alone (and temptations to walk to the fridge and take a cold drink is always there ;p). At the office, there'll be more distractions and time will pass faster, without noticing. Anyway, I fasted yesterday, but because I was burnt-out the night before, I slept from 1pm-5pm (first time my nap lasted more than 1.5hrs), so time just flew by!

To all Muslims out there, Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan al-Mubarak and Selamat Berpuasa!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Milk Bottle

Since I was introduced to this range of baby bottle, about 2-3 weeks after AIR1was born, I've been using this for him and his sister. It's an anti-colic bottle and the bottom of the bottle can be opened, has holes and a rubber (or is it silicone) piece lining it which prevents the milk from leaking and prevents colic.

Now, 19 months on, I decided to change to the regular shaped (this bottle is 'fatter' at the bottom) bottle since I do have a few lying around unused. Cut cost also la... :) The rubber/silicone lining and its teat is quite pricey compared to regular bottles.

And one day i tried giving him milk in the regular bottle, and when I gave him, he took a look at the bottle, and kept turning it around 'investigating' it and then passed it back to me. I held it to his mouth and he tried to 'drink' the milk from there, but i guess the teat is different, and immediately he handed it back to me again. Oh Boy...

After many tries, he refused. I tried again sometime later, but to no avail. So, I had no choice but to buy the same range (without the anti-colic) for him....*dah besar2 nih tak payahla nak anti-colic, kan?*

Hmmm I'm guessing the princess will have the same reaction next time, because I tried with two different pacifiers one day.... :p

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cute Funny Eating Baby Contest

Asrul Irfan Riley

18 months

Finally I managed to get myself and enter this contest. It's a thematic contest and for this fourth round, its 'Cute Funny Eating Baby'....I've been procastinating!! Dateline is 15th August @ 2pm. Hurry!

This contest is organised by , & and you have to be a follower of these 3 as well as have them on your bloglist.

For detailed information, click here.



I've planned to take part in some of those contests organized by fellow bloggers and considering that I have some free time, I thought I'd have time to do so. But.....

Lazinesss has set in and somehow I've not been updating my blog as regular as I want to...arrrgh! Perhaps the daunting reality that my 8 weeks of paid leave is coming to and end, with only 2 weeks to go, and fasting month is fast approaching, I am gettin lazy, wanting to R&R more than anything.

My swollen knee is not doing justice to me, though it's slightly better, but not back to normal. And knowing that there is athritic changes in my knee is also not a good sign! Arrrgh am aging too early in my knee!! CRAP!

Oh well....

And my plan to go for a swim today seems bleak! It seems like it's gonna rain cats n dogs....aiseh!

OK lah, I'll go rest!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Dunno if I should be sad or otherwise cos offically as of today, mum will return to Penang.

It's been 5 weeks (4 weeks full time and another week was on and off) of her helping me recover and get used to having to lil kids now. The last two weeks were filled with emotional turmoils. Hence, dunno if it was sad or otherwise.

However, whatever it was, she meant well and I guess the stress from handling at times two kids with both can be very demanding emotionally and physically. Not to mention mentally too....

It's already 6 weeks into my maternity leave...gosh, time really flies and another week plus to Ramadhan!

It will be quiet throughout the day now, cos it will be just baby and me and the TV. No nagging at me anymore ;p Oh well....and no fighting for the TV at night either :)

THanks Mum for all your hardwork and patience....don't worry, this will be the last 'call of duty' for you! :)