Friday, May 29, 2009

BabyIbu Giveaway:

There's another giveaway!!....check here for details...
Truth be it, I just found out bout this lil' shop recently (fewdays back la). And I thought its interesting that its emphasses is on baby/toddler's educational toys only.

But, although its only toys, it does have a wide variety of them (I'm comparing it to online stores only). Seriously, and some quite unique ones. I was attracted to it plus the fact that they are reasonably priced. Delivery rates ok but only complication is when you try to pay by credit card. U have to instead choose your product to be 'quoted' in USD instead. Only that. But otherwise I like the page layout, it's highlights of the bestsellers and specials and most of all, the convenience in online shopping for my baby!! I like the header too- simple and just nice...

That's just part of its banner...

There's books, wooden toys, puzzles (alphbet, numerical and clock), rattles, cloth book, activity toys and even storage solution for the ever-increasing things you buy for your baby/child. And even diaper bags which are suitable for the modern and out-going mums out there...Interesting la...go check it out at

Go check this site out for yourself...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I finally DID it! Yahoooooo!!

I discovered that I still remembered how to free-style properly. Smooth and correct strokes. At this point of time, the strength in the pull is immaterial. So I pulled and kicked and at some point I did some drills, and I survived 30minutes with not too shabby performance, for a first time in more than 1 year.

I didn’t push it…just at normal pace…but I noticed that my pace/strength significantly dropped when I reached lap 15. (yela, after more than a year not swimming, more than a year no strenuous cardio exercises what!) Neways, I’m happy!

So (thinking aloud) in about 2 weeks, if I do it daily, I think clocking in 30laps within my pre-stoppage time shouldn’t be a problem. Well….we’ll see. Now, it’s a matter of making it a consistent affair. Soon, the pakcik at the clubhouse will recognize me. Today was my 3rd time there and he already recognized me. Soon he’ll be so fed up seeing me appearing either sooo early or sooo late. Hahaha if only they open at 7am…

And now I’m abit tired. This is coupled with the lack of sleep since we moved…so its almost 4 days la. Though tired, there’s a nice ‘tired feeling’ running through my body and I like it. Hope I can get a good night’s sleep like last night (but last night only bout 4+hrs rest, but good rest la). AIR was doing good last night.

Happy DUmpling Day!!

Oh, today is the day when Chinese celebrate by eating dumplings, yup bak chang...5th day of the 5th lunar month.

Why they eat the bak chang? The story was there was this fella Qu Yuan (can't remember whether he's warrior or poet or both)...he commited suicide by jumping into the river after the King refused to listen to his advise which led to a war. So his friends and supporters threw in dumplings into the river to prevent fishes (or any other sea creature - yg ni I add punya la) from eating this was in honour of his sacrifice la.

hmmm my search for chick-chang is still not fruitful....:(

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nasi Kandar

The famed ‘Nasi Kandar Pelita’ is I think now overrated. Seriously.

Tak sedap langsung, if u ask me.

OK, the first time I had it, I thought it was so-so la…that was maybe almost a year plus back. Then I ate there a couple more times and those were also sometime early last year. And today, I had it again after so long and I really think they are surviving either because of it’s namesake or perhaps the people in SS15 in Subang have lowered their standards in Nasi Kandar (NK).

The core item in any NK shop/stall would be its curry, esp the fish curry. Alamak, it was such a disappointment today. Seriously, if I wasn’t with another person, or if my friend wasn’t paying for my lunch, I’d have re-ordered. I had rice+fried fish roe+vege topped with fish curry la. Aiyo, fish roe pun tak best. It was dough-coated and fried, unlike how its usually done in other NK shops or banana leaf rice shops – plain fried, and slit, so it’ll expand like a flower (sort of la, dunno how to describe). And it was also tasteless.

Forgot – teh tarik pun hampeh!

Not worth any photo…This will be my last time patronizing this place. If I want NK again, I’ll go elsewhere.

Secret #1

I've got a secret....
OK, so now it's no longer going to be a secret.

Before this, I was a sucker for anything char siew (CS), yup, that red-on-the-outside-boneless meat. There's the CS pau (the steamed bun variant), CS meat (usually at the chicken rice stall) or anything that has CS, basically, including sometimes theyhave it as part of the topping for curry noddles.

So, even before converting, I was already preparing myself looking for alternatives - there was the Prime Roast Chicken in Ayamas which is supposed to be like the CS meat only its chicken, but so far, I've not being able to find a yummy CS pau.

I bought the Kart's BBQ Chicken Pau but it had so little filling that I could barely taste it or like it at all. And so the hunt went on. There was the vegetaran version (I'd only try that if I really, really can't find the meat version). On the verge of calling it quits, I noticed that the cafe below my office started to sell pau and one of its 'flavour' was BBQ chicken. Wah, so happy!! Unfortunately after many months, only did I manage to sink my teeth into it today. (Due to many unforeseen circumstances, i.e. when i want, it wasn't available, when I don't want, it was there)

So finally....the verdict? SUper duper yummy! okla, abit overated, but YES, it's yummy and I'd get it again and again and perhaps probly ask them where they got it from.

Now, can i have that for lunch today too?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Malay, Chinese, Indian? Portugese? Malaysian-lah!

I’ve been wanting to blog about this.

Take a guess – which ethnic origin am I from?

For many, at 1st glance, I’m Malay…until I start to talk then they realize I’m not Malay. Especially when I speak in English. OK, then suddenly I burst into some Chinese dialect and they get even more confused. And they start wondering. That was 1.5 years ago. And that is also before they know my name.

Now, if I speak anything other than Malay, they get confused.

So, have you managed to guess my ethnicity? Try laa…

Don’t cheat…no peeking...

OK, I’m of Chinese – Indian parentage (Chindian or Inches if you want to call it) and the my son, is a ‘Malaysian’….why you may ask – cos hubby is Malay. So officially AIR is true Malaysian (of the main ethnic mix).

No, no, I'm not trying to talk about races and religion whatsoever. Even from young, when people ask me what ethnicity am I, I will always say I'm Malaysian. I'm proud to be from mixed parentage. And when you're a child, you're not bothered about all these racial issues.

Only when you finish school and start working, these things come into play.

I believe it's really unique and well, as also posted by Afong (though she's not of mixed parentage) people always judge by the outlook of the person. I enjoy listening (ya, call me rude) to other people talk bad about others in front of me, thinking I don't understand and even some would comment about me thinking I don't know what's going on. So far, thankfully people whom I know haven't gone overboard and soon they realise that I understand. I've not yet come across cases of people bad-mouthing me right infront of me and having me confront them.

Remember the Petronas advert on TV couple of years back about 'balik kampung' for the festivities? A group of friends commented on this Indian girl, also wanting to go back for the long break, thus adding to the already crowded atmosphere at the bus terminal. They were talking in Cantonese thinking she didn't understand until she answered back in Cantonese.

MAlaysians are a lucky lot. We have the best of things - multiracial, multicultural all living in harmony. We eat all sorts of food and we understand each other's customs and beliefs. Somehow there are just some who don't care and not considerate.

In my case now, many misunderstand. People automatically think Muslim=Malay, but its actually not. Anybody can be a Muslim - be it Chinese, Indian, Malay, Caucasian, 'White', 'Black', 'Brown' whatever or however you may want to describe a person. This perception is definitely not true. Seriously, some educated people have approached me and asked me that.


I used to get weird looks from the hawkers stalls order food from when I speak to them in fluent dialects. Somehow, after that initial shock they will start to talk to me in dialect again. Some curious ones will even ask how come I could speak. Up till today, if they don't ask, I won't tell and let them assume that I don't understand. My colleague took more than 4 months to realise I could speak dialect. That also because he overhead me talking to another colleague. Later only did he ask that colleague about it.

Anyway, whatever it is, we are all Malaysians and I'm proud of it. I will always remember the time when AIR was born, all the nurses exclaimed, 'I want to see the Malaysian baby!'....I was still in the delivery room when hubby was 'escorting' AIR to the nursery.


Thank God AIR didn't suffer from constipation. After his 1st solid intake, on the 2nd day only he passed motion. We were already worried and on standby with medication. W

So looks like he's back to his morning routine. Yipee!

I still remember when he was amonth plus, when we introduced formula milk to him. My mum got so worried when he didn't pass motion. At that time, I wasn't worried. SHe was on the assumption that babies have to do it everyday and so when he didn't, she got really worked up. Luckily she's not around this time when we gave him solids. Babies do not have to pass motion everyday.

Mum's coming back from her holiday soon and I'm sure she's excited to see her cucu...and share all the stories bout his first attempts. Too bad we won't be travelling back with you, mummy...

Hot Air Balloon ride

HOt air balloon on the loose
The loud noise from the firing of the balloon alerted me, and when I got to the balcony I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.
However, it was not on the loose, was 'tied' to the groud and actually it was part of the developer of that housing area (Hijauan Residence) 's gimmick to entice prospective buyers or visitors to that area. Unfortunately, all morning (it was until 11am only) there didn't seem to be many people or ANY people for that matter at that area, except for those involved. I thought of popping by, but by the time we went out it was noon already and it was no whee in sight anymore. WHen we passed by the banner, only did I realise it was till 11am. Aiya...wasted...wait for next weekend's gimmick, but I think no more hot air balloon, it's gonna be free chinese dumpling (yup, bak chang ). Now I wonder if they serve the halal ones...:)

Monday, May 25, 2009

When it turns bad

Mr A and Mr B used to be very close friends. They visit each other and have family gatherings together very often.

Mr A and Mr B have been working under the same roof for quite sometime too. Well, a couple of years to be exact. In the office, Mrs A is also there. Mrs A and Mr B always exchanges stories or sometimes even items/food for their family.

Somehow lately, it is noticeable that Mr A and Mr B are not so close anymore. Mrs A who used to gossip a lot with Mr B somehow seems cold towards him. Mrs A now is often heard bad-mouthing Mr B. Why? Its strange that for some reason or other these two close family friends are now no longer close friends. (well, to the 3rd party, it looks as though la) Somehow even Mr A and Mr B don’t seem to talk to each other so often anymore. Gone were the days when Mr B used to sit in Mr A’s room and puff a ciggie or two (well, it’s the only place aside from the toilet that you’re allowed to smoke in this office), and chat or discuss till the cows come home.
It’s seen that Mr B will always be out of the office. Mrs B has taken to Mr C now. She’s found another BFF (for now). She’s now seen gossiping with Mr C more often than not.

Funny…how this scenario is. Both Mr A and B are top management people and now the rift has occurred. It makes you wonder what made things turn sour.


It's been delayed for almost 2 weeks - I wanted to introduce solids to AIR 2 weeks ago, but we've been very busy and alot of moving around so it finally happened only at 4months 9 days.

He didn't mind the watery version but the thicker version - he thinks its too slow...its funny how he kept crying for the next spoonful when I on the other hand was waiting for him to swallow it before the next spoonful.

THen, throughout the whole day, he seems to be getting hungry fast, as opposed to the fact that now he's given solids, it should last longer. I added approx 1 tablespoon only to his milk.

After that, I was hoping that he would not have problem passing motion. Unfortunately, I think he is having some problems. His routine morning 'nnnnngk' session happened the next day, but nothing came out. So I was abit worried. And today, 2 days already, he hasn't passed motion. Aiyo...poor fella. he did try, but nothing came out. So we've got him some medication and we'll see what happens.

FOr now, it's going to be a weekend-only affair, for perhaps 1-2 more weeks...till i increase the quantity and/or frequency.

Tri I Shall Try

I'm excited.

Although I won't be running the Std Chartered KL Marathon, nor join the Xterra in Kuantan, or the Malakoff Pg Run (initially I could make it, but now not anymore), I am excited because I've found that the gym and pool are open till 9pm. Though I'd wish that it stays open till later. So, now I can swim (I can still fit into all my gear ok...) laps after AIR has gone to bed and I shall and will feel better.

It's not fun when you've actually got back to an even slimmer -than-prenatal figure, postnatal, but then you've put on some unwanted flab around the tummy. Yup, 3 months postnatal and I've been eating alot, so 4.5months on, it's showing. No thanks to snacking and a craving for really sweet stuff. Arrrgh...

So now it's a battle to get in shape and get my stamina back at the same time. Perhaps PD tri (if it's not cancelled) is possible?

18th Week

Tiring weekend.

I'm amazed..I always thought physical tiredness is more tiring than emotional/mental tiredness, but i guess I'm wrong. I'm drained. Though hubby did a great job albeit the lack of sleep, moving all on his own on friday with of course the help of the movers and the lorry, I just couldn't be of much help at all. AIR needed to be attended to.

I think it was easier running 21km than tending to AIR for 4-5hours on saturday. I told hubby to go ahead with what he had to do, and I will try my best to unpack and tend to AIR while he's gone. After 4 hours, all I did was iron my kebaya top and 1 small load of laundry. Aiyo...AIR was in a please-don't-get-out-of -my-sight mood.

At about 4-ish when hubby got back, he saw the hall still cluttered and he knew I just couldn't break away from AIR. hehehe all he did was 2x30mins nap. And what can you accomplish in 30mins? Practically nothing. I felt bad leaving so many things to hubby.

So last night, finally when AIR was fast asleep, I did my portion of unpakcing and rearranging some small stuff. That too, took ages and my feet were tired..hahaha 21km in proper running shoes IS easier...we're both now suffering aching feet cos of walking around too much packing and unpakcing.

BUt to end the day of the week (ok, not literaly end la, cos this was in the evening), we took AIR for a dip in the pool and it was also mummy's 1st dip in I think more than 1.5years. AIR took sometime to realise what was going on around him and then he enjoyed paddling around in the water. Only a short dip as it was evening already and we didn't want him to get a chill. SO his 1st water experience at 4 months 10days old. Mummy forgot the goggles so it was just breast-stroke for 1 lap and that was it.

NOw I have something to do tonight...swim!! Yipee!!
I'm so looking forward to it.
And that lil' gym at our new place has 2 treadmills, 1 stationary bike and 1 multi-station. OK crowd..BUT they close at 9pm...hmmm...nvrmnd, I'll see what can be done after AIR goes to bed!

OK, OK back to the actual story - yeah, abit more unpacking...and u know what, abit more to cart over from the old place though. hahaha, so can u imagine the amount of things we have?? The movers were smart enough to bring a 5ton lorry instead of the 3ton we booked. PLus they had really efficient workers and really did well in arranging them on the lorry. Imagine, a 5 ton lorry packed to the brim, and we thought 3 ton was enough. AIyo...and it took them 3 people to carry the piano...which was really heavy.

And so it's the start of a new 'journey' for all of us.

We had our 1st visitor too - yesterday, AIR's babysitter came over. She missed AIR so much, that she was willing to come all the way from DAmansara to Cheras to visit him...awwwww..... so touched....

MOre to come!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's Move It, MOve it, Move it...

It’s amazing! One day I was thinking ‘its never going to get done’ and the next moment we were pushing the date forward a day earlier.


HAaa, I’m referring to the fact that we were supposed to move! Yes, move tomorrow. But somehow we have moved!! Hehehe it happened today, and all when I was at work.

Yesterday as I approached our car park, I noticed the SYABAS water tanker outside the surau. Bad thoughts already creped into my mind. Then as I reached the carpark, hubby called.

‘Where are you? When you get home, please wash up fast, clear everything necessary or wash everything that u need to fast.’

‘Why?, no water?’

‘Yup, the guy downstairs even told me to store water. The tanker is downstairs’

‘And I presume this will be for a while, right?’

‘yala, the management didn’t pay them the outstanding yet.’

Ah ha, there you have it. And its happening again in less than one month. And so, with the water cut (our water is via the bulk meter, i.e. once cut, all affected, not individual meter like for landed property), in less than 2 hours later, we were ‘dry’. As we were packing, the idea of moving immediately crossed our minds.

‘Why not we move tomorrow instead of Saturday?’

‘Can... Confirm ka? If confirm, then I’ll call the mover to check lorry availability. OK?’

‘OK’ and so Friday, May 22, 2009 it was.

But, the nursery (the next block) still had water and apparently was to be cut at 10am today only. Neways, the poly-tanks have yet to be set up at every block except in front of the surau. So I think people will be water-less for some time...again...

Oh well..I’m now thinking of the inviting pool at the new place…. Care for a dip?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's like the weather...

Actually today started out great...bright and sunny like the weather...

and now it's also like the weather - dark and gloomy...though it rained, its still gloomy....the sun hasn't shined thru the still dark clouds yet...


2 days' ago, AIR was crying non-stop again, but since it was still early, I decided to take him to the clinic. he wasn't having colic/wind cos the tummy 'sounded' fine. BUt he just kept crying so i suspected maybe its just tummy ache. i reached the main road of the clinic, I saw that the clinic had closed for the night. its only 845pm, and it's supposed to be open till 9pm. aiyo...abit angry, I decided to park at the side for a while cos AIR has momentarily kept quiet. I think he was tired of crying. Barely 30s later, he was asleep. I didn't want to immediately take him to another clinic. I wanted him if possible to see the same paed. so now that he's asleep, homeward bound la.

We concluded that AIR missed his daddy. ITs been almost 2 weeks since Daddy haven't fetched him from the nursery. He probly misses the playtime with daddy.

And yesterday, AIR had his first exposure to the playground. Yup, the playground at our place not crowded and weather was fine, so Daddy conlcuded that it was ok to take him there for a while en-route back home from the nursey. I was told he had fun...he even joined in the chaos of another group of under 5-6s playing footie. I can imagine...I'm sure he'll want more of it now!! And sure enough, last night he was tired..Daddy took him on the swing and see-saw and he was thrilled... nice...

Water Malaysia 2009

this is what was on my table

one of the last few sessions

Last two days, I was here….I enjoyed myself. Broke the monotony in the office and ‘exposed’ myself to the industry’s latest and the people. However, I was soo busy and tied up with the conference I didn’t have time to visit the exhibition. Sadly…today my attempt to just visit the exhibition failed miserably…

So I’m stuck in the office...trying to be busy..trying to look busy…J

SO on 19/5, the conference started. It went not-so-well..I was nervous. It’s been ages I spoke to a large group of people and this 1st session in the morning saw the hall FULL!! Alamaks! Pastu, ada pulak people I knew…people I least expected to bump into, people from the plant..hehe nevermindla. Those top top VIPs okla, already expected them to be there…

Anyway, all went well thank God…but 1st day lunch – sucked BIG time…so plain…only the dessert was superb – couldn’t get enough of the blueberry cheesecake. 2nd day though, we had lots to eat…nice, yummy, there was smoked salmon and I blasah so much..hehe I was too embarrassed to take a photo of my plate…and the bread&butter pudding n cheesecake again were superb.

My new friends found it strange that I didn’t take any rice. Yalah, whenever I have the opportunity to skip rice, I will. Besides, there were soo many dishes to fill my tummy, why waste it with rice? Everyday also mixed rice if in office…I’m not a rice person. I prefer other things...

2nd day at the conference, more havoc as many presenters haven't given us their presentations, but somehow, like a pro we were calm. I guess this time two peopler to a 'Stream' is better. The previous one was only one person to each 'stream' and when you're faced with people not cooperating, its quite difficult. Especially when time is a constraint.

Anyway, all went well, tummy filled and I'm looking forward to participating and helping out in another.

today - its back to pondering whats's in store for lunch and what's gonna happen over the weekend. Am excited. though I'm not in the best of mood today!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Pack, unpack, entertain, feed, put baby to sleep, arrange...pack, unpack....etc etc etc

oooh it was really tiring...hahaha considering the fact that lack of sleep partly attributed to it as well.

My intention of taking AIR for a dip in the pool didn't materialise cos the lil' fella was down with a slight fever after his 2nd DTP jab. I wasn't expecting this cos he went thru the 1st jab with no problems...neways, many more chances for him later.

Although down with fever, he was rather hyper. Partly also because it was abit noisy, i.e. drilling, cutting and more drilling in the kitchen. Skejap2 he terkejut abit..poor fella...after 630pm, all silent again, but still he didn't sleep for long. Only about 8pm plus did he rest well...It must've been rather stressful for the poor boy. Kesian...

Sunday was about the same, but this time, no noise. He finally got the longest ever nap I've witnessed before - almost 3 hours...Daddy & Baby zonked out, Mummy busy watching TV, trying to keep awake. By the time Mummy decides to zonk together, baby decided to wake up. Hmmmm plans cancelled la...:P

Still tired....what a weekend...I dare not think bout this coming weekend!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

DUmpling Part Deux

I am disspointed...I was taken for a ride!!

hmmm is Hainan Chang supposed to be 'lotus leaf rice' or also known as 'lor mai fan'? Ermmmm if u ask me, I've actually not heard of Hainan Chang la...mind my ignorance, cos I no hainan-lang, only Hokkien-lang...keke

ANyway, here's the low-down on the dumpling...

the packing

2 parcels

Actually kan, it looks exactly like the photo on the not cheated la, BUT the fact is, they called it chang. I was prepared for chang, though after buying only I realised that it was wrapped like lor mai fan, but in my excitement, I didn't bother. I hoped that for some reason or other it was not convenient to use bamboo leaves, so they opted for lotus leaf...Unfortunately, when I tasted it, indeed it was lor mai fan...oklar, so my search for halal bak-chang (opps, halal still can say bak?) still futile....maybe...just maybe...mummy wanna make halal chang with me and we sell? kekekeke

Now I miss mummy's lor mai kai pulak...keke halal one easiliy found, but just that taste not so satisfying...:P

So this dumpling has got boneless chicken meat (generous amount), dried shrimps, black mushroom and salted egg yolk. So if it were the genuine chang, i think it does have what it should, only thing is the taste of the pulut rice is different, erm and also i think chang doesn't have the dried shrimps..(can't remember already, cos so long didn't eat chang)

So, the hunt goes on....kekeke

Free Seats

It's been sometime since I went into Air Asia's website. So today, after like 2 days reading the advert for free seats availability, I decided to kill some time.

Noticed the summary page that from Jan 2010 to Apr 2010 there were still available free seats. So i started with Jan. Randomly picking my dates and duration. Aiyo, after 4-5 tries, I still din get any 'free seats'...all I got were 'Economy' or 'Economy Promo' hahaha Weekdays or weekends also the same. At least last time, perhaps once out of the many tries, I'll hit one way with free seats. No luck this time. Perhaps I'll be kiasu and try again tomoro.

Maybe the economic situation has made everyone rush for the free seats, or perhaps the allocation is less now...aiya, nevermind, not really bothered...but will try. If I do get it, then i'll go...:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's 4 months already!

Happy 4 months AIR!

It's been such a joy having you with us! Time flies. Today he showed some apprehensiveness...

The nursery had a new help. For me, it was the first time seeing her also. I thought I went to the wrong house at first. Then I noticed the regular lady was there. So, when I passed AIR over to her, he seemed abit scared. Then when I waved goodbye to him, he turned facing me and looked uneasy. Usually he may or maynot turn, and he will look at the babysitter. He would look relaxed. He had that forlorn look on him as I left. hmmmm :(

Well, at least the other lady is still around. at least I felt reassured too.

This new lady didn't seem so friendly, well, maybe cos she's new also.

All I hope for is that she is just as good and will treat AIR well...and AIR will eventually get used to her...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I think the Chang season is here...right? opps I've lost track of the Chinese month when the Chinese would make these dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves. (Oh yes, I checked and its supposed to be 28th May 2009, i.e. it falls on the 6th day of the 5th lunar month...macam terror...:P)

When my late Grandma (Ah Ma) was still around, and when most of her grandchildren were still in Penang, and she was still in the pink of health, she would make these every year. Well, at that point of time I think I was still quite young. Perhaps up till i was in secondary school...or was in when I was in college she was still making it? can't remember la, old liau...:)

There were many varients - Hokkien, Assorted Bean, Nyonya (this is also known as the salty chang), and then there was the sweet-ish one (I don't remember what its called), then there's the kngee-chang, the small yellow ones, no fillings and eaten with the gula melaka. Ah Ma will make all the types, and I usually love the Hokkien and the kngee chang. Mum would take a whole lot back home and I will have it for breakfast for a few days. Dad likes the assorted bean and nyonya while mum can never get enough of the kngee chang.

Well, looks like its been ages since I last had chang.

When I started working, it's usually the commercial ones that I buy and eat. Once in a while, friends or family friends would give some. Sometime office colleagues would bring some from home. Recently (i.e. past 1-2 yrs), I haven't really thought about it.

Suddenly, last few days, I was thinking about it. And somehow, yesterday when I was browsing the frozen food section, I chanced upon a halal chang. Comes in a pack of two and I was thrilled. No price tag to be seen, and I didn't bother to check. Just grabbed it and left. Hahaha...craving, no, I've not tasted it yet though. Looks yummy though.

The other day I had the lotus leaf glutinous rice - the dimsum type, when I took mum out for the early Mother's Day buffet. That was not too shabby either. I wonder what's with me - been looking for glutinous rice-based food recently....hmmmm not too good for the waistline or the health!!

So let's see what happens tonight....

Brain Food

I think this maybe the cause of my declining brain i claimed in my previous post...

haha tak malu, still claim to be a kid...:P

since i've been craving sweet, sugary stuff recently...not a good sign :(

Think its hormonal! hahaha

What's going on?

For the past few days, when I watch the news on TV, read the online newspaper, I laugh to myself. I'm thinking - I wonder what people outside Malaysia would think of the current political situation in Perak. It's like a game.

I already think that its funny how things have come about in Perak and I think non-Malaysians would think it's really ridiculous.

aaaahhhh apalaaa nak jadi ni??

LUnch time!

Curry noodles

Another day of calories and fat laden dish!! Again, same thing different place, different price. I think the one at this place too - the food court in Giant Bandar Puteri, Puchong. Cheap and lots of stuff...and tastes just as good. Of course this is the KL version la.
Sometimes I just dunno what else to eat in that constrained time, although this area does have lots of variety of food. It's just the hassle of going out, finding parking (that's the worst!) and then ordering and eating. The whole world is somehow with you when you're ordering, so it may take forever at a good eatery. Lunch time what, so everyone also want to eat la...:)
ENjoy your lunch! I wonder what's in store for me today....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pump it Up!

I'm in a dilemma....

I used to pump at work. Now it's become not convenient anymore. Our office used to have two toilet areas. Now it has shut off one block, so the toilet also closed liau. THat toilet area has got plug point. So its easier and faster for me to pump. Now the existing old toilet area only has the toilets. No plug point whatsoever.

Then I went to the meeting room - alamak, also no plug point. HOw can that be? Hmmmm If I use the battery option, its a tad too slow and sometimes not strong enough.

Yesterday I took the keys to the previous toilet. BUt I think its not so nice to do that la, although I pump during lunch time. (sometimes although they say ok, somehow they may not be)

Looks like I've got to resort to not pumping and just wait till I get home a rush to feed baby. But I don't like that tingling feeling, esp if I'm out at site. Today, in anticipation of this, I ensured that AIR took his last feed as late as possible, i.e. right before I sent him to the nursery. So seems like it's still ok la. But the tingling feeling is slowly coming...hehe

Otherwise I'll just have to use the meeting room lor...and use the battery option...hmmmm

BUt I'm glad it's already 4 months I've been bfeeding...I wanna do it as long as I I hope that God will grant my wish and baby will be well-nourished.

ANybody have any ideas to share?

Almost Mid May....

Another day gone by....

AIR will be 4 months in another 2 days....

It's already eating into the 2nd quarter of 2009. Have I achieved anything lately? erk!!

Packing completed? noooooo!

Ready to move? yesssss! but packing not completed, how eh? hmmmmm *scratch head, think think*

Alamak! hungry....think too much kot? Whopps tummy growling...hmmmmm

Oh yes, I managed another 25mins today! Yipee!! at 620am when alarm went off, I was still groggy. Continued sleeping but somehow I woke up again about 630...contemplated, checked AIR, got up, changed and off I went. Pak Guard has gotten used to seeing me on that route already. 'Good morning!' caught me by surprised, somehow I managed to reply 'Morning!' hahaha oklah, at least I hope he has good intentions...can keep an eye on my safety...

Went back and saw AIR still fast asleep. Contemplated to shower first...after cooling down for a while...then he woke up. Alamak...somehow I entertained him for a while and then later he just waited for me to finish my shower! WOW! amazing! as I got out of the bathroom, he was I chatted with him for a while..

It's the only time I have with him before I send him to the nursery...I feel bad leaving him with someone else for such a long time...but what to do? For now have to lor, hopefully in the future things will change for the better...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Something bout me...

Either age has caught up or something is affecting something or something is not so right or something something la....hahhaa

ok ok...what i'm trying to say is that I noticed a certain degree of declining alertness and response in me. I wonder why. Attentiveness and observance too.

How do I know that?

I used to be -
  • very observant
  • can remember numbers esp car number plates very well (telephone numbers too)
  • very fast at mind games

Now I am -

  • still observant but sometimes not as good as before, I don't remember it so well, I have become selectively observant (got such thing ka?)
  • I still can remember numbers well, but sometimes when it comes to number plates, I get confused, i.e. the alphabet part esp
  • ha, this is where I conclude that I'm now S-L-O-W-E-R....I take longer and am not so efficient at mind games anymore....serious...

And mind you, mind games are key in trying to gauge yourself. I seem to take longer at 'seeing' my next move or trying to plan which move to make.

If it's at night, I blame it on my contact lenses. Seriously it does affect me. Otherwise, it just boils down to something that has happened. Dunno what. BUt this past week, I see some improvement. Not yet back to normal (i.e. before the slowdown was noticed), but generally faster than before.

Confessions of an ex-Shopaholic

No, I'm wouldn't say I'm I shopaholic. Definition - A slang term for oniomania, or compulsive shopping.

Sometimes it does happen - compulsive shopping, i mean. USually I shop with a mission. I don't really enjoy window shopping. Besides, window shopping is dangerous. Suddenly I see something I like and want to get it. What happens if its way off budget at that point of time? If I really like it, I'd really want to buy it, so that's why I say it's dangerous. Terrible. Then i'll spend unnecessarily. And so that's how debt gets accumulated. :p

I'm now very concious about this. What with having a baby and then the economic situation...its not going to be easy for a person with already heavy commitments financially.

Frankly, I think I could be classified as ex-shopaholic. compulsive buying would've been my middle name. Long time ago, probly not long after I started working. Not now, not when i decided that the moolah is important for me and my trainings, and my travelling to my races (which I don't seem to win). THerefore the shopping is more controlled and is only when necessary.

I used to be able to window shop and then see an outfit and then just buy cos its cheap. I end up with tons of clothes only worn a few times and some have also gone out of fashion without being worn. can u imagine? Sadla. Not now. I'm glad I've wisen up. hahaha

NOw money is spent wisely. Priority is given to baby. Things have really changed.

ONe of the many changes in me.

MOther's Day weekend

Mum has gone on holiday. So her celebration was earlier....

Weekend - rushed. Didn't have time for anything. We were too tired at the end of each day.

Stuck in Alor Star GH almost the whole day, both on Sat and Sun. Sun we were smarter - took AIR and sat in the baby room where it was much more cosy, cool and nice. (Realised that small-town people do not really know how to utilise this special place. hehehe I suppose they are used to changing babies in the toilet though its without the proper facilities) Spent Sat sitting in the warm waiting area of the Operating Theatre. Otherwise no where else to wait. Lousy la. Hospital so big, so spacious, no proper seats for people to sit and wait outside the special wards.

Visiting hours - 1230 - 2pm, 430 - 7pm. In between, people sit and wait outside.

Hospital cafeteria - fortunately good. OKla, its new so still clean and nice and got good variety of food.

Hospital itself is huge. And new. Otherwise, it's just another gov hosp. What else can go wrong?

Alot of to-and-fros over the weekend. Finally another tired weekend gone. Another to come...

First Flight

I was excited. (I pulak excited, and not the person who's going to go on the plane for the 1st time, hahaha) I didn’t know how AIR would take it, but I hoped that he wouldn’t be the ‘noisy one’ on the plane. The discomfort during take-off and landing due to the air pressure will definitely cause the babies to cry. Actually not only babies, but everyone is affected by this pressure change, but unfortunately babies are not able to do anything about it.

I hoped that he will sleep or nurse or perhaps just not be affected by it at all.

Flight FY2098 was scheduled to take-off at 8pm. It’s quite close to his bedtime. And yes, he was showing signs of being sleepy. I was hoping to nurse him on the plane but he had other plans. He wanted to nurse in the boarding area. SO ok la, no choice. And he finished all that I had!!

So, I expected that he should be satisfied by now and would sleep shortly. Oh no! Unfortunately I also forgot that he didn’t take much milk at the babysitters, hence, thinking that what I gave him was enough, I was totally wrong. He wanted more when we boarded the flight. AIya…so I tried to pacify him with whatever remainder, but no, not enough!

Alamak! He started to cry. By tat time, the plane was taxi-ing to take off and all crew were seated. So daddy had to pacify him. If he sits with the ‘milk-machine’ he will not be pacified unless given milk. Hehe so daddy distracted him and soon, he was silent and we were up. I immediately ‘called for assistance’ and asked for some warm water.

After having his feed, immediately he fell asleep, until we touched down, until we tapau-ed dinner and went home. Placed him in my room but he awoke shortly so now grandpa entertained him..It was his first trip back to Penang, and on a plane.

The pressure change during landing was quite bad. Thank God he was asleep. Otherwise it may not be so pleasant for him.

ON the return journey....things were more or less the same, except that this time we were prepared. Flight was 920, delayed till 940. Bottle fed him before boarding. In the plane, just as we were taxi-ing, he was nursing. And he fell asleep. Ideal! Until we touched sign of waking up, altho he was jerked around alot as I tried to get up from my seat and not move him that much. Until we reached the car, home and on the bed, he was soundly asleep. Guess the weekend adventures must've tired him out really...

He didn't wake up for the feed around midnight. Hmmm only woke up well past 3am and later, at 7plus am again. Think if i didn't wake up, he wouldn't either.

Makan-makan in Penang

See, all gone

Our dinner in Penang.
On the last day, it was more or less the same menu, different place and different style. But both places we had kailan, siakap and sotong.

Oh, forgot there was kerang bakar on that day too. Think by the time I remembered to snap, it was gone! :)
Also had sup tulang on the last day.
Hope my next trip back can hentam more stuff. No fun la, eat so few yummy things only. THese also because it was easy to get at those odd times when we were in a hurry.


AIR now has started to scream and squeal in delight.

BUT I realised his so-called screams are the sub-dued version. Cute la...u know how when u want to scream or talk loudly, but u try to do it in a slightly lower voice, i.e. not so loud? yeah, its like that.

He's been very geram last 2 days and screams on and off...thank God they're not the really loud ones and it's not often. Otherwise I think he would drive hubby crazy!!

Airport and What Nots

It's been ages since I went to SUbang Terminal 3. THe last was probly when I went there to do some tiketing stuff with Air Asia. Something I couldn't do online nor via the tele-centres. Can't remember what.

Now its being renovated. Gosh, the interior is so nice now. Grand I may say. I like it. REally nice la. Hmmm some more got donuts...yumyum hehe
So this time we're flying, but its Firelfy! somehow, upon boarding the plane, I liked it. More than Air Asia. DUnno. The interior was just nice. Aiya, you know la, it's the feeling you get, but dunno how to explain. Though its a smaller plane, 4 seats per row, i.e. 2 each side and narrower, somehow its just seems ok. Erm, they served us a pack of biscuits and a cup of juice. On a 45minute flight, this plane takes 1 hour instead. But its nice. I like.

When was the last time planes had their logo on their seat belt? Erm, my last trip on the plane was...perhaps 2 year's ago. Not on MAS, neither AA has this. NOt that I remember...I thought this was pretty cool. Call me 'jakun' if u must. hahaha I only noticed this on the return trip. On the way there, I was too busy trying to calm AIR and bfeed him and oh well...getting used to the environment.

Then it occured to me, travelling with a small child/baby is not easy. Cos the other baby pooped on the flight and boy it was a hassle trying to change her. PLus the fact that it 'leaked' and even got her dad. Thank God AIR has his predictible routine, though sometimes abit haywire.

Penang Airport also changed abit. NOt much, only on the public area. Inside, at the boarding & waiting area, its still the same the last time I stepped in. 2 years' back...approx..

What a weekend!

I'm back after a tiring week of running around...

subang-penang-jeniang-alor star-penang-jeniang-alor star-penang-subang...
all from 9pm friday till 1040pm sunday...

more updates later ya...:)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Letih I dengar makcik tu bebel everyday. Almost everyday if she's around, keje dia is to bebel. Bebel, bebel and bebel aje.

Actually before this she used to bebel alot also, but the fact is I was at 'the other side' so it wasn't so loud. Now I'm back to 'this side' and its become almost market place like. Aduh!!

Bebel quietly takpe jugak, ni bebel until the whole world can hear her. Even if your on the other side. And sometimes it makes it difficult to concentrate when your doing something. Or is it menopausal makciks are like that? Hrmmmm

Pastu dah la my nose is very sensitive these 2 days cos I think my throat is acting up, i.e. read - on the verge of sore throat/flu, but fingers crossed - i think i'm strong enough to fight it away. Back to the main story - cos my nose is now sensitive, the smell of ciggy smoke is ultra-strong. Aiyo, tak tahan la...And somehow last 2 days people seem to want to smoke everywhere. arrrrgh!!

And I 'learnt' something new. When someone calls asking u for money u owe them, i.e. not ah longs la, but your suppliers; you look for some faults in their paperwork or accounting and then scold them back. Then eventually...ends up like they were at fault. hahaha

whatever la...i'm bored and I keep hearing people membebel...tak tahan...wanna balik laaaaa

Germ galore

I'm outnumbered.

Hubby & AIR are taken ill, although AIR is on the recovery curve...hubby seems not. From flu & fever, it's now cough with slight fever. Aiyo. And I'm praying that I'll be germ-free. :)

Not a good thing that past 2 days i've been robbed of sleeping hours. Somehow AIR is rather fretfull. I hope my not-so-sore-yet-throat will just stay that way and nothing else.

Looking forward to the long journey back tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Looks like AIR maybe showing signs of teething.

He didn’t sleep really well last night and his cries were different. He wasn’t hungry and when i tried to give him milk, after a few sucks, he will stop. And so I decided to search and read about it. These have been going on for many nights already. Almost a week, thinking back. I attributed his disturbed sleep to the heat and also his stuffed nose earlier. Now that his stuffed nose is gone, it may just be early signs of teething.

Let’s see….
  • baby has become more fussy and clingy and cries more at night - check
  • dribbling alot - check
  • urge to bite to try to ease the pain, so they've started chewing on their fingers and anything else they can get hold of - check
  • flushed cheeks - check
  • temperature slightly raised (but not above 39degC, which indicates a fever) - not so sure
  • gums are swollen and red - haven't seen
  • demand the breast more - check
  • or may reject the breast because their gums hurt
  • poor appetite - check
  • not sleeping well - check

8 out of 10..hmmm possibly true. Will have to 'investigate and pay close attention to him to see if its true.

*facts extracted from dumex

Banks etc

Eh, I know of bank closing down its branches cos it has too many already all over the place, but come on la, the popular one also you close down ka?

Aiyo...and at desperate times, when you really wanted to go to THAT particular branch, you arrive and realised that it no longer exists! OMG!! That's the worst! Even the signage have been taken down! Gosh...

I guess after 60 days of maternity leave, and 60 days on, I haven't really gone to many places yet.

And so deperate measures had to be taken.


And so you look for the next option. And can you believe it? The one and only scan machine is NOT working. OMG!! How annoying can it get??


OKla, sabar, sabar...its a test of my patience...what patience? Early morning some more...



The RM1.40 Karipap

I'm always on the lookout for yummy breakfast.
I found Gardenia's Butterscotch Bread superb. And I've been pining for that since. Yumyum...Ifeel like just having that for the whole day...(opps, forgot the photo)
This morning en-route to the bank, I stopped by this bakery and saw this huge curry puff and decided to give it a try. So-called Nyonya Curry Puff. So-so la. Lots of potatoes lor. Chicken meat can taste very little only. For RM1.40, I think i'd rather have my 3pcs for RM1.00 karipap from the stall near my place. Though this huge one is quite filling. Not to my taste I suppose.
Back to Butterscotch tomoro la...:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Of Guillian-Barre Syndrome & Alpha Lipid

I learnt something new yesterday.

Gullian-Barre Syndrome. An autoimmune disorder affecting the peripheral nervous sytem, usually triggered by an accute infectious process. It is frequently severe and usually exhibits as an ascending paralysis noted by weakness and/or tingling sensations in the legs that spreads to the upper limbs and the face with complete loss of deep tendon reflexes. Fortunately, with prompt treatment by plasmapheresis or intravenous immunoglobulins and supportive care, majority of patients will regain full functional capacity.

And there is this so-called miracle drink called alpha lipid. Apprently it heals/cures many types of illnesses, including cancers and the one thing that helps is that it contains a very high grade of colostrum. There are many testimonies online and it seems as though this is the new miracle cure...even for complexion, increasing metabolic rate, stroke, heart problems...etc etc...Google this and read about it.

Morning conversations

In the lift

Lady A: Eh, tadi u yang tengah jog kan?
Lady B : Errr, ya..napa?
Lady A: Laju nyer..tadi akak nampak kat block A tadi...
Lady B: *smilling* Oh yeke? takder la...camtu je...

Padahal the total jog was barely 20mins, in the semi-darkness of morning between 630-7am. From Block A to Block D must be bout 400m or 500m max, but uphill all the way. Fast? guess not - there were faster times before. Wanted to tapau nasi lemak for mum, but the stall was just going to set up when Lady B was around the vicinity of Block A. Downstream of Block A were parked cars and trees and 2nd degree forrest on one side, hence Lady B didn't proceed any further in the semi-darkness, but ran uphill again. It was an uphill battle literally. Must be the lack of sleep.

In the bedroom, 1.5hrs earlier

Baby A: goooooooooo
Baby B: googoogaagaa geegee?
Baby A: goooooo huuuu gooooo ahhhh
Baby B: googoogaagaa....want milk or not?
Baby A: huuu huuu haaa goooo greeee
Baby B: nah, milk.....*pause* dunwant?
Baby A: *yawn*
Baby B: sleep la...go to sleep *started to pat baby A in the hope that baby A would sleep*
Baby A: huuu huuu haaa goooo greeee

and it went on and on and on for a good 30 minutes from 5am....until Baby A decided he wanted some more beauty sleep...

Monday, May 4, 2009


I wanted to post something about kuih seri muka and I realised that Wikipedia didn't have a definition for this. So I googled it. Then wikibuku came up. I found it quite hilarrious. Wikibuku - cute la in a way.

Now I know...

Eat & eat & eat

Alot of makan2 over the weekend.

First it was a Chinese Halal restaurant in Taipan. It's been there for donkey's years but I've not tried it. Not appealing from the outlook of the restaurant. But when I tasted the food - yummy!! Or is it because it's been ages since I've had that type of food? NOt sure, both I suppose. hahaha
Then the next day I manage to grab some donuts at Krispy Kreme. A tad too sweet for my tastebuds, but I liked its dough. Yes, my first KK donut in M'sia. Yummy...Mum thought it was too sweet too, though she too liked its dough. hmmm perhaps another trip soon for some KK donuts.

KK's Hershey's Dark Choc

The next day I decided to take mum out for an early MOther's Day and Birthday treat. Hi-tea at Crowne PLaza Hotel. Yup, Hi-tea for us started at 12 noon (when the opened) and it was just us for almost an hour. The whole PLanter's Inn to ourselves. Selection of food - not bad. THere was Chinese - chicken & duck rice, some dimsum - steamed and fried, though the fried only had 1 type, changes when it goes out of stock; Japanese - sushi selection pretty pathetic but the tempura was not bad, tepanyaki quite good Local - laksa johor, tomyam or was it curry noodles (I didn't take either that's why couldn't remember), yong tau foo - quite a wide array but I didn't have any; Salad selection was unique; the usual mains - fried rice, pasta (not bad), potato wedges, mixed vege, satay - lamb (yummy yummy), chicken and beef, grilled beef and chicken (not too yummy), porridge (chicken), soup, carved meat - beef and chicken kebab (it had some glamourous name I can't rmember). Fruits - usual selection, but the sweets were yummy - choc mousse, pudding, cakes brownie, waffle, ice cream, ice kacang, bread & butter pudding and our local hot dessert - think it was bubur kacang hijau and a variety of malay kuihs. Mum mistakenly (cos they didn't put tags/lables on the desserts) took the pulut with tempoyak (fermented durian) and even I couldn't help her with it.

(photos to be uploaded later...erm only 1 photo actually) -done

My almost empty plate

from top - tepanyaki seafood, tandoori chichken, jumbo sausage, lamb satay, smoked salmon wrapped in crepe

AFter filling up to the max, for the first time, I had to 'return some' first experience. I guess my tummy is not use to food bingeing anymore...

THEN, we went to the NIKE warehouse sale. It was a dissapointment. Either is because it was already on its 2nd last day, or it was meant to be like that. Prices weren't extremely 'warehouse-like' there were things I could've gotten at cheaper price at some of its outlets. Funny eh? But I ended up buying 1 pair of shoes for mum and a pair of pants for myself.

IT was a HOT-experience...yeah, hot place on a hot day with only those industrial fans available..poor AIR was sooo sticky at the end of it. Thank God he didn't make noise...except when it was time for nenen...:)

Queen's Park - heard of, never been there till that NIKE warehouse sale day. WEnt to the Esprit Outlet and loved the stuff there...but since it was sooo hot and AIR wasn't in the mood anymore, I decided against buying anything...kekeke...good way to save some moolah! Next time I want new work attire, I'll go there. Previously the other Outlet I knew of was in Maju Junction.

Baby's long weekend

The long weekend was indeed full of events. More or less...

TO start, on Thursday, right after work, I had to go home, fetch baby and then go to aunt's place, i.e. Puchong - Damansara - Subang...not an ideal travelling route during peak hours. And my goodness, from Puchong to Damansara was ok, my usual route...but from Damansara to Subang was horrendous. Getting out of Damansara, that it. I chose to use the NKVE, to avoid the already jammed LDP, but just to get to the toll, it was horrible. Thank God at that time baby was asleep, but it didn't last long enough. By the time I reached the toll, he was awake. Luckily, on NKVE, it wasn't jammed.

I had to pull over after the subang toll. Stopped at the petrol station to bfeed him. It's no help to mention that with a cough and running nose, being hungry and wanting lots of hugs and cuddles is the only comfort.

After that, journey continues. Unfortunately, by the time I reached USJ 2, he decided that he wanted more cuddles and attention then the occasional patting and comforting words from afar. He kept on crying. I was at wits end. So, I had to carry him on one hand. Thank God I was driving an auto car.

Upon reaching Aunt's place, got down and into the house, and mum decided to carry him. Aunt decided to humour him by chatting with him, and almost instantly he stopped. Gosh. What a relief.

So before the long weekend starts, I decided to get him to another paed and try to get him better.

This clinic in Taipan seemed pretty popular. Lots of babies. After Dr listened to what we had to say, and he looked at him and heard him, suddenly he said that baby may have a very mild asthma. that got us (mum & i) by surprise. SO dr told us to check if both our sides had any asthma history. My side - checked - nill. Hubby's side, later he confirmed nill. Thank God, so this is only a first occurance and would not recur. IF there is an asthma history, it will recur. So this Dr then taught us to do a self-check on baby to monitor if his so-called astma is occuring. So far - no.

And that night....he wasn't sleeping so well. The blocked nose made it uncomfortable for him. Poor baby.

The next day was better. Lots of shopping and time spent in the stroller and shopping complex for him over the weekend...

TOday - still lots of phlegm but nose became more runny...hmmmm hope he gets better soon...

Today was also one of the rare days where he was still sleeping when i wanted to send him to the nursery. But when I attempted to carry him, he woke up and was so cheerful and just wanted some attention. My heart just melted and his smile and had to delay sending him....