Friday, October 29, 2010

3f's First Contest!

Free Books? I thought that was really generous of you. It caught my attention.

And from then on I was stuck.

In the first place, I don't remember how I chanced upon your blog, but it was definitely during one of those days when I had extra time and was blog-hopping. The 'Maysaa scarf' caught my attention and prompted my first connection with 3f's. Then I kinda kept it easy...not really 'visiting' you constantly, though I already started to 'follow'.

And from 'Free Books', I kinda stuck. I noticed we have similar taste in our reading. And I like your stuff about crafting. The post itself had nothing much, but just a photo of what was available. This short post, well worded to its intention portrayed the person behind it.

And subsequently I guess the person I imagined to be did reveal (eh, not trying to bodek, ok) when there was a problem with the shipment of our stuff and you sorted it out first without alarming us, until it was all over and done with. Can't thank you enough :) Back to the main topic, I somehow felt 'connected' via the books. I dunno why. Weird it may seem to some.
I suppose that post led form one thing to another and now I've also got myself a crafting-buddy (though I only intend to do simple stuff for my baby).

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Expensive investment!

I'm amazed at prices of things nowadays.

Running shoes used to cost in the rance of RM150-250 and you get really good ones. Now, it goes up to RM700!!!?? and some even more!

Tri-suit was in the range of less than RM250, and then, I thought it was expensive. Now, there's nothing less than RM400!!

Now, let's not talk about bike and its accessories yet, cos I've no intention of upgrading or getting anything. But I may have to get a new helmet if its gonna be more than a once a month affair. Will have to wait and see.

Thanks God I can still fit into all that I used to have. Who cares about being in fashion? haha

And with all that, how come my pay didn't increase two-folds from the last time I was actively tri-ing?

Kueh Teow Soup

Last night's attempt to make Kueh Teow Soup - passed! :)

Despite having to juggle 2 kids who refused to sleep or be left alone to entertain themselves (they always seem to know when I've got a task at hand), I managed to somehow conjour the soup and it was not too bad! (I blame it on my not-so-recovered-tastebuds that the soup initially was rather bland)

Because of the fact that I had to entertain 2 of them, bottle feed one and cook at the same time, my earlier plans of taking photos of the whole process was cancelled. Halfway thru chopping garlic, AIR2 cries. Halfway entertaining her, AIR1 decides he wants me to accompany him to watch Barnyard. Adoi....So I carted AIR2 into the room and so we all watched Barnyard while the soup manages itself in the kitchen :)

The rest of the meal (thank God only some cutting and chopping required) was only completed 1.5hrs later, after hub came home and AIR1 decided he just couldn't stay awake any longer.

By then, we were both too hungry and so the finishing also had no snapshots! :)

Maybe I'll take those shots in my next attempt.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today, for the first time after having 2 kids, I went to the gym in the morning.

Fed up with the daily traffic inconsistency, no matter what time I left the house I will still seem to arrive at the nursery about 8am! hack! A complete waste of time on the road! What happen to arriving at 745am or even 730 am?

The jam along the East-West Link is getting ridiculous. Trying to slot in my already pathetic 20min run in the evening sometimes leaves me frustrated. Part of me want to go fetch the kiddos early, part of me desperately want that 20min feel-good-factor. Oh well, and finally, with a 30-day-pass, and some calculation and time shift, I decided to go back to what I used to do 2 years ago. Get myself to the gym as its doors open.

OKlah, technically, in this case, after the nursery opens :)

Felt good, in a way, though I didn't manage to squeeze in much of a real workout, but I think those weight machines (some pretty funky ones, which I've not encoutered 2 yrs back) did make me work it out!

Maybe I'll try to put in a run tomoro (but it's such a waste of a gym pass, if all I use is just the treadmill!). Haha the evil in me is suggesting more milleage so perhaps I can run the Pg Bridge half mara! Anyway, I will just utilise it to my advantage!

Can't wait for tomoro morning!!

Good Night and Sweet Dreams Contest

Asrul Irfan Riley, 21 months

Hmmm seems like its been a while I've not joined any contest. Getting lazy, I guess :)
Not a very clear photo of the lil' fella but this photo was one of the rare days when he was wearing his PJs. Why? Cos he wasn't feeling well. This PJ was given by his grandma months ago, maybe even almost a year, but then it's long sleeves with long pants, so we rarely let him wear. He's a 'hot' boy. haha
He was still cranky (not feeling well), so when I gave him his water in the bottle, he just wanted to hold it. Took a sip and decided to clutch it and few minutes later, he eventually fell asleep holding it, all the way, from Damansara to Cheras! :)
Notice the black with grey border cloth? That's his must-have before sleeping. His blankie!
Now I wish I was curled up comfy in that seat instead of being stuck in the jam!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

RM23mil were approved

Wait a sec!! How did RM23 mil get approved to 16 thousand students who didn't apply for these PTPTN loans??? Goodness!!

I'm totally lost for words! These are not mere 20, 30 cent loans but thousands of ringgit per student!!

It makes me wonder how come there is no system in existance here and it is even reported that the load agreement folders are just stacked up till the ceiling. This is utter rubbish!! No wonder they are 3-32 months late in even giving out notices for repayment!!

It's a shame! How do you expect people to pay you back when you don't even keep proper records in the first place? No wonder they just can't be bothered!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Crafting - next...

I literally lost track of time just choosing ribbons!! They were all sooooo adorable!

Now, wait till I get my hands on more stuff, can't wait to get those lil' hairpins and hairbands done!

Looks like since my weekend of riding is out (my throat still hurts badly) I'll compensate with crafting ;p

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Clinic encounter...

In my many years of visiting GPs and specialists in hospitals, I've never seen an overly concerned Dr about such a small thing. Even when my usual Dr (specialist) first met me, he wasn't sooooo overly cautious (though I was probably the 'greenest' and most yellow-looking person (imagine kunyit on my face) in the hospital). Now that I mentioned that, I think its because that lady GP is too scared to treat me because she does not have enough knowledge. Betul tak? Or else she won't be that way.

Not for me to judge.

But this is what happened. Wait, let me warn you...long long post!

Bad sore throat this morning. Slight fever which got worse when I reached office (air cond contributed). Went to a panel clinic nearby and while waiting outside, can hear this lady Dr babbling non-stop to all 3 patients before me. I thought to myself, they must have some complicated ailment.

My turn, got in, told her my pre-exsiting medical condition (cause I look really jaundiced), and then what I was there for. She looked at me and went yadda yadda yadda bout maybe it was more than just sore throat. Maybe my liver function not good (indication is the jaundice) etc etc. I told her, when I'm unwell, not enough rest, over-strained, I will look jaundiced. After that I'll be fine. Once in a while I'll look pale, yahla, women, kan? That's part of my Thallasaemia hbH disease. I've grown with it. Other GPs don't seem to think three times after I've given them a tour of my medical history.

But this lady just won't let go. She's young. Maybe not enough experience? She suggested going for a blood test to check my liver function before treating me, citing all antibiotics (most medicine for that matter) will have an effect on the liver and she doesn't want suddenly i get acute liver-failure or something. ;p She was talking non-stop. (now I know why the other patients too so long)

She insisted on not even giving me anything. She then said she'll refer me to UH ER for a blood test and ask me to take it from there. Oh well, she wasn't about to give up and I had enough of her 'lecture', so I said OK. (she was going on and on about not wanting to give wrong medication, the risks for me and her etc etc) MC also given.

I took the letter and MC and drove to another clinic.

I'm was not about to sit for hours waiting for a blood test and the results (ER will treat based on priority, not first come first served!) and my last full blood count didn't indicate anything abnormal (in August). I wasn't going to ask her for some strange drugs, cos another branch of the same panel has given me antibiotic before and I'm still alive and kicking.

Oh well...lesson learnt, I'll now have to avoid that clinic if I see her name as 'dr on duty'. Convenient but not really at the same time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crafting - my new pastime?

I’m not a very creative person especially when it comes to the artsy stuff, but somehow I wanted to do some craft-y stuff.

To be exact, perhaps sew myself a small pouch/bag for my phone (although there are tons readymade out there, but they don’t really fit very well) and at the same time, make my baby some nice hairbands. Oh well, for someone who has delayed sewing buttons on hubby’s shirt for ages, if I actually tell him my idea (it only popped last night), he’ll probably get a shock of his life.

But then again, I don't really know how to use a sewing machine. hehehe I didn't take 'home economics', I did 'kemahiran hidup' in lower sec. hahaha must get mum to give me a quick tutorial....

It's not going to be my daytime pastime, more likely my night time pastime, when the TV offers lousy programs or when I just feel like it (this can consider hobby?) hehehe oh well, we'll just have to wait and see.

Still unwell

Think it's the many kids are down and out with fever and the works!

AIR wasn't spared. All of a sudden he came home with fever, and that was 5 days ago. I thought my body was cold form the car air-cond, so when I asked mum for her opinion, she said he seemed ok.

Next day, the truth revealed. He had fever. For the first time, he gladly took his PCM and wanted more :) After two days, the lil fella was still down. His moods were getting bad, really cranky and crying at every other moment. Gosh, it was really mind-boggling. Stressed out man! He wakes up in the middle of the night screaming. I guess its the discomfort but everything he does that, its for no specific reason.

2 days ago, we took him to the clinic and his encounter with the antibiotic wasn't so nice. He refused. But he still gladly took his PCM. He barely ate, refused milk (unless he was sleeping) and oh well, his inflamed throat is no comfort, I guess.

Today, finally back to the babysitter again, I hope he feels better, stops screaming for no reason (he partially lost his voice already) and will not give the ladies there a hard time!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Suziey's Giveaway

the broken
the new
This is a waaaaay delayed post....

Thanks Suziey for the GA, and though the first one reached me broken (I have the pic, but it's in another place. upload later k, this is the replacement I got few weeks back :)

It caught me by surprise, the replacement, I mean....when hubby brought something from postlaju for me.

Tried to take a snapshot of it on my fridge, but I guess it was night time so the photo didn't turn out so nicely.

Neway, thanks once again!

Friday, October 15, 2010

I want!

If you’re familiar with Bandar Tun Hussien Onn in Cheras, there is a MPKj branch office, the corner shoplot right next to a McD drive-thru.

Reached at 8am, when this office was supposed to open and at 8am, the doors opened. I thought no one was ready yet, but to my surprised, all the counters were manned and ready to go. (Now, that’s a rare good comment from me for a local authority office) AIR was sleeping (wasn’t well and woke up extremely early) but since I didn’t park right in front of the shop lot, I decided I had to carry him down. He awakened when I carried him.

After I finished ‘my business’, I walked to the car and he spotted the oh-so-famous Golden Arches. And he kept pointing at it. I asked him why? Want mum-mum? He small-laughed (hmmph not sure how to describe), which is his way of saying ‘yes’. I half the mind wanted to just ignore and drive off, but perhaps 5 minutes later will have to suffer his endless cries, so decided to just drive-thru and buy the breakfast meal. All he wanted was the hashbrown.

Yup, all because daddy has taught him well. :)

Daddy’s a fan of the big breakfast and especially when I was on maternity, the journey from home to the babysitter’s included a stop at a drive-thru once in a while. So guess who has been learning?
Now that's just at 21 months...
He's also got very good memory and recognition of places. He remembers SDMC (used to be SJMC) as where he saw 'nemo' one of the few clown fishes in the aquarium at the outpatient waiting area. (It was his monthly-visit to nemo when I went to see my gynea). Mind you, passing by SDMC on the outside, he kept pointing towards the building saying 'Mo, mo!' I was wondering what he was talking about, then I asked, 'Nemo?' he acknowledged. We were both too shocked to respond after that. Why didn't he relate it to his lil' sister? Or when we went to visit Fong Jr (Aydeen)?
Now in another 17 months, I'll compare this to AIR2 :)
pic from

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sayang, baby!


Not that actually...he was trying to sayang his sister :)

And if he is close to her, this is what he will keep doing to her. Constantly 'sayang-ing' her, pat her and even share his ever-precious-blankie with her. Really heartwarming seeing.

Now I wonder if it would be the same once she starts to snatch and take his toys away from him. But let's just savour and enjoy the precious moments for now :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

when we arrived

almost at the end....

That was what both of us were up to on 10.10.10....the fun run.
Fast asleep....after a 'tiring run' :)

Long Silence

Why? because I had no internet access, wasn't in the office and though had updates, now already old news ;p

Hang on! Some pics will be up in my next post....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

1Malaysia - another TV advert

Now, I'm not sure if this even made it on-air ;p


Somehow I've not seen this on air myself, but few people have. Oh well....;p

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What are you doing on 10.10.10?

October is my favourite month!

And its going to be 10.10.10 this Sunday! So, what have I planned? Join this run!

C'mon lets all go! It's just a fun run, 5.5km and I guess it's going to be my longest distance to date, running with AIR in his stroller. Keeping my fingers crossed that he WILL sit and enjoy the run! Let's run right through KL city (now, when else will you have the chance to do that?)

Everything about this event sums up to the number ten!
Distance - 5.5km (5+5=10)
Start time - 8.20am (8+2=10)
Start point - Lot 10

I'm excited. Though hubby won't be around, I guess it's ok. I'll drag him along for Terry Fox next!


I lurrrve the lion! (3 months)
What's this?

Someone bit me, mummy!
Are you wondering what the pictures are about? (with the exception of the 1st photo ;p)

Yes, bite marks on my 20 month-old. Oh well, ‘Umi’ at the nursery says he and another kid were both fighting for a bag, and my guess is, the other kid knew he was on the losing end, so decided to bite AIR. Oh well, by the time I went to fetch AIR, the other kid has gone home, but what can I do, right?

I’ve noticed that AIR will not give in to kids younger than him or his age. If the other kid is older, he will sort of give in, and somehow, the other kid being older, he/she will also give the item to AIR again. (Observation throughout Syawal when he was interacting with his other ‘relatives’ in the kampong.)

But why do kids bite? Opps, wrong question, I guess its either hit or being hit or if not BITE!! hahaha

Monday, October 4, 2010

Noooooo!! Injections!

My 'funny injection'

How does a child normally react to injections?

1. Small cry due to slight shock in the beginning, then no more cries after
2. Small cry in the beginning and for a short while later
3. Cry incessantly as it hurts very badly, normally in newborns
4. Tensed up limb suddenly relaxes once jab is done

Now, have u ever heard of a case where the child laughs out loud? Hahahaha

Took both AIRs for their jab (3 months for AIR2 and the booster for AIR1). Since the older is wiser, so he took the jab first. Sat him on my lap and held him. (dunno why that night the Dr didn’t have her assistant) but anyway, he saw the needle and he tensed his body. Dr already sprayed some anesthetic on him and he loved the cold feeling. Then suddenly after the needle went in, he relaxed a little and as the Dr injected the fluid, he started to laugh. Oh boy, the Dr and I was surprised. I guess the sensation of the liquid going through the leg /thigh is kinda ticklish, but we never expected him to laugh. Daddy in the other side was wondering what was happening. And AIR kept on laughing as is it was something very funny.

We had a good laugh at the whole incident.