Friday, July 31, 2009

Window shopping...NOT!


I was on half day leave this morning. I had something to do. Then, since it is friday, it is also our (hubby & I) nasi briyani day. Well, there's this stall in the mosque which sells superb and cheap briyani. So, while waiting for hubby to finish meeting, I went to One Utama. And my goodness - my intention to just waste time and walk about, ended up with me being some RMxxx poorer...hehehe

Got AIR some clothes (erm, for chinese new year, mind you. Since for raya already bought ma, so I bought larger sizes to keep till next yr) - really cheap, and some stuff for myself. Too bad I couldn't find anything for hubby. haha terrible....It was only less than 2 hours and gosh!! I'm shocked!

so this weekend, I shall refrain from shopping or going to shopping complexes...but how? There's the Pureen Warehouse sale in PJ which I want to go check out....

Cooking 1,2,3

I suddenly had the urge to cook.

That was last week, though. haha

So, first it was my 2nd attempt at cooking porridge for my son. Yes, 2nd attempt only. Lazy la. But then, since I discovered that he likes my 2nd version better, and he gets really hungry without his dose of porridge for lunch daily, I've decided that I will have to cook during the weekends for him now. What to do....:D

And so, from porridge it went to grilled lamb, and subsequently choc cupcakes, which later turned out to be more like brownies...hmmmm

now I think the bug has hit me!! hahaha but my cupcakes no sambutan la, hubby is not a cake person, and I'm too ashamed to give it to friends at its a bit more chewy, i.e. like, I shall try to improve it this week!! keke

photos still not downloaded, so i think i'll post it up in a totally different post....

Right now, I'm excited bout the porridge I'm gonna make tonight/tomorrow. :D hahaha

Friday, July 24, 2009

Good run!

Yesterday, I was super excited, when I could pace 2 guys during my run in the park. hehe

Cos recently, when I run alone, I keep at an ultra low speed, and I get demotivated very fast. At the slightest out-of-breath feeling I get, I just feel like wanting to stop. Terrible. So instead, I go on the hilly route, so I dun have the intention to stop so fast.

then yesterday, out of the blue, less than 1 minute into my run, two young guys came past me, and after few seconds, I thought 'hey, I could pace them' and so that was what I did. I didn't care that I made my presense felt/known but I just wanted to keep going. 1st lap, I was right at their heels, 2nd lap they did a fartlek, and I followed, but slower on the sprints....and to my dissapointment, they stopped!! Aiyo!! and so I plodded on again for another 1.5 rounds or so with some hills and stuff....I would've gone longer, but it was already 715pm and lil' AIR was waiting!! so I left, but happy with what I managed. Faster and perhaps longer ....

IT's unfortunate tat I may miss Shape Run tomoro...aiks...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Headache, neckache, bikeache?


I've got this weird headache cum neckache since yesterday evening. Goodness knows how I got it and I thought I could sleep the neckache off after some light massage (Erm more like pressing at the pressure points) by myself.

How wrong was I! I woke up to the ever existing neck ache again this morning....and now at about lunch time, my headache is back. Its on my right temple area. Yesterday I thought it was due to my contact lenses so went home, I immediately removed it. Alamak, still there....tido, wake up this morning...gone, for a while, but came back when I was getting ready....aiyoooooo wats this la??


hope it goes off later today....or maybe I could run it off? kekekekek I'd love that!!

And when I was reaching my place last night, I bumped into a cyclist....rupe2nya, this guy lives in my area!! hmmm now i need to find out which block - ya la, cycle up the slope sure slower than my car to wait n see....kekeke so looks like I found some 'kakis' ....just that he looked fast...(slim, trim and got the whole outfir going)....tunggu la till I start and gain my stamina and speed then baru can join other people. hehehe

The approach to my place has got 1 steep hill....there are two ways, which we call it the front route or the rear route, and both, 1 steep slope...only difference is 1 is longer and the other shorter but slightly more inclined. Now I'm beginning to imagine what would happen if I take the bike out and I need to ride up that slope. Arrrrgh!!


Ooohhh I think its been sometimes since I felt really busy at work. hahaha Since last week, I've been kept on my toes, and when you're busy, time flies...gosh, you seem to run out of time so fast and before you realise it, its time to pack your bag, clear your desk and go home!

I'm liking it, though. I suppose after months of bumming around (those were the days where I just blog about anything and there were 3-4 posts a day), this was much sought after.

But then I do miss not being able to blog too....hehe can't have the best of both worlds I guess....

Erm, today was supposed to be a historical moment for mankind - the longest ever solar eclipse. SUpposed to last for some 6 minutes, starting about 9am this morning, but the hazy skies and gloomy weather didn't help. HOw to see anything?? Looks like we will have to wait another 60 years for this? erm...lemme see...if my maths is right, I would be too old...hehehe IF I am still alive...well, IF I am, I hope to be still senile, erm able to at least walk (with help perhaps) and be well, of reasonably good health. I'm sure by then there would be some old-age-related health problems...kekeke

So, lets see....another busy week this week and perhaps another one coming soon....Weekend's almost here, but it won't be for me, I guess....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Walking yet?

*Thank God for friends who are concerned.* You know who you are....

On 19th July 2009, finally we bought AIR a walker and he tested it. It was hilarious – he kept moving sideways and when he just couldn’t reach or get what he wanted, he cried out in frustration. I guess he enjoyed his ‘new found freedom’. Prior to getting him the walker, I bought another contraption (konon wanted to avoid buying the walker la, and save money, end up buying eOfxtra contraption), which looked like a puppeteer device. Well, imagine the seat of the walker, strapped stringed into one handle, so instead on having to bend down to assist your lil’ one when he’s trying to walk, u just have to hold this device (I’ll try to upload a pic)….so he looked like a puppet…hehe but ended up, we used it as a swing and he loved it.

So that was the walker-experience.

Of late, he keep wanting attention and has difficulty trying to sleep. Well, everytime when he’s sleepy, he will make such a fuss and takes forever before we finally put him to sleep.

This morning, he woke up for his feed at 430am (or was it 4am?) and after feeding, he refused to sleep. He continued playing with his musical mobile & toy in his cot and oh boy, now hubby thinks we should ‘silent’ the mobile. Hehe I think by the time he slept again, it was probably 5am already. I didn’t bother to check as I don’t want to know how soon after I had to wake up. J and he was awake again at his usual wake-up-time, by about 620am!! Can u imagine?

Neways, thank God I’m preoccupied with work, otherwise I’ll be dozing off by now…

Out of curiosity – if there is an option of having a live-in help (be it maid or nanny, assume its local and not a foreigner) or to send daily to the nursery/babysitter, which would you prefer

Monday, July 20, 2009

A little prayer...

Dear God,

Is it in all fairness that this is all happening to me? Am I being thought the lesson of 'circle of life' or 'what goes around must come around'? Is this what it is supposed to be?

How come? Why? What about it being the other way around? What about the others?

I'm totally confused and I'm not sure if my patience will pull me through. I've been ever so patient for so long.

Please explain or show me the light through to all this....

I'm sure you're doing this in your good time, and I'm sure you've got your reasons for all this. But I'm just wondering how long it will take before I see the light at the end of the tunnel.







Does that sound familiar? Or perhaps you know of someone who sometimes does say/think of is full of challenges and ups and downs....

Friday, July 10, 2009

A week of sorts...

Hmmm after 1 entry, I realised I miss blogging. Hehe I used to blog daily, now its limited. Work has piled on and I'm getting really busy, at home and in the office. So I guess, finding time to blog also quite difficult :) not to mention time to train...

It (training) has been soooo inconsistent. Everytime I start, I'll stop for about 2-3 days. It's either logistic problems or the weather not permitting. Aiya, how to improve. And this Sunday is supposed to be the Olympic Day Run, which I'm not even prepared. And I dun know if Im able to make it cos I've gotta send mum to catch her bus. Hmmm....we'll see how la.

Hopefully will be able to run this evening and tomoro morning. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that last weekend, I took AIR on his stroller to buy breakfast for everyone at home. And the whole trip was 4km!! I guess I took the stroller for the longest ever journey on tar. Pushing it uphill was no joke! Yup, up the hill to the guardhouse and up the hill again to my tower. It did work up lots of sweat. Was tempted to go for another round, but I guess I wasn't fueled properly and was not up to it. Let's see what happens tomorrow. PLanning DimSum breakkie after that.

Ice Age 3 is in the plan but dunno when. I'm actually excited to see how AIR would react in the cinema...:) hope he doesn't embarass us!! :D

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in CAR SEAT Contest

I was waiting for this July contest and finally, it's about Baby in Car Seat...Wow, ok...interesting..

So let's see, I was excited, but then upon reading this, I just didn't have time at all, so it's taken me almost 10 days later to be able to post this up.

"I want to be part of the action too...wait lemme put me sunnies"
(5 months 1 week old)

Baby car seats are really useful. AIR's was a gift from all his grand-aunts/uncles which came together with the stroller. Though the colour wasn't that attractive (it was olive green) but it was its functions which were handy. Anyway, this car seat is really essential to my hubby and I cos we send AIR to and fro to the nursery how to drive if no car seat?
At 5 weeks old

Its so essential that we even use it when we shop at the hypermart (hypermart trollies do not have baby carriers except for a few units and they're not suitable for really young babies). We just place the car seat on the trolley handle and the extendable seat for kids (unfortunately I don't have a photo, I must remember to take one before the 15th July!! :D

Comfy as it can be (5 months 1 week old)

And it must be really snug and comfy in there (despite sometimes it may be warm cos of the material) cos everytime AIR snoozes off, we'll just carry the whole seat back into the house, without disrupting his sleep. It also doubles up as a rocker and a seat for AIR when we go for meals. Just place the seat on the table or any chair and we are able to entertain him by rocking him.

Happily waiting for mummy & grandma to finish lunch

And the star model is... Asrul Irfan Riley

DOB: 14th January 2009

Thanks to MomBloggersPlanet for organizing this contest!! And not forgetting, without PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders, this contest will not be as exciting as it is!! :D


Just follow the steps below and you could grab one of the wonderful prizes.
  • Get a photo of your baby in CAR SEAT (if you don’t have one, perhaps it’s the best time to get, borrow or try one)
  • Write a blog post about this contest with title MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in CAR SEAT Contest
  • Include your baby’s photo in the post and mention his/her name and date of birth.
  • Write about the car seat in the picture and your thoughts/opinion about the use of car seat for babies/children.
  • Leave a comment here with link to your blog post
  • Include a link to this contest page, PhotoBook Malaysia and AliceWonders in your entry.
    Here are the links that must be included in your blog entry.


  • Terms & Condition
  • This contest is opened to Malaysian babies 0-3 years old at the time of entry.
  • Picture should be current or less than 1 year difference from the actual age of baby.
  • You can post many pictures in one entry but should not compile them together. Post each picture separately.
  • Entry must be submitted by a parent, legal guardian or close relatives (can enter for child, sibbling or cousin).
  • Entry can be in Bahasa Malaysia or English.
  • Contest starts from 1st to 15th July 2009
  • By participating, you expressly consent for your particulars and photos to be posted on
  • The Grand Prize and First Prize winners will be automatically qualified for the 2009 Cutest Baby of the Planet contest.
  • MomBloggersPlanet will select the winners
    AliceWonders and PhotoBook Malaysia will handle the prizes delivery to Malaysian address for free.
  • Any delivery outside of Malaysia would have to be chargeable.
  • Judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
    Winners will be announced on and also will be contacted via email. reserves the rights to change, amend, delete or add on to these Terms and Conditions without prior notice to you and shall become effective on such date as determine by us. You agree to be bound by such amendments.
  • reserves the right to cancel the contest at any stage, if deemed necessary in our opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of our control.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Best & Lovely Blog Award

Alamak, ada award!!

Thanks, Isabelle...I'm honoured...betul ker best & lovely?

neways, its been a while since I've blogged. I've been so tied up with work and my baby...

So, since ada award, I shall make an effort to blog! hehe perasan, right?

Unfortunately I can't tag's waiting and I shall leave this to continue tomorrow...:)sorry folks!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tag 'Pasangan Saya'

Alamak today ada la pulak tag….tag from sawsawlady…

Okla, since dah di-tag, so I shall try to fulfill it…

Tempat pertemuan anda dan suami utk pertama kalinya
At the field in front of the clock tower in Sibu pic, but the swan above is somewhere near there la..
Pandangan peribadi anda terhadap sikap atau ciri2 pada dirinya ketika mula2 berkenalan…
He’s seems to be a nice and caring person.
Tempat ‘dating’ di mana dia meluahkan perasaan pada anda …
Erm, I dun really remember cos it was not technically ‘luahkan perasaan’….hehehe
Berapa lama hubungan anda hingga ke jinjang pelamin?
1 yr and 11 months
Berapa lama usia perkahwinan anda sekarang?
1 yr and 4 months
Kejutan yg pernah dia buat pada anda …
Suddenly give me flowers, when we were dating la…after getting married – I was surprised at his ability handling the little one….(does this count?) and during our 1st anniversary (technically we will only celebrate it only in 3 yr’s time), but he surprised me with some flowers and dinner, simple but best laaa…
Perancangan anda dan dia dlm rumahtangga …
Hmmm perancangan yang camne ni? Daily or long term?
Bagaimana dia melayani karenah anak2 ?
Since he’s still a baby, there’s no reason to be angry or show authority as baby won’t understand. However, he’s a great entertainer when it comes to entertaining baby. He’s also very patient in putting baby to sleep.
Hubungan suami anda dengan keluarga sebelah anda…
Very good…
i teringin nak kepochi pasangan
yatie chomeyl

July, Oh July!

July seems to be full of's a packed schedule in view of fasting month in August.

And that's the reason I'm envious of many people....I want to race, but I'm helplessly unprepared. How to la...with so much time spent of travelling to and from work daily...gosh, everytime I get stuck in a jam, i'd be thinking - 'Won't it be nice if I actually could cycle to work?' or 'HOw I wish I could just run, it'll be faster that this jam'....but moments later, when I see a motorcyclist weaving in a out of the heavy traffic or a heavy vehicle, I'd think otherwise...

It's really scarry nowadays...the traffic...

And I to top it off, Ah Fong pulak la was hit by some car recently while cycling. IT brings back memories of JB...and that bus..that idiotic bus...I guess I was really lucky to just survive with bruises and some scratches, compared to Fong's hairline crack and now on crutches.

Ah Fong, next time careful well and speedy recovery ya!

I totally can relate to her...and now she's also stuck and out of the racing scene for the next two months...

Neways, back to racing...I so want to take part in PD...but I think I shall settle with Shape Run and Olympic Day Run la...kekeke :) and that too, I've not ran more than 5km as of today...and I dunno if I can survive...

Well, I've got to start let me make this my routine again....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bloggivesary Contest.....finally...

Finally the result is out!

In view that it was only a short time…plus tak ramai managed to take part, sorry I couldn’t extend the date in view of the expiry of the voucher, so I’m happy to announce that the winner for this contest goes to….

The blog post


Please email me your details so I can forward it to you!

Have fun shopping!

Will see what I can do for another contest, perhaps much later….

Bloggivesary Contest.....results?

I must apologize…late on my part…I’ve been travelling with limited internet access…sorry ya folks!

OK, deadline came and gone but there were not many participants. I’m tempted to extend it, but then there’s an expiry for the voucher. Anyway, so I’m now going thru the blog write-ups….and will reveal the winner soon….

Sabar ye…