Monday, January 12, 2009

Long weekend

It was an unexpectedly long weekend....Saturday was jam-packed with much so that we didn't get home till some wee hours in the morning...ok la...Then Sunday was slightly more relaxed, but we were out most of the day too...

From KLCC we came back to near home to collect my poor baby which was then, so many things had happened in between, that it was almost 7pm by the time we got the car. Then there was a kenduri in Shah Alam supposedly at 8pm (arrival of guests) and we arrived at 830pm. Somehow, many were late too, and as usual, these kenduri/weddings don't usually start on time.

After the wedding (technically after we were done with the food), it was abotu 1015pm already and we had a BBQ to attend. Yup, this was very last minute...and hubby already committed to his friends so off we went from Shah ALam to Serdang...hahaha

And we were there till almost midnight...but there was more to come...:)

Anyway after that, we headed back to Bandar Utama, then off to the heart of KL for a while before returning home...that was our looong Saturday....

My desire to laze around in bed on SUnday also didn't materialise. SOmehow I was up by 930am, only after a short lazing around...not enough la...hehe so I woke up to a dose of Spongebob on telly.

Then at noon, it all started again...our adventure of the day....and by the time we got home, it was already evening and time for dinner.

Guess what? this time it was home cooked fish head curry, but now not the usual local fish head, but a salmon head. Aiyo...I didn't think it'll 'gel' well with curry, and yeah, it didn't. somehow the fishy smell of the salmon is different from the local fishes and it just didn't seem to taste so good. But the curry turned out well and we had that with Pratha. Yup, fluffy puff pastry pratha bought frozen. It was yummy!! :)

Dissapointed that Kyle XY was not shown on telly that night, slept early la...must catch up on my sleep now that the time is nearing...:)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

2 New family members

Green Happy Tree
SOmething got into me and while I was shopping at Tesco's on Monday, I grabbed these two cuties. I got the 'Happy Tree' first cos I thought the two pods were pretty cute. But the leaves looks as though there were wilting, but there were actually very young shoots.
Then I contemplated on the bamboo plant in a glass jar with jelly-thingy or this. Somehow I ended up with this. One sits on my dining table and the other rests atop my TV, which I believe is nearer to the sunlight source.
Let's see how my non-green-fingers will treat these two this time. It didn't go very well with my previous cactus. Somehow both just died....

And This was What Happened

First there was this, then it all happened....

Sometime in the wee hours of 4th Jan 09, this car was speeding behind us, so we allowed him to overtake...he zoomed passed us, through the toll plaza and then suddenly we arrived at slow traffic and guessed there was an accident. And low n behold, that particular car has turned turtle. Amidst slow traffic (queue at 2am is very rare unless its a police block or an accident), some Mat Rempits (also from before the toll plaza) approached and one fella knocked into the left of our car (He probably skidded on the oil on the road or he too lost control on the road bend at high speed), and subsequently took a tumble. So we stopped. And few seconds later, we were bangged from the rear, and this time, one huge THUD!

The car which kissed us from behind. Badly damaged front. Thank God our rear end wasn't THAT bad. Someone had hit him from behind and that caused him to lurge forward and hit us. So poor blue iswara was smashed front and rear. And that car which hit him from the rear supposedly wanted to park at the site, but he ended up running away from the scene. Thank God we had his number plate.

So for the past few days we were left we the 'giant' only...Thank God we were not in the wrong in this case, and so the police in charge helped us a lot. The workshop we sent the car to also helped us speed up the repair. So hopefully by tomorrow we'll get lil' Neo back...
and that is why 2009 has started with a mix of sorts....:)
And at Week 38, baby's ready but my body not so ready yet. So we'll wait till my next appt next week to determine if we are going to do anything bout it, if by then I've still not had any labour symptoms.

Dr prefers to have me deliver in the day, in view of readily available people and assistance, if required. So I've asked Junior to do as it should and not complicate it for us. And pray that God willing, it will be an easy labour and delivery.

Mum will be here again next week.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So far, only one major incident has happened. But the MAIN event has yet to come. Yes, 2009 will be starting with a bang with the arrival of Junior which hubby and I are waiting patiently for. Yeah, my mum and dad too are eagerly waiting for the new addition to our family. And we are all excited.

I guess Junior has his own plans. At week 37 (circa end 2008, begining 2009), he has yet to be 'fully engaged' hence he is still taking his time. Guess he wasn't going to surprise us by giving us a new year pressie.

I'm eager to see if he has yet settled tomorrow as I'm due for another check up. Up till today (week 38 already), I've not had any signs of Braxton Hicks contractions or the real ones. :)

So we are all still waiting patiently and eagerly. Everything has been set up. The 'nursery' is ready, my bags are packed and we're all just waiting for the first signs to go!!

I'm still at work and not ready to start my leave. I wanna be on leave later for longer. Why now when I am still able? hehe

Chinese New Year 2009 will also hold a different meaning since Mum and Dad will be in KL, so I guess the festivities would be 'shifted'. It'll also be my first CNY in KL, other than the 2 years I had overseas last time.

Apart from that, I can't tell what 2009 would be like but it's going to be extremely busy juggling motherhood, work and perhaps some training.

To all out there - hope 2009 is filled with all things you've been working/asking for.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year of Sorts

Happy New Year everyone! It was a new begining of sorts for me...

However, right at the start of new year, it was good...later, it was a mixture of sorts....that shall be told later...

until then, hope the new year brings new beginings (to some) and joy & propertity!!