Thursday, December 30, 2010

New addition to our family

Hah what did you think I was referring to? Naaaah! Not that!!
I guess the public holiday tomorrow will be spent in front of this huge family member!

30th Dec 2010

Alaaaa the title not glamourous enough lah... but anyway, today the atmosphere everywhere is about football and new year and of course, public holiday tomorrow! Yippeee! For someone who was going to work 'diligently' until new year, this came as a really good news!

But then, holiday so now what should I do? Sleep in? Don't even dare think about it! AIR1 will be awake latest by 730am, if I'm lucky (no matter what time he goes to bed the previous night) so if I think I want extra snooze time, hub will have to wake up early.

I never watch Malaysian football, but yesterday was totally different. Still stuck in the jam due to heavy rain, I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would reach home in time to watch it. Alas, when I actually settled what I had to do it was 30mins into the 1st half.

Already past AIR1's bedtime and still no signs of him wanting to zzzz but already very tired, I asked him if he wanted to sleep yet. No! OK lah, I happily watch the match till the end!

Wasted-lah. We should've won even playing on foreign land. Then it will prove to people that we are not just 'juara kampung' (local champions). But anyhow, the cup is ours after 14 years!

Go Harimaus! 2010 will be a year many Malaysians will remember for many years to come!

I hope my 'uhuk-uhuk-uhuks' will go away just as sudden as it appeared this morning! I wanna bike-run this weekend!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

T'was the day after Christmas

For the first time I actually asked hub to go to a carnival (read: a place packed with people) to let AIR1 to meet Upin & Ipin. Well of course I mis-read the info and I thought it was in SACC Mall, but it turned out to be in SACC Convention Centre. Thank goodness still indoors and cool. I am not outdoor-friendly when I’m not dressed for sports and especially when baby is concerned. Plus I hated crowded places.

I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as packed as I thought it would be and of course, we killed two birds with one stone, as planned. I was supposed to entertain AIR1 and AIR2 while hub goes for his haircut and instead of what I had in mind, there was an inflatables-play-land which costs RM8 per child and so AIR1 entertained himself. I watched him, fed AIR2 till she almost fell asleep (but awoke no thanks to the emcees) and consoled AIR1 when someone took ‘his car’.

Finally he saw Upin & Ipin and was excited (no chance for photos). He insisted on an Upin inflatable which squeaks and that, he wouldn’t let go until it fell from his grip when he fell asleep.

Eventful day.

From SACC we went to Mid Valley and brought home our new year gift for the house. Hub couldn’t wait for it to be delivered. I guess children are not the only ones excited about their Christmas gifts. : )

500 BLOG

I’m sure many would have heard of Ben Ashaari. He’s doing a search for 500 blogs in 24 hours. Click on the banner for further info.

Me, myself and I

Ok overdo lah this one. Working mum of two, avid outdoor person involved in triathlon and any one of the three disciplines and still trying to find ways to be a better mum. Engineer by day, mum, housewife and wife by night and hopefully in the new year, sportsperson on weekends ;p

Started blogging about my first pregnancy. Easiest way to vent all the frustrations, stress and all those negative feelings when it happens on the blog. Making new cyber pals was one thing I didn’t expect, but it came as a good surprise, when I found few people who share a whole lot of similarities with me. Exchanging ideas and points of views was another plus point. And so I’ve stuck to blogging. How I wish my blogs have more than info bout myself, but more insight and indepth information. I will work on that.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

And Happy Winter Soltice!

delayed wishes due to a super duper busy week and am now in JB.

Merry Christmas to all celebrating! 1 week to the new year!!

What's in store?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Annoying news!

Hello!! You sit and rot and never attend meetings and then complain we don't do the work?

You expect us to volunteer ourselves all the time and help out, but you never participated until last month. Everytime everyone is busy doing something, you'll be on the phone like a big shot and then the people who work their a## off are the ones being called 'not participating'?

Come on lah!

We give all the ideas and you can only comment its not good enough? Then give us your brilliant ideas lah!

Thank goodness I don't have to see you face in any meetings anymore!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Time flies. Felt like I was pregnant with AIR2 only recently but she's already 6 months now. And AIR1? He'll be 2 in Jan!


So what have I planned for 2011?

1x21km, 1x tri and many 10kms. hopefully it wil materialise. Keeping the 42km for another time, perhaps or when my knee feels better. And for each 10km event, I will bring either AIR along in each 10km run of mine! :) (target lah, dunno how many percent will materialise yet)

1xholiday with family (yes, holiday, balik kg is no holiday and that is what we have been doing all this while and end up no more leave left for a REAL holiday ;p)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Rock 2 Rock Run, Penang

This was an unplanned event as it was supposed to be on 28 Nov, but postponed due to the passing of Dr Lim Chong Eu. And since I was back, I decided to RUN! But registrations were long closed. I planned to 'pirate' the run.
But how did I get the '2250'? hehe My god-sis who has registered decided not to go. Oh well, it made no difference cos I wouldn't be a podium finisher nor did I stay for the lucky draw and all other post-run events. I only have the cert to show ;p
It took me as long to drive up (Teluk Bahang), wait for the start and then run. Yes, short 5km run but I think it was less (need to google to check to satisfy my curiosity).
It is an inaugural charity run organized by Hard Rock Hotel, Penang in aid of a charity home (can't remember the name-lah). I kinda enjoyed this very much cos it was my first 'home run' since my last Pg Bridge Marathon in 2006. Not many people, traffic was almost zilch and route was scenic (run by the sea on the hillslopes).
Brought back memories when I was still single and would make it a point to go back to almost all the run events in Penang. A place called home, but then I didn't have any penang-running-friends. I always ran alone but almost all the time I had daddy greeting me at the finishing and sharing all my joyous almost-podium-finishing moments (haha not top 3 lah, top 5 or 10 'got chance lah' that time).
Now? perhaps next Pg Bridge Marathon....
Rock Run was on Saturday, and on Sunday it was Pg Round Island Relay. Yup relay of 12people (I think or was it 10) running round the island. All this while its been a men-only event but I planned to pirate (again) just the 1st leg at it runs through somewhere close to my house. But alas, it was only a plan. hahaha....Sunday morning came and I woke up with a heavy head. So after feeding baby milk, I popped back to bed. :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

What to do with 2?

this was the moment of desperation when AIR2 'stole' AIR1's pacifier because he was quite tired. Pretending to read the flyer (not seen)

I’ve been recently asked this many times recently – ‘How do you handle your two kiddos when you go out? What if you are alone?’ due to the fact that they are only 1.5 yrs apart.

When I was pregnant the 2nd time, I was already starting to think of a ‘twin-stroller’. The one where either both can sit side by side or one in front of the other. And now 5.5 mths after giving birth to AIR2, I’m still stuck with 1 stroller. (But I’m still looking for 1 jogger or such to take them running with me)

So how do I handle both? If I’m at a shopping place with trolley facilities, AIR2 sits in her baby car seat and I plop her ‘on the trolley’ while AIR1 sits on where the seat on the trolley is, as in the photo. Now if there’s no trolley? Then it’s only a short trip out and AIR1 walks while I carry AIR2. Though I used to sling her, but now she’s quite rebellious at times.

But how do I handle AIR1 while I have to carry AIR2? I believe it’s how we talk to the toddler. Many will say they won’t listen and will always have a mind of their own. Indeed they do. But if everytime we give in to their whims and fancies, then that is how they will behave. AIR1 used to refuse to hold our hands while walking. Now he finds it a thrill to be able to walk and on his left is daddy while on his right is mummy. He insists, even though my hands are full, and I offer him my pants, he still wants my finger, at least. (I was very delighted when this happened)

It takes a lot of patience and scream-enduring time in the beginning, but in the end its worth it. He used to scream when forced to sit in the stroller. He screamed when asked to sit in the trolley, but now he’s ok with both, though once in a while, he’ll want to come out. Negotiate with the toddler.

I believe it will work because I’ve seen how AIR1 changed from being rebellious and always screaming to a happy-to-listen-and-follow kid. (except when he is all tired and sleepy ;p) Not that I’m very experienced or perfect in this case, but I think it would work. Just takes patience. But somehow Daddy seems to be the bad-guy so far ;p He just takes longer to comply to my requests or reprimands :)

There are days where things just don’t go right. And days when everything seems right but actually not. And then days when you just simply don’t want to do anything at all!

Today seems to be just THAT day….when I’m just not in the mood.

Baked choc chip cookies last night and they were not too bad.

But that doesn’t make me feel better today. The blues, perhaps?

Dunno…but I will RUN it AWAY this evening! :D

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wake up, Sleepy head!

On normal days (not school holidays like now), I would have appreciated my ‘natural’ alarm at 530 or 545 am. But for the past 3 days, it wasn’t very highly appreciated :(

My ‘natural alarm’ would be my lil’ girl crying out for milk. :D Last night, before going to bed, I told myself, if she wakes up early, I’ll feed her and then sneak out for a run if it was not raining/drizzling. But by the time I was ready to go to bed, I felt a certain uneasiness, i.e. aches at my neck area and the weary feeling I sometimes get when I’m about to be ‘down’. (Weekend’s here and I don’t want to be confined at home!) And so at 5 am she woke up, my head was really heavy and I literally had to drag myself out of bed.
So there goes my plans for a cool morning run!
After the school holidays, perhaps? ;p

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tarzan & Jane

AIR1 and I were watching Tarzan, the animated movie on paid-tv over the weekend, or perhaps it was during the Maal-Hijrah break (can’t remember). At the last bit of the movie, Jane who was on the row-boat with her dad going towards their waiting ship decided that it was her destiny’s call to stay on with Tarzan and so she swam back to shore.

When reuniting with Tarzan, Tarzan held her and kissed her on the lips….within 5 seconds, AIR1 turned to me and did the same!!

I was surprised. I didn’t expect that. He never has really kissed me on the lips (usually off-target) and this time he intentionally did that.

And so now if I say ‘Kiss Mummy’, he would do that again. If it’s just ‘Sayang Mummy’ then it can be a cheek-to-cheek gesture or a kiss anywhere on the face ;p
The power of TV!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Does this look familiar to you?

It's from the new Luxe range

Why would anyone want to ‘display’ the patterns on a sanitary pad? Who would see it except yourself?

I asked myself that and I was wondering why Kotex came out with this idea.

And one day when I was in Lahad Datu, I had an unexpected visitor, so I succumbed to it and decided to try it out. Besides, it came in a nice metal box (just like in the photo) so I didn’t mind paying a bit more, just to try this one time.

Indeed it’s just a marketing gimmick and well, it’s not any better than the ones without the designs on it, it’s just the same, except that you’ll have to fork out slightly more $ for it. My overall opinion? The printing is not as brightly colored as the one you see on the 1st photo, its kinda slightly darker toned. And it served its purpose! :D
Customer satisfaction? Satisfied, but being the stingy person I am, I’ll not purchase it again.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Let's watch TV

It's a ritual for AIR1 to watch his favourite DVD every night before bedtime. And sometimes he insists that I sit with him, so AIR2 will join him too (if not asleep yet).

He's got 4 favourites - Barnyard until he discovered Alvin & The Chipmunks 2, then he was introduced to Upin & Ipin's Geng (the movie) and finally Ice Age 3. Nowadays he spends most of the time watching 'pin pin' (Upin Ipin) or 'moth' (Mammoth) and only once in a while 'mouse' (the intro of the prog was the lil' mouse jumpin' about at the 'start menu') or 'cat' (he confidently refers to the chipmunks as cats).

I wonder what's next.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blogging and Photography

I've noticed this - generally most bloggers are into photography. This does not necessarily mean they are doing photography to generate income, but what I mean is that they at least do have some sort of interest in photography.

Why is that?


Nothing specific realating to my question but its just an observation. Perhaps I'm the only one into it ;p hence I always have half-past-six photos :)

21 weeks and balding

AIR2 is now 5months and 1 week old. Time flies.

About 2 weeks or so ago, I started experiencing significant hair fall. Then I recalled that during this similar period, with AIR1, I also had this same experience and I got really worried then. I thought it was due to b/feeding (I was then but not now) but I guess its mainly due to hormonal changes.

It's really scarry. Comb my hair and I'll see large quantities stuck to the hairbrush. It's even worse after washing my hair. When I dry my hair, I seem to be 'sweeping' off hair from my head. And it's kinda significant cos 'hair thinning spots' can now be noticed.

Somehow I'm not as panicky as I was the last time, knowing the fact that it would one day just return to normal. HOwever I am not taking it fogranted. Vitamins should not be neglected.

Any of you have the same experience after child birth?