Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WW - Baking Frenzy

Carrot Muffin

 Pumpkin Popevers

 Quinoa Breakfast Joy

 Some healthy muffin which I can't remember its glamorous name

Quinoa bread with avocado and dark choc cashew spread

WW - Ladybird invasion

Happy Teacher's Day!

Delayed posting - Kiddos took this for their Teacher's Day party at their respective kindy. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sibu - 2nd revisit

Sibu....first time was in 2006 when I was 'sent' there for the Explorace TV programme. 'Sent' because it was a surprise destination. We were not told where we were going. We were taken to KLIA and until we received out boarding pass, then we knew.

'We' would be my teamate/partner and the other two people who we were supposed to be racing against. Neutral ground for us as none of us have been there. It was an adventure on  its own where early in the race the soles of my shoes decided to peel off and I was running with a rubber-banded-sole until I tripped and fell and scrapped myself in one of the locations.

Then I tried to tape my shoe, but after one or two more tasks, one of the assistant race director was kind enough to lend me her shoe to complete my race. (In the show it was portrayed as a stranger in a random shop by the jetty who was kind enough to lend me her shoe).

Unfortunately luck wasn't with us and we lost out by just a bit to the other team. Nevertheless it was an enjoyable and eye-opening race which let us to alot more connections and friendship.

Went back there again sometime in 2011 and now again in 2014 and both were for work. Not much has changed except for a better-looking airport, renovated market complex, some new shopping centres and the rest remained the same.

A few shops have closed and some new ones have come to replace but essentially the town centre still remains the same full-of-one-way-street and congested. Night market still exists and stuff seems to be even cheaper than in the Peninsular. Eateries like Islamic Nyonya Cafe (along Jalan Ramin) still remained but with some changes to the menu. Now serves roti canai and the likes. Food is still really cheap.

Famous for its kampua noodles (foochow speciality), it was one of those things you had to try when there. Luckily there is the halal version at a few places, like the Islamic Nyonya Cafe. Then there is Mee Sapi which essentially is like the Indonesian food 'Rawon' and now there area few eateries even selling Indonesian food, which I believe is gaining popularity there too. Ayam Penyet, Bakso, Pecel and the likes are getting more common there.

Well, maybe in another four years I get to go there again. Not much to attract me to go there again for a holiday, but if duty calls for it, then its alright, as time will be occupied. Otherwise this laid back town has been explored.
 The Pagoda
 Swan at the entrance to the town centre also known as Sibu Gateway
 Part of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs at the Gateway

Part of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs at the Gateway

This is how poultry is sold at the market