Friday, March 22, 2013

Mummy, I am 5 today!

AIR2 just turned 4 in Jan 2013.

In his kindy, he is in a class with 5-yr-olds. I requested for that not because I was kiasu, but from the previous kindy, when he was with kids his age, he found it very boring, uninteresting and always found reasons to delay going to school. When we reached the school, he will cry.

So when this kindy allowed, I was glad. He has been enjoying himself. Though his colouring skills may not match that of his classmates, his writing is not too bad. I'm glad he is coping well and enjoying it.


In Feb and March, many kids celebrated their birthdays in his class and they have the usual, birthday cake cutting, singing and goodie bag distribution. It was only 2 weeks into school when he had his birthday so we didn't bother celebrating in the kindy but did it in the babysitter's place.

So one morning, while getting out of the car, he told me, 'Mummy I am 5 today.' I was caught off guard and speachless. Oh dear. How am I going to explain to him? I told him, not yet, he will be 5 next year. But at this age, the visualization of time is not there. He took it as it meant 'soon'.

Fast forward maybe 3-4 weeks or so, this evening, he complained to me that he is 5 today and asked why didn't I bring a cake to kindy for him. His sister obliged by singing him a birthday song.

Oh dear, now how am I supposed to explain this to him??

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weaning from the milk bottle

It's been many months since my last update...again :) Sorry folks!

And I'm in the process of trying tto wean my 4-yr-old from his milk bottle. On certain days he will agree to it, otherwise he still wants milk in the bottle.

Any suggestions how can I do it? Give him the 'cold turkey' treatment?

Maybe I should just hide his bottle and do that. At one point he agreed only to have during the night, and that lasted 1 day. Haha!

Would appreciate suggestions! :) thank you!