Friday, February 25, 2011

25 months and counting

Wow, time just flew by. AIR1 is now 25 months old. Gosh. Onset of the terrible twos and what-nots but the best of it all, is seeing how he progresses daily.

1. Few weeks back he can sing the whole ABC song, recite numbers 1-10 in both BM & English, 11-15 in BM.

2. 2 months ago he started recognizing alphabets such as A, B, C, O, E and Z.

3. Picking up and speaking new words almost everyday. New to me, because sometimes he may have been using it in the nursery but I've not heard but generally his vocab suprises me. Some words I've taught him in English or Hokkein but he refused to repeat in the begining, suddenly pops out of his mouth. And it'll take me a while to decipher.

4. But he's not into scribbling (on paper or even anywhere) but he likes painting, i.e. finger painting, stenciling anything to do with paint. Colours are attractive perhaps.

5. He hums, sings very often now and can even hum to his sister when asked to. (When in his good mood)

6. Very demanding especially when either one of us is busy attending to his sister nearing bedtime.

7. Very afraid of Daddy and prefers to stick to me (i.e. bully me too!).

8. Can remember characters in all his cartoons, and even those he rarely watches at home(from his nursery). His favourite cartoons are Pororo, Dibo, Timmy Time, Spongebob and once in a while Handy Many which will glue him to the TV for a while.

9. Loves to talk on the phone recently and have been having 'calls' with me while I was away.

10. Can recognize all the alphabets from A-Z already!

Oh well, 10 facts enough la...

But out of these 10, the 10th is the one I'm most impressed with. When I started 'testing' him, those he didn't know he will go 'err err' and those he knows will be really quick responses. And 2 days ago, he recognize ALL!

I wouldn't say his learning progress is solely attributed to what he learns at home. His nursery is quite good. Although most of his learning is informal, but there are daily activities which they have both for the older kids and the tots. Learning ABCs, 123s, singing nursery rhymes, learning to solat and alot of other interesting activities.

I read about early childhood learning and stimulation and although I wouldn't say that I fully practised it, I would have done it on and off and subconciously. Started him on those soft cloth books, progressed to hard books and flashcards (most materials courtesy of Grandpa) and some other suitable books. He took on well at a young age. All this stimulation and learning is done on the road (house-nursery journey is 30min-50mins depending on traffic and vice versa), at home during weekends (he used to sleep in the car on the way home and then sleeps through to the next morning), and whenever there's time.

AIR2 on the other hand is at a slight disadvantage because when she was old enough, our daily morning trips are in darkness still. On the way back, she sleeps too. And whenever we have the chance in the car, AIR1 intervenes :( So it's usually at home or when there are two of us together in the car. Also she likes to flick and throw her books about, instead of holding and 'turning the page properly'. I hope she can still catch up with her brother.

Different kids progress at difference pace, so not to worry.

Have a great weekend with your family! What have you planned?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old Newspaper!

It's been quite sometime now that I've not bought newspaper on a daily basis. Reasons being:
1. By the time I get home and have time to read, it'll be yesterday's news (or almost). I doubt I'll ever receive 'tomorrow's news today'! (remember this line? *brain-block* I can remember the title of the TV show)
2. I always get my daily news online (while at work, the first thing I do when I get to office)
3. I can browse the hardcopy in the office during my 'breaks' in the pantry or when I feel like it.
4. What you don't know doesn't hurt. (this is especially true when it comes to special sales)
5. I'm trying to do my small part in going green. Less newspaper means less trees? Assuming someone would notice a decreasing trend and hence the printers would not churn out so much.
6. Everyday RM1.20 (or 1.50 on weekends) will end up on my stack of old newspapers and clutter my store room after a while. Only benefit, I get other not so important news which is not available online.
Newspapers on a Thursday and Friday is always fully loaded with special retail offers for the weekend. Today happens to be one of the days when I had time to browse and I saw things which I wouldn't normally see. :)
Yes, cheap clothing. Luckily these were clothes for kids, so instead of the usual grab-the-milk-and-go routine, I browse the other aisles. So AIR1 benefitted from it. hahaha

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This weekend's getaway

Oklah, map to indoor theme park only. Our target would be first the outdoor then the indoor.

This weekend. Kinda excited as it will be a new environment for both AIRs. Let's pray it materialises and weather will be kind to us :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Chap Goh Meh

The end of celebrations....Chap Goh Meh was celebrated last night, i.e. today is the last day of Chinese New Year, the 15th day.

I chanced upon a chinese restaurant here in Sandakan, corner shoplot but it had 4 lions performing the lion dance...oh my! So many lions!! Lots of evil to chase out or it will experience abundance of prosperity this year? ;p

Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 days but it felt as though the 15 days went by so quickly. CNY goodies are still aplenty in my house...partly because the main 'consumer' is away :)

Oh well, can't wait to doll the kiddos up again in CNY outfits, esp when AIR2 can walk already....that lil' cheongsam on that lil' bump! ;p

Now, when's the next public holiday?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gym in Sandakan

Mini gym at Mark's Lodge, Sandakan.

Can't complain, as long as it works and makes me realise that I've got my running legs back but only need to work a little more on my stamina...I'm almost at BC (before childbirth) speed! Almost only, ok.

This is what keeps me happy when it rains outside ;p and it has been raining for already 24 hours, since yesterday. Boy oh boy...

The sky allowed me to run back to hotel from 6pm yesterday and apparently it was raining at the hotel, but when I arrived at that area, roads were wet, but it wasn't raining. After I went into the hotel, not too long, it started to rain again. aaaahhh I feel so loved :)

And then today was a gloomy, wet, raining, grey day!!

Can't wait for 6am tomorrow!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sashimi on a Wednesday

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I got my 10!

Finally, after resuming 'training' I finally managed to get 10km in one outing!

I was sore when I missed my ride yesterday as weather was great. Today I was just being lazy, as I only left the house at 8am, I didn't want to be riding till too late, hence I went to Bkt Jalil, followed Fong's directions to the safest car park and trotted abit before it became a proper run!

Had a 'partner' for a short stretch but because he only ran the small loop, we parted at the junction.

Satisfied, though I think I almost collapsed on my 2nd round up that super steep short slope. Now, how am I going to do 21km on a hilly terrain?

Mind over matter! :) .... I hope!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just 3 days' away. What have you planned?

Although it's not encouraged for Muslims to celebrate this day (that's as far as I've read and know-lah) but I'm sure at some point of our lives we cherished and looked forward to this day. It's as though it's THE-day for all dating couples, especially teenagers :)

But I never believed in all the expensive roses bought and sent on that day. For a start I'm not a flower-person (though I'd melt when someone gave them to me ;p) and I always thought that the exorbitant prices of flowers during V-day is just a waste of money! Especially when the flowers come in huge bouquets and can run up to hundreds of ringgit. Better use that money for a more everlasting gift. Diamonds/jewellery perhaps? (they appreciate in price too!) Diamonds are a girl's best friend, right? ;p

I also never believed in celebrating the occasion extravagantly on that day. Love can be expressed on any other day, right? and it should be the same throughout the lifetime. Plus restaurants take advantage of this overly-commercialised day and make consumers spend more. We used to celebrate it before the actual day. More like a reason just to have a huge, expensive meal for us!

This year? I'll be going outstation :( but nevertheless to us it's just another commercialised celebration, so it does not matter!

What do you have planned?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, February 7, 2011

Chinese New Year, birthday & everything nice

AIR's rainbow cake

the steamboat affair from the balcony into the living room after it rained ;p

Chinese New Year came and gone (the first few days lah). While we were also busy preparing for open house cum birthday celebration for AIR1, many were travelling back. Thank goodness this year we decided to just stay here and not go up north. Mum & Dad came.

CNY was kinda quiet. With most of my friends up north we just relaxed at home with a steamboat dinner on the eve. 1st day CNY which usually is spent at home while my relatives visit was still spent at home. Relaxing with family and entertaining the kids. 2nd day was when the ‘full swing’ came. Since it wasn’t a huge affair, things were kept simple.

Luckily we were not extremely ambitious so not much leftovers like the previous time.

AIR1 loved his Upin& Ipin themed cake and he just wanted to ‘eat’ them. The next day he woke up and saw the cake gone, but later I showed him the portion I saved and he said to me ‘Ipin sleep’. He ate the ‘eye’, ‘head’ and some of the alphabets. :)

Beautiful cake, but a tad too sweet. The icing and even the cake itself was very sweet. Otherwise I’d have wallop every remaining bit of it, I guess. haha

Over the weekend, nothing much happened. Had indian mutton briyani. Superb! that was lunch. Dinner another mutton/lamb meal. Oh about lamb overload! :)

Sunday dinner was another family gathering. Thought of balinese-style food, we went to Subak, only to realise it's actually western. Should have gone to Bora Ombak or Bora Asmara, but nevertheless though Subak was slightly pricey, ambience and food was superb. I guess AIR1 enjoyed it most as it had so much space for him to explore!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Happy Chinese New Year! and Happy Belated Birthday to AIR!
His 2nd birthday cake, small celebration in conjuction with his Ah Kong & Ah Ma's (grandpa & grandma) presence here.
He was extremely excited when he saw his cake. Upin & Ipin!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Retro Night!

specs abit too big for the face... :)

That was the theme of my co's annual dinner...

28 Jan 2011, that was the night we all turned up dressed in our best 60s & 70s outfits. Mum doesn't have anymore of hers so I had to rent....

Had fun and wil try to post some more photos...very busy week it has been...

Selected for 'Best Dressed Award' but we had to do a dance, and of course I failed miserably...hahaha I can't dance for peanuts!! so consolation lah!