Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What should I do?

It’s a long day ahead. Time doesn’t seem to be moving at all. I wonder why.

All that’s left of my work – wait for other people’s review and then only I can proceed. And wait for the right time tomorrow to dump all the paper on my table into the box and wait for the movers to cart it all away to Menara Batu Kawan.

So now trying to waste some time (opps silap, kang someone sees this and then…..) anyway, its been a known thing around the office for the past few weeks. Low on the workload and only this week or so its starting to pick up. However, all the moving etc has put me in a non-working mood. Dunno why. Plus the fact that 3-4 hours earlier, it was so noisy with the movers removing the partitions etc. Gosh.

And next week am off to site. Well, it maybe my last site for now, up till perhaps July, which I think it’s such a dread cos then I’ll be stuck at the office. Even if I do go to site, I’ll be just issuing permits and its just a one-day thing, excluding travel time. Not so fun. Although I would miss ‘basking’ in the sun but then sitting in the office too long also boring lah!

Will just have to wait and see what happens then….

And I discovered someone else is also blogging in the office now :P

Move over, you're in my spot!

On a regular morning at the office car park (it’s a common carpark for all office tenants who share the building), I wouldn’t have mind if I had to park 2 or 3 levels above the usual. Lately, I noticed, no matter how early I arrive, the usual spots/areas would already be taken up. Then, I discovered where a colleague of mine parks and at that spot, usually 2-3 will be empty.

With extra weight (wait a sec, but I didn’t gain any weight), I just feel very lazy whenever after work I have to fight the stairs, nowadays. 4-5 months back, I’d gladly run up those stairs anytime.

So today, as I approached the usual area, it was full, and so I went down 1 floor to the ‘new area’ and noticed the small 1 ton lorry was blocking the parking lot. So I went another level down and found 1 unreserved spot. As I entered, a car from the wrong direction came up and pointed she wanted to park there. I ignored here and parked. Then she came up to my window and asked if I was going to park and I said yes.

And she asked ‘do you know that this is my parking spot? I’ve been parking here for the past 3 months. Are you new here? Have you not seen me park here?’

I looked at her and told her ‘This is a public car park and this is not a reserved lot. So what if you have parked here for 3 months? I will move if this is reserved, but this is not.’ I was thinking, like I care if I noticed you parked here, u think I security ah?

Oh yes, I can be nasty if it comes to parking. And If I am not in the wrong, why should I move? She starred at me and stomped back to her car. Then she parked at another spot and I heard that lorry move away from upstairs. Actually I meant to wait there and move up again (although its one way) when the lorry leaves, but since she was nasty (though she said it’s just a friendly request to ask me to move), I decided not to budge. (mean, huh?)

And as I walked out of the car, she walked past me and said, ‘you’re going to make someone not happy as I parked at another lot’ and I replied ‘it’s a public car park and the lot your parked in is also not reserved’. She didn’t sound or look Malaysian, perhaps Phillipino or someone who just wants to put on an accent. And she stormed away. Like I care. Hah!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ayam Kampung

Wow…it’s been one whole week (or more) that I’ve not posted anything. Wait, I wasn’t very busy but I was away for 2 days…yeah to Tanjung Malim on 2 consecutive days and somehow it became a busy week.

There is a famed ayam kampong and minang-style restaurant, which we were told to try when we’re there. Last week, my colleague and I were there for 3 days, but somehow during that 3 days, no such luck. Day 1 – we went after lunch, Day 2 – we ate with our sub-con in Slim River and Day 3 – it wasn’t open till 1pm and we were leaving already.

So 3 days back we went there and saw that it was supposed to open at 1pm. At about 1.30pm, we went back there and saw the sign ‘Not open today’ to our disappointment and anger. Crap! What kind of business this fella is running??

So finally 2 days back, we got to try that famed spring chicken. And to my disappointment, the ones I can get in Klang Valley is much tastier and cheaper. Nothing to shout about la, that eatery. Its right smack next to SM Khir Johari. So, if anyone ever recommends you to try that place, just forget bout the hassle. Both my colleague and I are of the same opinion. Go to Yik Mun instead and have your meal there (not the pau, though) ;p

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Word Ban part 2

Lets brace ourselves from alot more of mis-use of words intentionally....

Read this.

Can't use written or'm just speechless.

AIR turns 1

AIR’s 1 today. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been one whole year. It seems like just a short while ago I was trying to ‘push’ him out and now he’s already 1!

This morning we lit 3 candles with letters A, I and R on a cupcake to let him blow the candles. He can blow his toy trumpet and the day before daddy taught him to blow to cool his porridge. But this morning, he starred at the candles and just wanted to grab it. No amount of demo and persuasion to blow could make him blow. So we blew it for him. Then he grabbed the candles and somewhat wanted to eat the candles! And so that was the morning of his birthday.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Word Ban

Now, I wouldn’t say am confused but am wondering how come non-Muslims are not allowed to say or use the word ‘Allah’? So does it mean that non-Christians are not allowed to say ‘Jesus’ or any versions of it and same for all the other religions respectively?

Please enlighten me.

I’m no pro in this and I’m trying to understand why this is so. So when you (if you’re a non-Muslim) teach your child regarding the diff beliefs and religions in the world (or the country), you say “Buddhism is a religion where they believe in Lord Buddha, he obtained his ‘enlightenment’ beneath the Bodhisatva tree etc etc then Christians pray to Jesus Christ (or some Mother Mary) and Muslims pray to ‘tuuut’” Cos you’re not supposed to say ‘Allah’. Is that how it’s supposed to be? So books cannot write about it also?

What kind of nonsense is this? I’m not sure but it seems rather ridiculous, right? I would be able to accept this restriction if it applies to misuse of the word. But if just not being able to use the word in general, I think this is too much.

I’m in the opinion that if this restriction comes into place, there would be more havoc in the already chaotic political situation in this country. Malaysians have lived many decades together in peace and harmony and people have been tolerant of each other’s religion and beliefs. And now, put this restriction on them and I foresee that people will start misusing the word, on purpose.

New Year, New Concerns....

I’m now having stuffed/blocked (or whatever it’s called) nose. Crappy….it just happened on New Year’s day, one fine afternoon, I started sneezing and so it happened. First, it was the occasional block and now it seems like its blocked more often than its not. Hmmmm

Need a new nose? Hahahaha

There’s nothing much interesting yet happening for the new year, but in 9 days’ time, lil’ AIR will be turning 1. Oh Gosh! It’s a whole new number, I guess :D

New year, new babysitter for him too.

New place, new lady, older and only 1 other baby who is about 5 months old and so I guess he may not be having so much attention, but this lady’s children, late teens and early 20s like to entertain him when they’re back from work. So I guess it is not that bad afterall.

New babysitter seems to have good comments bout him. I wonder if he’s really only very manja with us. Hmmmm but every morning when I drop him off, he will cry. He will cling to me and not let go and when I hand him over to her, he will cry. Apparently it’s a ‘out of sight, out of mind’ thing. Not long after I leave, he will stop and just start playing. Hmmmm I hope this will die off….it’s rather disheartening.

However, I have a concern. I dunno if this is a common concern or its just that I’m over-concerned. I’m not trying to be biased, but this lady is in the kampong area. She only speaks Malay. We speak English and Malay and Hokkien to him at home (and if my dad is around he will amuse him with some Tamil). So he goes there trying to say what we’ve thought him but they don’t really know (those who are there at least). I’m just wondering if he will be at a disadvantage when it comes to developing his other language skills, other than Malay. Hahaha, I know it may be a bit premature but I just have that nagging feeling. Now I feel like quickly getting him to a playschool, at least he can have more friends and be more sociable there…but that will have to wait till at least 2 also la…hmmmm

He says ‘ka’ which is supposed to be car….and ‘ta’ for star or whatever other things we tell him…but we do know what he is referring to cos he will be pointing or nudging that direction. Star, fan, light, clock, shoe are all ‘ta’. There also sounds like ‘ta’ but if we listen closely its ‘teh’. And ‘brrooom brroom’ is for motorbike, or otherwise also known as ‘ka’.

I do know that babies and toddlers pick up language very fast….but then again, he spends more time awake at the babysitter’s than at home on weekdays. Aaargh!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010!

It’s the new year. New beginnings? Erm, dun think so….not for me at least, but I do hope it’ll bring better things for the year ahead.

No new beginnings – why? Am still with the same job, still living under the same roof with my beloved family and still driving the same car. All from last year. It may have been new last year, with a new addition to the family right at the start of the year, but this year, no, not yet….soon…

Looking forward to new and better things to come. It can be anything. And hope with that, and God’s grace, I will be able to provide for myself, my family and even my parents with what they would like to have for the new year.

So what have I achieved in 2009? A more stable job, I suppose. Got wiser in a few aspects in life and well, became a mother to a really cheeky lil’ fella, and perhaps in the process, killed many brain cells. ;p

So here’s to 2009 and the new 2010!!