Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time, time....dun fly so fast la...

I have so many things I want to blog about but I just don't have the time...darn!!

Even after pre-preparing (got such thing ka? hahaha) I still don't have the time...

Hang onnnnnn................

I seem to have somehow 'lost' some hours....time seems to just slip by and by the time I realise it, its time to leave work, but there's still so much left to be done!! arrrrgh!! Or have I become less efficient? Opppps I hope not!!

Nice weather to be running again, but I guess now that it's almost 630pm, I don't think I have time...tomorrow lah!

Mummy, Mummy!!

Gosh I think now I know the feeling of going home and having your child greet you.

It’s been sometime since Daddy fetches AIR home and they reach home first. So yesterday, after many weeks was its first. When I got home, after many unforeseen incidences (I’ll get to that later), he was hidden behind the sofa with Daddy but from his squeals of delight I knew where he was. So I tip-toed up to him and surprised him. He was delighted. He squealed even more. And continued laughing. Played/entertained him for a while before telling him I’ve gotta put the meat in the oven. Left him and he cried. I walked away and before I knew it, he was crawling after me and baby-talking (I presume asking me to slow down or not to go). Awwww….my heart just melted. So I waited for him to come and picked him up.

And so Daddy had to put the meat in the oven instead….:)

And to the incidences – as I was going to leave the office, it was raining cats and dogs(yes, incident #1), but thank God I had an umbrella. The worse part was, the moment I reached the car park, the rain stopped. Aiyo…imagine the nightmare walking in such heavy rain.

Got to the car and was greeted by the car not-starting (incident #2). Hmmm in the morning, the battery-check indicated ‘green’=good..and when I tried to start and it couldn’t, I checked and it showed ‘red’=dead! Darn….called colleague in the office to see if any of them were going to leave already. Thank God there was. So he came and helped me jump-start my car….and so after that, off I went to get the battery replaced. After 2 yrs 3 months….thank goodness no jam on the way back!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why Do I Blog?

I was tagged by Isabelle…at a time when I seem to have sooo little time but sooo many things to complete.
So finally today, after I think almost a week later I manage to do this.

OK, why do I blog? (Aci tak if I link this back to one of my posts previously? Then I don’t need to re-write (or copy paste…hehe))

OKlah, nevermind, I’ll just babble…

I’ve always wanted to have a blog but I didn’t think I’d have time for it or would be good at doing this Somehow out of boredom, one day while being 8 months preggy, sitting in the office with a lot of time to spare, I finally decided to venture into this. And I’m stuck. Still pretty much amateur at this, I find that if I have more time, I guess I could have a better-looking blog…:)

I find blogging a way to release some vent stress or feelings which sometimes maybe difficult to share with people. But then again, not everything I would blog about. Since a blog is public, sometimes there are things which are preferred to be kept private. Well, my blog’s like a diary (with pictures though not many) and will be there forever for me to go through and recollect the bittersweet memories later.

I also blog to take my mind away from work…for that very brief moment. It kinda gives my brains a break.
And I realized that blogging has somewhat made me realize that sometimes there are many other people out there who are stuck in a similar predicament with me. (not good la, but it’s good to know and it helps to know that you’re not the only person) Also, its brought me closer (sort or la) to other new mums out there and there’s a lot of information and experience to be shared. (eh, this wasn’t the reason I blog, but then it made me realize that blogging makes me more aware of a lot of other things) erm, in a crude way, I may seem like being a busy body, but then again, its not…cos its information other people wants to share with you and vice versa.

I'm now stuck & enjoying every bit of it!! :D

Hmmmm lets see…I shall pass this on to Fazahra, Fong & YatieChomeyl

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



it's worse today...lethargy is getting bad....

Monday, September 14, 2009


I'm just wondering if anything is wrong with me. Since last week, I've been feeling very drowsy & sleepy while driving to work. EVERYDAY! Creepy...

Today too...

It's so dangerous. I pinch and slap myself to keep awake, but none of it works. Its harder now cos I can't snack to keep awake...

It's supposed to be a time where my body detox, but unfortunately it doesn't seem so. Every morning (for the first week) I woke up for sahur and throughout the day, I'd feel so sleepy. So I changed my plans. I'll eat when I feed baby. He'll be awake between 4am-5am, and so I tried. The next week seems fine. But the week after (last week), I was tired the whole day.

I noticed a reduced appetite during sahur. I sometimes wake up in the morning feeling like I'm havin indigestion. Weird. Everyday by 2.30-3pm, I'll be struggling to keep my eyes open or brains functioning. I thought its just lack of sleep, but I don't think so. I really dunno. By 5pm, if I go for my run, I'll be allright after that. If I don't run, after breaking fast, on the way home I'll be tired again...I hope after this weekend, all will be fine. Lack of adrenalin rush? I secretly hope so, so that I have a stronger motivation after Raya. (Not that I'm not motivated now, its just that before fasting I barely have time to train, and now I'm expecting the duties at work to increase after Raya, so I just hope I can put in my miserable minutes, if not hours of running)

Now that Raya is drawing nearer, I've got mixed feelings...part of me is glad that there only 5 days left of fasting (due to the above) but the other part of me thinks otherwise. Oh well...

Friday, September 11, 2009


It came and went by so fast....but to some, it will be a memorable day...

Congrats Fong & Faisal on your big day...may both of you be blessed in your new journey in life. Many things have to be learned, compromised and adjusted. I'm so happy for the both of you that finally, united as one.

It was a mixed day for me....busy at work but managed to take off to witness Fong & Faisal's akad nikah in Masjid Negara.

However, the night didn't end too well as we were stuck in a jam for more than 1.5hrs in total. Darn!! Thank God AIR was in splendid mood...though he was almost dozing off when we reached the mosque, he happily played and sat through the whole ceremony without any fuss...slept through part of dinner but was rudely awaken by the blaring music on the loud speaker and couldn't go back to sleep again. And again, he wasn't fretful. Thank God.

I guess though it wasn't really a significant day to me, but 090909 did touch many people's heart....

opps...forgot to mention, it was also the day hubby realised that he's got a few summons which needs to be cleared up!! :P

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long Weekend

And while some had to work on 7th sept, Selangor observed the Nuzul Quran holiday. And so I took the opportunity to take AIR back to Penang. Since Daddy was busy and so we wouldn't be able to go for short trips anywhere, so I decided to take AIR back to Pg.

It's been sometime since we stayed longer than one night in Penang. So this was good time.

It was time to let AIR meet some family friends and his mummy meet up with some friends too. It was wonderful. Long awaited meet up with some close friends, dinner with family and it was fun.

Unfortunately on saturday night, AIR had fever, more like we only realised he had fever on Sunday. So off to the Dr and he was diagnose to have throat infection. Now, I felt uneasy in my throat too....I'm guessing the stale air in the plane could've been the cause. How else would I be also feeling the same? Oh well....

And it was a tiring sunday as he was down with fever and being really fretfull. I guess it was my 1st experience with baby down with fever. He's never got that before....(thinking back, I'm so proud that he was able to withstand all the jabs without any fever, otherwise I'd kaput no sooner)

Subang-Penang - AIR was awake the whole journey despite the flight being 715am and he was awake by 6am...he was sooooo sleepy by the time we got into the car in pg that while he was busy playing with the tagging on the luguage, he almost dozed off on the luguage itself. I actulaly saw him sort-off nodding of...can u imagine...a baby doing that...i thought this was only in adults...kekeke so I quickly carried him up and craddles him. Almost instantly, he was asleep...

Penang - Subang - I was afraid his fretfullness may be brought onto the flight. Thank God by 830pm he was fast asleep and oblivious to everything. Despite having the stroller carried down, and him carried up into the plane, he was fast asleep. Until we reached home, and the next morning.

It was a wonderful first experience with AIR alone travelling...on the plane and well...I guess we survived...:)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Candle Light Dinner

Hahaha candle-light huh? yah, 10 days of fasting and we got home from PaRam greeted by power failure. Aiyo!

How? candle-light dinner la what else? hahahaha

So, we had our meal on the balcony (slightly brighter), candles were left in the house, and baby AIR was on his bounce net while we were eating. hahaha thinking back, AIR must've thought why all of a sudden he's in that position. And watching us eat, he also wants to eat but this time all he got from us were just his toys...

So romantic, huh? kakakakaka

After that, I was praying that this won't last too long. And after exhausting my lap top battery, power came back bout 10pm. Luckily. Now I can finally iron my clothes for the next day. Thank goodness my place is quite airy, otherwise I'll probably have gone out already...(unfortunately in the first place I didn't because AIR was already asleep)

So much for candle light dinner...:P

Portion Guide for the 21st century

Got this off a subscribed email and I thought it was pretty interesting....

A medium potato = a six-ounce soda can
3 ounces of meat = the size of a floppy disk (if the person still remembers what a floppy is)
One scoop of ice cream = a round iMac mouse
3 ounces of grilled fish = a PDA (small hand heldpersonal computer)
1 ounce of cheese = a pager (its so rare now)
1-tablespoon of olive oil (or other cooking oil)= an individual eye-shadow compact
A serving of pretzels or other snack food = a coffee mug full

My remarks were in italics. Funny how we need to learn portion control and since living in the 21st century, I guess some of us may need to practise portion control (not all are gifted with high metabolic rates, ya...)...and we were not like our forefathers who used to toil in the fields, or use up alot of energy in our work. We work indoors with the luxury of the air conditioned office (well, most of us lah) and so we don't actually burn as much as we consume....

Just wanted to share that 'cute' portion control guide....