Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yahoo! New place found!

Good morning, folks!

Haha, sounds like I’m in a superb mood ei? Well yes. Because….AIR is going to a new sitter.

Well, my mission that day was partially accomplished only. So yesterday hubby helped in accomplishing it. Yeah, I couldn’t find the place and at that time AIR wasn’t in a very good mood so I was kinda ‘disturbed’ while trying to find the place. Another reason was I wanted hubby to evaluate it…am not very good at evaluating the kampong areas. Biased I may sound, but sometimes I just find it erm, messy and not so safe?

So when hubby called to confirm the address and location, he said this ‘The place seems very messy’ referring to the housing scheme. It’s unlike the usual kampongs but it’s got one lot with few houses in that lot. And in the middle is a field/play area or whatever you wanna call it. And I was thinking – oh no, now I have to hunt for another place again….so June sounds impossible…

And when he got home, he said despite the outlook of the approach and narrow roads, the lady and her house seemed nice. I felt a nice warmth knowing I could send AIR to her now! And hubby seemed to think it was a better place. They do have simple classes and teach simple doa to the kids. There’s only 1 baby at the moment (sounds good) and few toddlers AIR’s age and few more on transit who are kindy-going. 3 care-givers. So I’m fine with that ratio.

Only thing – have to pick him up at 6.30pm. But I think for next month and the coming months when baby arrives, it shouldn’t be a problem. Except maybe when it rains.

Then comes the difficult part – how to tell that makcik? This morning I told her I won’t be sending AIR to her tomorrow and Friday cos we’re going back to Pg. Now, maybe I’ll use the excuse that my mum will be around and so she will take care as of June (partially true, mum will be here for a week). Hmmmm let’s see how this goes this evening :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paid holiday anyone?

I find it so annoying. Talk about low tolerance. Oh yes!

For the past few weeks, almost everytime she asks me about my pregnancy, she will also add (in Malay), ‘Will you still be sending Asrul here when you deliver?’ and of course everytime, my answer will be ‘yes, of course’.

Today she asked the same thing again. Hinting again that she wanted a break, perhaps for a week. Some more she wants a paid leave...;p (If I don't send to you on the basis that I am away etc, then it's ok...but you asking me to give you a break and pay for it? I dah mula berkira because there was another incident just before CNY)Oh, 5 months ago, you were like a heroin, wanting to ‘show off’ and say that taking care of 3-4 kids is not a big deal. She’s taken care of more before. I guess she didn’t realize age has set in and things have changed.

So my respond to her this time was ‘If Asrul’s dad is working, then he will send Asrul here. Otherwise he will be at home.’ And in my heart, I was thinking to myself, ‘Since you want this break so much, I’ll let you have a break beginning June. A long break indeed.’ No, I’ve not given her that piece of news yet. We’ve yet to finalize stuff with the new sitter. And so many things are going on this week. And I’ll be off to Penang on Thursday, so I better get this going quick!!

Her drive to ‘suffer’ (of course she didn’t use that word), as she related to me was the fact that if she didn’t babysit, she would just be sitting at home doing nothing (other than just looking after her 4 month old grandson now). So she might as well, do something (thinking it was easy) and at least have some $$ coming in.

Well, I guess $$ is the root of all evil. I feel bad in a way, but at the same time, I cannot be thinking about other people, compromising my own family. Especially the little one. Not a chance.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm kinda excited. Like a lil' kid. Well, nothing's just that I've been thinking of a family photo done by some pro/photog. And well, I have friends who are doing it and well, these aren't cheap.

And after a lot of contemplation, funny thing, hubby was quite supportive. So one huge bump, the man of the house and the lil' man of the house and off we'll go soon to snap some shots. Maternity protraiture it shall be.

Excited. Now so many things are running through my mind. What to wear? What colour shall we coordinate ourselves? Shall I bring extra change for AIR (he's bound to mess up if its outdoor) and myself? What other things to do? I'm not going to put make up....will it be ok? hahaha looks like some of these are sorted out with the photog but the rest, will have to discuss further....

mmmmm can't wait for the day it's gonna happen. Iwonder how AIR will take to that time, I'll be around 33-34 weeks. Oh boy! hope I'm not clumsy...

Anyone done this before?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reminiscing Jan 14th 2009

What do you on on a night when there's nothing much on TV, AIR's asleep, hubby went out for a while and 32 weeks along on your 2nd pregnancy?

Well, I was looking at photos of the night when AIR decided to greet the world. Oh yes...some of the photos were still on the camera, 1 year 4 months plus on, and the whole lot of it are saved in the lappy. And so, here I am going through all of those.

fresh from the oven

And I'm wondering how different would #2 be? #1 was full of uncertainties, of course, it's my first and things I read about, well, some of it I didn't even go through it at all. I didn't experience morning sickness, Braxton Hicks contractions, bloody show or whatever not! I was itching alot during the initial stages and had a more or less problem-free pregnancy. I missed training, but I was having a whale of a time watching movies every other day, for FREE. Until the night after watching Ip water bag leaked when I was about to go to sleep. THen the drama began....lasted for a good 23 hours.

So now I'm wondering how this will be like. Though my gynea has plans to induce me a couple of days before my EDD (as I may need transfusion, from #1, though I was transfused at week 36, by week 39 I was low again, at 6.4 only), I'm hoping that I'll get to go through a problem-free delivery.

Both pregnancies were enjoyable for me, aside from the fact that I was at times more tired than I would want to be. It's not easy when hemoglobin count was hovering around 6.4 - 7 mg (during #1) and 5.4 during #2 (until I got transfused at week 20 and it was 6.5). I could eat all I want without worrying about gaining weight.

I wonder how my next few weeks would be like. I'm partially excited, partially afraid. I keep thinking if I'd be able to go through the pain once again. I went through a normal delivery without epidural. Though I can't remember the extend of the pain now, but I do remember it being very painful. Painful enough for me to tell hubby ''s going to be at least another 30mins to 1 hr before baby comes!! Why soooo looong???' And then me telling baby in my heart 'Faster la....' :) And then after more of less 30 painful minutes, and 3 tries, finally AIR greeted us.

And the anticipation starts now.....

What a day!

AIR's having a phlegm-y cough and its really disturbing hearing him cough. Last night I was too tired to realise. But this morning Iwas rudely awaken by it. Gosh...really terrible...

Lousy appetite, grumpy and clingy the whole day. Vomitted at lunch but almost instantly after that, he was all cheerful and fine. Must have not been feeling too great. Car, clothes (his and my pants) were all smeared with his milky-vomit. Now, I wonder if it was a good choice at that point of time he was at the rear seat with me instead of in his car seat? Luckily no vomit-smelling car...the sun helped 'clean' it up, I guess...

BTW, is it possible at all to give medication to a sleeping/half asleep toddler/baby? Would they actually swallow it? Natural reaction to a not-so-pleasant-tasting-item would be to reject it...hmmmmm

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mission 1

I’m on a mission today!

Hah! You must be wondering what mission, kan?

A long delayed mission. My mission to go visit the new babysitter. I hope I will be pleased. Please don’t rain in the evening …. It’s such a hassle to go visit/look for the place if it does. *Keeping my fingers crossed*

And if all goes well, when we come back from Penang, AIR will be sent to the new sitter next month!

Hmmmm can’t wait to go back to Penang next week…work cum holiday and the long weekend then! Yipee!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

8 weeks to go but....

Hmmm it caught us off-guard.

My 32nd week ob-gyn appt left us laughing hysterically...while doing the routine scan, my dr asked, ' so, you know the gender of the baby, right?' and I'll always nod or go 'uh-huh' and then silence...and she goes on looking at other things. But not yesterday. After my 'uh-huh', she went on, with fingers pointing on the screen, saying 'it's a girl'...and after 3 times not joining me during my visits, I looked at hubby and he was surprised to hear that. I had to laugh after i gave him a stare. (He doesn't know until yesterday).

Then, I told Dr that I knew, but not him. It was so cute of her to cover-line...'Oh well, sometimes the doctor could be wrong', she added and continued smilling and told me, 'you should've told me not to tell'. And we went on laughing. I was laughing so hard that it was diff to hear my baby's heartbeat.

And so the cat slipped out of the bag...wasted effort...kekeke

Monday, May 17, 2010

What? How much again??

It's been ages since I actually paid to watch a movie.
When I was pregnant with AIR, hubby had a cinema press pass, which was valid for all movies at that particular cinema and it was free. So at that poin of time, since I was 'grounded' from all sports/streneous activities, all I (we) did was watch movie. No training, no racing and it was movie watching. Until it came to a point where we ran out of movies to watch.
Those were the days. Up till recently, when after 2 renewal cycles, we didn't have that privilege anymore. Not that we got to watch that often also already, with AIR around.
So planning for a movie outing, I just browsed GSC's website and was so surpised to find out that it now costs RM14 to watch a movie!! Boy oh boy, how much ticket prices have increased! The last I think I actually paid for a movie, a regular ticket was perhaps RM10 or was it RM11 at the most. And now it is RM14
And I thought movies before 6pm on weekdays were valid for all, and not just senior citizens and students...hmmmm *digging and checking to see if my student pass is still around.....or valid ;p*
Alamak! So ketinggalan zaman!! *shy*

Pasta Carbonara

I love creamy pasta and the easiest and yummiest of all (from my point of view) is the carbonara.

Many tries of many different recipes but they all don't taste as good as the ones you get when you have to pay lots of $$$. Or is it that my cooking is horrible? Until I chanced upon this recipe. Somehow those that use milk and add eggs didn't turn out as nice as I expected it to be. This recipe (unfortunately I can't get the link again) uses cream and no eggs (ideal for preggies) and turns out superb. The orignal recipe for carbonara uses milk and eggs but there have been many variants to it and this happens to be one which Chef Wan cited and now I love it.

Aaaaah can't wait to sink my teeth into it again lunchtime today!

Thomas Cup Finals 16 May 2010

I don't understand what's all the noise about....

Arena seats...makes no diff to AIR

Abit tired already...

And after all that excitement

It was a whole new experience for AIR. Stadium full of noisy people. Most of the time, he was more thrilled and distracted by the supporters. The colourful attire, the noise and whatever-nots. He was only 'into the game' when the doubles were playing.

Though lack of sleep (his morning nap wasn't as long as usual), he was so well-behaved we were surprised. Sat right through from 1.30pm till almost 5pm when he fell asleep.

Dominant from the start, China just ploughed through to win. Superb seats but quite of a one-sided game so not really fun. :)

Now, another 2 years for Malaysia to wait....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pouch, wrap, sling, carrier?

Contemplating having a baby sling/wrap/pouch/carrier.

I bought a cheap one for AIR. However, cheap it was, hence it didn’t provide the back support for the carrier (i.e. the mum/dad carrying the baby). Only used it once. I wasn’t comfortable with the amount of support that it gave the baby either.

At about 3-4 wks old, we tried putting him in a sarong, i.e. improvised sling but he squirmed so much, we took it that he didn’t like it. He probably felt claustrophobic or perhaps since my body is always naturally warmer than usual, he didn’t feel confortable.

Now am thinking of these options again as when baby #2 comes along, it’ll be easier for me to have at least both hands free. Convenience sake. But dunno how long I'll stick to using it. Or if baby would like it. Not keen on those very expensive ones, i.e. Mei Tais and those super expensive slings. I saw videos on wraps and I think they are fairly simple to put on. But gosh, the cloth around my body – it’ll be hot for me too. Hmmm we’ll have to see.

Am going back to experiment with AIR, though BIG, these are supposed to be able to carry up to 30lbs or so. Just hope my tummy won’t get in the way! :)

Bumbu Desa vs Waroeng Ayam Penyet

Relatively new outlet in Curve. Seen it few times but haven't tried it out.

First impression - it looked like a buffet setting, but actually its more or a 'nasi campur' kind of setting. Dishes are displayed but after you have chosen they will prep/heat it for you. There's also a menu for the displayed dishes and other sides and drinks.

From the display, it looked just like dishes you'll get at the Waroeng Penyet or even Wong Solo. Aside form the array the chillies (3 types), patin asam peda and another variety of rice, the rest looks quite typical of the menu you'll get at Wong Solo. I wasn't too impressed.

Quite pricey.

Taste? We (Mum and I) had ayam bakar (tasted like the one in Wong Solo except its slightly bigger), gado-gado (better at Wong Solo) and fried baby kailan (nothing to shoult about). My verdict - the only plus point is that the portions are catered for the number of people, unlike in Wong Solo where you have small and medium only (or was it medium and large) or the Waroeng.
Variety? They have a few varieties of chicken and fish preparation. Compared to the other 2, better.
Price? Waroeng is still the cheapest among these 3.
Ambience? This place is quite nice tho abit dark, but tables are a tad too small, the indoor is quite warm and congested.
Service? Amidst lunch time and they can tell you the soup has finished and the kangkung is not ready (though the display is set, without the vege). The crew are all indons and do not speak our Malay at all (or even a little). So if people like my mum go there alone, she will have no idea what they are blabbing about.

My point is, I wouldn't go back there again on my own or recommend it to people. Yes, that's true because there's nothing to shout about at all.

Now I digress. If at work, then I'll choose Waroeng (its just one floor above Bumbu). If I'm at home, it's closer to go to the Ampang outlet of Wong Solo (there's another in Kg. Baru).

A Ray of Light

Finally a ray of hope and change for lil’ AIR.

The new nursery can still take him in, but I’ve yet to view the place or see the care-givers. Oh yes, that’s particularly important. But at least now there’s hope for change.

I’ve been wondering what goes on in that little mind of his when he’s being left alone in the sitter with no toys, no books nothing to entertain him except older people and another boy 9 months old. At home, when my mum sometimes comes over and looks after him, apparently he keeps himself occupied going through his books, nursery rhymes and toys. And sometimes insists on playing (or banging) the piano. (I’m so happy that he seems to like it, though it’s not much at this stage)

I wonder if there was any beneficial interaction, other than some basic communication.

Oh dear, I think I’m just rambling on and on about the negative points….well, I shouldn’t do that, though it’s good to look at it once in a while. I’m not happy with the cleanliness, i.e. how the drinking bottle is being kept ‘clean’ and how sometimes the unworn clothes/diapers are kept together with the used/soiled/wet stuff. I mean that’s basic, right?

Oh well, keeping fingers crossed and praying that if this change happens, it will be good for all of us.

I guess am kinda at my wits end already, trying to close one eye and not see all that, but right at the back of my mind, I just can’t seem to let it go. I need (yeah it’s me, more than AIR) that change, because I WILL be sending the younger one soon too. I can’t imagine feeding milk to a 2month-old using a bottle which is not properly cleaned!!! Arrrgh!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cute Baby in Blue Contest

Asrul Irfan Riley
almost 16 months
14th January 2009

Another new contest and its brought to you by suziey and ina_momguess.
How can you participate?
  • be a follower of suziey and ina_momguess
  • create an entry about this contest and link back to both suziey and ina_momguess

  • place the banner on the side bar and in the entry and it has to have a link back to the contest

  • only ONE photo of your child, clothed, and state his/her name, age (in months) and date of birth


  • submit the link entry ot the comment box of the entry in before 15th May @ 2pm

Terms and conditions:

- must have own blog

- contest runs from 22nd April - 15 May 2010, 2pm

- participants must be between 1-36months only

- entries are only for OWN child/children

Only one baby boy and one baby girl will be picked as the winners for the first season.

remember! the winners will be automatically selected for the FINALE to compete for the GRAND PRIZE which is 3D2N FULL PACKAGE @ REDANG/LANGKAWI ISLAND & 70PCS 4R SIZE PHOTO SPONSORED BY MOMGUESS.BLOGSPOT


season 1 (21 april - 15 may)

season 2 (21 may - 15 june)

season 3 (21 june - 15 july)

season 4 (21 july - 15 august)

season 5 (21 august - 15 sept)

FINALE (20 sept - 15 oct)

There will be 10 winners (5 baby boys & 5 baby girls) to compete for the FINALE. There are SURPRISEs for every season..GOOD LUCK to all :)

1Superkids Gathering

Hmmm I was quite dissapointed when it rained the whole morning. But I welcomed the cool change. Then I thought about the gathering. I hope it wasn't going to be a wash-out.

Packed stuff, AIR and mum all along. Drove there and was saddened that it was still drizzling.

Mum & AIR waited in the car while i went to register. Browsed around, 'witnessed' the birthday singing/cake cutting etc but when I asked mum if she wanted to look-see-look-see, she didn't want. Plus I wasn't keen on taking AIR out in the drizzle.

But, Isabelle, I actually saw u, tapi u were kinda busy chatting, and I felt bad to interrupt la. :) Perhaps at another gathering?

I didn't stay long enough to 'feel' the atmosphere and get to know more blogging mums out there!

But am looking forward to the next gathering!

Happy Mothers' Day to all again!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Brat

3 days of not sending this brat to the sitter's and I was missing every moment of 'bonding' I had in the car with him.

Finally today I get to do it, and one of the rarest moments was having to wake him up! He's always awake before we leave usually. He was still drowsy and awfully quiet in the beginning. Then he was himself for a while. The saddest part was when my car stopped at the sitters, he immediately started to shake his head, make an unhappy face accompanied with a soft cry indicating he didn't want to go. I felt so bad. He doesn't like it there. Too boring. But the daily routine has to go on....
See you later ya, baby!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1Superkids Gathering

I know I’m kinda slow in promoting this, but hey, to everyone out there….if you’ve got this Sunday free, 9th May, do come by the 1Superkids Family Day.

It’s been a crazy week for me and it will last till Friday, I am very sure. Saturday’s full of activities, and I hope to spend my Sunday with fellow bloggers and mums! So what available there?


1Superkids Club Launching & Family DayVenue: Wisma Bling Lustre, TanMing Boulevard, Tmn Meranti Jaya, Puchong
Start registering now at Provide details as follow:
Full Name
How many adults and kids

If u r amongst the first 100 early birds, u will get a special doorgift sponsored by Maybeline, Bling-Bling and more!

Come join the Family Day as there'll be various activities for the whole family.

It is covered by media!!! Harian Metro, Mingguan Wanita, NUR, Pa&Ma and a TV station.
Indoor and outdoor event (you pick which one you like!)
Multi-skill activities for childrens – face painting, interactive story telling, origami, felt craft and coloring.
Talk and demo by Malaysian Baby Wearers (MBW).
Bengkel ikatan tudung with Majalah NUR.
Heart to heart session with Ms Maizawati (model, business woman, Avon ambassador).
Free food!
Shopping at booths
Clowns and balloons for kids!
Chances to win lots of prizes!
Meet Akademi Fantasia star!
Meet bloggers listed as 50 Blog Terbaik Malaysia Pilihan InTrend
Lots of other surprises!!!

Print the invite above and get yourself eligible for a lucky draw!

Food and Mother's Day!

I was babbling away yesterday but I never posted up that in my blog. Hah!

Today, am I at it again? Kekekeke

Was looking for a nice pic to put up, tapi tak jumpe. The nicer ones had me making weird mouth & funny faces or it was blur. Hmmm

So, what’s up for Mother’s Day? Oh yes, the gathering at Superkids!! Will be there. But the day before, I’ve booked a Dim Sum breakfast for my mum & myself (hubby outstation) and of cos AIR. Ahhhhh can’t wait. I’m thinking of the Lor Mai Kai, steamed lamb (ala ‘pai kuat’) and the chicken feet. Kekekeke it may follow with dinner with relatives after…oh well, we’ll shop it off after that!

Gosh so much eating! No wonder tummy now expanding. At times, when Jr kicks, I feel like my tummy is bursting. Especially when Jr does the slow s-t-r-e-t-c-h! Adoi!!

Guess it'll be a rather quiet Mother's Day except for the eating!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Newton 12/25km Challenge Kuala Lumpur

Kinda ambitious but I've signed up for it. Only the 12km, though. First race of the 'season'.

It would be after Raya, and approximately 2 months after baby arrives. Dunno where and how to find time but will try. From previous experience, in 2 months, I've not even attempted further than 5km daily. So lets see how this would go. Two in tow and 12 to go! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Crocs oh Crocs

There was a warehouse sale and this time it was in Ikano. Since it’s just opposite my office, I decided to pop by during lunch on Friday. It wasn’t at its outlet, but there was another space, huge but also full!

When I went in, I noticed the checkout was as horrendous and the people trying to looks at the display while shouting out sizes to check its availability. Price – have to ‘shout’ to check with the person behind the counter too. I thought to myself that it shouldn’t be too expensive la…the one last year was held at their warehouse but didn’t have that many shoes, esp for women.

So grabbed 2 Mary Janes in 2 diff sizes (padahal I was wearing one myself and could’ve just checked its size) and another 2 newer designs for kids. There was baby wear as well, and got some good deals there too (thank God, otherwise my waiting time at the checkout would’ve been not worth it at all). Men's shoes were all in 'gigantic' sizes. Those beach-sandal type (the croc signature design) which I don't mind having another cos its really lasting, were all out. hmmmm

Queuing in front of me was a lady with a stroller and she told me of her experience the day before (yeah, started a day ago and I didn't know). She mentioned that those 2 kids’ shoes I took were roughly RM60 and RM80 each…I’m like WHAT? Ok, I dropped them while queueing…so end up 1 pair of MJs at RM40 (which is good deal, but too bad the other colours were out of my size) and some baby stuff as gifts and for myself.

And now I've got a RM20 voucher valid only at the Ikano retail outlet which expires today....mmm looks like I'm goin back there to scout around to see if anything tickles my fancy.