Friday, June 26, 2009

Pulau Tioman

Opps talk about lousy photo...

Neways, I was just too excited when I spotted the 'original' ferry which was previously used to ferry passengers and vehicles from Butterworth to Penang and vice versa. I miss the original colour. I'm not a fan of the current fanciful designs and colours and some even boasts adverts on it. Oh well...

Speaking of ferries, last weekend when we were back, we intentionally took the ferry, just to give AIR an experience, but I guess he's still rather young to remember or enjoy the scenery...oh ya, there were photos...I'll post it up soon...

Oh as to why its 'pulau tioman', cos the ferry is named so...

Friday, June 19, 2009

To Feed or Not to Feed?

Recently I noticed something rather strange. AIR sometimes refuses to suckle. Weird ain’t it? He’ll be on it then off it and looks at me and then turns to look all around him then when he feels like it, he’ll be back on it and it repeats itself. Anyone out there encountered this before?

Yeah, maybe he’s not very hungry, but that said, if I give him a bottle with b/milk (at that point of time), he’ll be on it. Weird eh? He’s only 22 weeks old now and this has been happening for about 2-3 weeks already, only more often lately.

On one hand I’m happy, but on the other – I do not enjoy pumping….kekeke what to do…

This is not something I look forward too, especially when I’m out. That’s because I used to be able to ‘relief the pressure’ when we’re out by just letting him suckle, but looks like now I can’t. So far, I noticed, unless he’s got no choice, then he will take to it. But at home, if he’s asleep (yah, during the night or his early morning feeds la), then he’s fine with it.

Hmmm something to ponder….I’m quite sure very soon it’ll dry-out…:)

Oh ya...Happy Father's Day to all daddies out there!! Its gonna be a weekend with all my 'fathers'....Daddy, Father-in-Law and well, AIR's daddy....:)


It never felt so good. Though the run was short (I think 2k pun tak sampai kot) and running with excess baggage (erm it felt like la), made it something different from previous ones. Hehehe

A bit disappointed that I didn’t manage to run as much as I wanted too, but eventually I felt good after that. Yes, I think this will help in the long run. I have another 4 weeks to get my fitness level and stamina up to how it was previously. OK la, I don’t have to be as fast as before yet, but it would be good if I could.

Unfortunately today and throughout the weekend I won’t be able to run. Balik kampong! Yipee!!

I’m excited…

Looking back, I think those 20-30min sessions in the morning which I managed to squeeze in was good. It did help in building up fitness & abit of stamina. So, it’s been more than 1.5months since the last I think and I’m almost back to square 1. kekeke sad…

So, have a great weekend, folks! And happy training! Another time la kan, Batu 14 tu…I will be there! :D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bloggiversary Contest!

It’s my bloggiversary (eh, is there such a thing?). Suka ati la kan…kekeke erm, its about 6 months (slightly more than that, but I'm just using that as an excuse) since I started blogging, and to commemorate that, and AIR being 5 months old, I felt like having a contest.

June seems to be a month full of contest, kan?

Neways, what shall the contest be about? Ok, lets see…these are things you’ve got to do…

  • Tell everyone in the entry why/what got you started and interested in blogging. Some may just be using it as a channel to vent out some anger at first, and then got stuck to it, some it may have been a way to kill boredom (just like me!!) and well, tell me and let all of us know…
  • What spurred you to blog about your family? There are bloggers out there who just like to blog about everything else in the world except their family as they believe it’s personal. So since we’re already sharing it, why not let us know…
  • Can add a photo or two – its up to you
  • Link that entry back here and let me know about it in the comments
  • You’re free to ‘entitle’ it on your own
  • Be a follower of this blog
  • Add me to your blog list/blogroll

    The prize? It's gonna be something which can be utilised for any family member - its a Crocs voucher!

    So get your virtual ‘pen’ out and start writing, folks!!
  • Dateline? Let me have all your entries by 28th June 2009 (by 2359 hrs, that is)

OK, so why did I start to blog? I've always wanted too, erm since 2 yrs back, but I just didn't have the luxury of time. Then, while work was abit slow in the office and I was most of the time sitting in front of the PC (reduced site work already by then) and happily waiting for AIR to make his presence, I decided to blog. The anxiety of the last 4 weeks was taking its effect on me. I was excited but yet nervous, so I decided to channel it into writing. So then, I was stuck. After my maternity leave, I was in the office again most of the time, thanks to the econonic at site was slow and most of those which I were handling were completed.

So to kill time, I blogged again...:) and that's how it was, is and will be....(erm, I mean the bloggin, not the killing time)...kekeke

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I really don’t like ‘starting over’….seriously…
The interviews, then the agony of waiting for their responses and feedbacks…it is not fun.
So few weeks back, I had to go through all this. Ya la…If mum knew, she’d be giving me the longest lecture ever.

Thank God everything got through without a hitch…had approximately 3 interviews (including one telephone interview) and finally, the last one came through. Aiya the 2nd one, was actually looking for a marketing person. So not me….but actually, though now I’m in a better place, there are 2 more interviews…which I think I will have to just cancel.


  1. I’m tired of working with people who claim to recognize talents and when it happens, they have all sorts of reasons not to recognize it. In short – they’re just plain stingy and do not want to reward.
  2. I’m sick n tired or working in local companies (be it big or small), which will always have their family members in their company. Whether it’s the boss n his wife, or his sister, brother, inlaws, outlaws etc…
  3. I’m tired of companies, though already doing well, when it comes to bonus and other rewards, they just claim that they’ve not been paid, though as senior staff, you know the goings-on of the situation. Plus the fact that there’s pathetic increment. Or none at all!
  4. I'm also tired of companies who view those who work late are better workers. The fact should be that they may just be inefficient people!! And not know how to plan their time.

So I guess I have more than enough reasons to stay where I am now, although I’m just two days here…but it’s a good eye-opener and I’m glad this happened.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Have I ever wondered that one day my life will be so colourful that when there are ups, it will be so high up and when the downs are here, it'll be so low down that the depth of the deepest sea is even no challenge to it?

Never have I thought that it'll be so much like in the movies...never have I thought that I'd go through so many experiences. Yeah, talk about variety is the spice of life, and if life is predictable, it'll be boring, right? Well, that's what people always I guess my life is supposed to be interesting la kan?

Anyway, have you ever thought that why you are born to be who you are today? When I was young, I remembered thinking to myself, and then asking my mum, how come I have her as my mother and how come the neighbour's little girl is not my sister? Why can't the neighbour's family be living in the same house as we are and how come we have to have that wall separating both our houses? Won't it be better if we don't have the wall and we have a bigger house and more people living in it? Funny right?

And so different people lead and have different experiences in life...

So we grow up experiencing life differently...some had it rough and later enjoy their life...some may have gone through their best years of life growing up and then suffered later...some may just have an eneventful path...some all the way not so good...some just good all the way.

Its only 6 months into 2009 and so many things have happened...and I'm sure my path is going to be exciting with more challenges to come...

New traits...

Yesterday was the first time AIR protested when we took something away from him. I was surprised. Yup, he caught me off guard...And it got me thinking - I've got to learn how to pacify him with different methods now...kekeke

And he also suddenly showed that he can 'dislike' people now. Usually when visitors or friends carry him or play with him, he is always alright and happy. He hasn't shown dislike to anyone when with us. Somehow last night when hubby's friend paid us a visit, and he held AIR on his lap. Not even 1 minute passed and his facial reaction changed and immediately protested loudly. Hmmmm I wonder if it did have anything to do with him being slightly tired already. But it was still a long way before he actually fell asleep.

Swim Lesson #3

It was another swimming session for AIR over the weekend and boy oh boy, I think he's doing really well.

For a start, the moment I put him in the water and he propped himself horizontal, tummy downwards, he started kicking. To my amazement and even to many people who were watching. Yup, and this time his kicks were quite strong, making small splashes and waves. He was having fun! Too bad no photos as I was alone with him.

Then I tried to tilt and wet his face sideways so he'd know what to do and expect next time if water gets to his face. And shortly after, he discovered the joys of 'drinking pool water'!! oh boy! I had to ensure he didn't gulp any...he kept lowering his head and wanting to 'taste' and drink more pool water on and off.

OK, so when he learns to sit without support (almost there) I will put him in his seat-float and see what happens.

He has yet learnt to move his hands cos he keeps holding on to my hand, though my hand is supporting his chest.

But later that evening after the swim, when I bathed him in his tub, sitting down, he splashed water with his another new discovery for him, I guess. Perhaps he'll learn to do that in the pool next.

No, no I did't get my share of swimming unfortunately..:(

Friday, June 5, 2009

Another week gone by....

At times like this, I've suddenly become very nostalgic. Must be to hormones or the fact that something's not quite right...

I keep thinking about those days when I used to clock in easily 10km per session, and 2 sessions a day....then there were days when I used to run at the Istana garden (in JB) then we (a few of us la) would go for a swim in Larkin pool....then there were also sessions of a huge group running around LArkin (luckily our route not very hazardous) and then continue with was bliss!

And when I wanted to be left alone, I did laps in the pool in Skudai. It was scarry though, at times cos I'd be almost alone at the very far end of the pool and it was rather badly lit. That's when the imagination would run wild!! haha

I wonder when I will have that time again...Though I love what I have and what I am now, sometimes I just yearn for the long runs. I do feel bad leaving AIR with daddy when I go for my short sessions, what more the longer sessions...though Daddy don't complain, I just don't want it to seem like I'm taking it forgranted. Well...I wish there was another way around it.

Well, in my head now, there are soooo many things...first there's some issues at work...which is the root cause of EVERYTHING!! Enough said. Hmmm....and that sends me off to always keep thinking about things...

....ponder ponder ponder....

its getting me nowhere.....

ok stop pondering...

and start living!! :D

have a good weekend peeps!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Daddy's Dearest....

Finally I remembered to download that photo I wanted...
Isabelle...frankly has organized a Father's Day contest themed 'Daddy's Dearest'...checkout the links for more details of the contest ya...

Father's Day is just round the corner - so have you thought of what to do for the father of your child(ren) or even your own father?

My Daddy's in unlike those times when I get to go back at my whim and fancy, this time, it'll have to be just a card and a phone call and perhaps a belated celebration later...unfortunately...otherwise it'll be great to have a Daddy-cum-grandDaddy celebration, ain't it? :)

And for the Daddy of my lil' boy....we'll probably have a something small and nothing grand...there's something cooking in th pot...:P

This candid shot was taken over the weekend (last week). I love this shot cos it portrays how AIR is thrilled (yes, he was squealing the whole time) and enjoying his moments with Daddy playing with him. Everytime Mummy tries doing the same thing, I don't get that delighted squeal from him, only a smile or at best a mild laugh...(so everytime Daddy does that, Mummy will look on with a slight tinge of jealousy)....what to do - sometimes it's just a Daddy-Son-thing, I guess...:)

Anyways, to all out there....don't forget - Father's Day is soon, and if you blog, join this contest!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mum!

Oops, to be exact belated la...30th May!

Since she is still on holiday, we sort of celebrated it much earlier...yup I took her for the buffet lunch the otherday...ha, that was it la...and supposed to wait till she gets back for the cake...:) I wonder if she's up to any...maybe I shall just surprise her when we visit her tomorrow...good idea? but what cake? hmmmm

Neways, I called my cousin in UK to wish her, but Mum and my 2 aunts were in Poland...alamak, jauh la I just told my cousin to wish her when she gets back (that was yesterday)...and soon, she'll be on her way back to Malaysia....tomoro...wah, time passed so fast!!

More than 5 weeks have gone by....

Everyday is a routine, nothing new...only now I've got a new mission...I smell a RAT and I wanna get away from it all!


I'm really lazy when it comes to facial and the likes. I buy a package for 3-4 treatments and it will last me like forever...luckily those places that I go to allow it as they dun have a 'use-by' date. Otherwise habislah! And I thought I was 1 super duper lazy person when it comes to facial.

My routine at home - seems almost non-exsitant and I do it when I feel the need for it or when I remember. Terrible, right? So I only do it outside and nowadays, I noticed the prices for all these beauty treatments have sky-rocketed.. Exhorbitant!! Terrible!

Few weeks back, my aunt gave me 2 of these vouchers. So I decided to redeem them last weekend. It's only an 'eye spa treament' worth RM200. Expensive, right? So nevermind...since its free and I've got puffy eyes and eye bag problem (made worse now with baby around), I decided to utilise it.

So, at the centre, while the lady was trying to analyse my skin to give me a custom-blend product to be used. I already know my skin is
  • dry
  • fine pores
  • due to the 2 above, hence I have very little (or almost none) pimple/acne problem
  • some blemishes/uneven tone (due to sun exposure and melasma)

And this lady was trying to convince me to convert the RM200 (as a discount) to either a facial treatment (RM360) or a diamond peeling eye treatment (RM420). Adoi, when I heard the price, I thought that it was crazy! No, no, I came here for the freebie, so I shall have the budget la..:) And so the eye spa I had...

I was totally relaxed...though the treatment was only about 45mins (yeah, mahal giler, 45mins for RM200) and its not a treatment, i.e. spa=relaxation only...okla, it feels good around the eyes after that...but looks almost the same before...keke, almost...

So far, I thought I was a super lazy person when it comes to a beauty regime...but I met someone (my friend obviously) who's also about the same...(hehe, jgn marah ye, you should know who I'm refering to) but I think she's more consistent when it comes to home treatment and DIYs...unlike me...

But, from June onwards...yeah, I'm begining to do it daily now....let's see how long this will stay...:P

Terrific Tuesday!

I finally found the photo to be used for the contest, tapi....I forgot to bring along the cable to download the photo...apalaaaa so I guess it has to be tomoro lah...

I was supposed to do it last night, but it was Tuesday, and I was stuck watching Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives and after that I fell asleep...actually didn't manage to finish DH...I fell asleep before it was over. Bleeeuk!

After finally clocking 1500m in the pool (Yippee!!) with not too bad times ...and taking a stumble on the way to the mini-market, and some unpacking, I was actually tired, though I didn't feel like I was.

Aiyo...luckily my stumble takde any detrimental effect. ONly I think I hurt the muscle in my left elbow when I broke my fall, so its kinda sore and feels tight. mild scratches on my knees la...luckily...aiyo, getting very lun-chun (not careful)...

1st 10 laps - 14 mins
2nd 10 laps - 15 mins
3rd 10 laps - forgot to check (hahaha) should be abt 15mins too, i guess...

OKlah...pathetically slow...but I'm almost long as I can manage 30..but these were done at slow, relaxed pace...I pushed when I remembered or felt I was slowing down...heheh terrible, right? I did some drills...25m slow, 25m fast; 25m pull only, 25m kick n pull....etc etc I was bored actually...seriously I kept thinking how I managed it the last time...esp when I was training for the Kapas-Marang Swimathon. woohoo...hopefully i can still have that mental strength as before...

Monday, June 1, 2009


IF I applied for leave it would mean I'd have one day less...

I was already 'cheated' off two (2) days recently...

I'm out to payback!


Ada ke macam tu? Whateverlah!

Plus I'm not feeling well...think it'll be good for me to stay at home?

And dwell..and ponder...and work on good things to come!

Run for your life!

Swim for your life!!

Errrr I meant literally to swim!! kekeke Well, I'm sure after reading my previous post, I think it's normal to link this tagline to that, right? But no, this time I meant it literally.

Yup, that was my Sunday....

AIR had a short stint in the pool again, but this time there was sun so the water wasn't that cool. This time around Daddy sat back n relaxed...

It's amazing the moment I hold him and put him in the water (vertically), suddenly his buttocks will rise and float...keke so cute...and hence he is now horizontally afloat (with his chest supported la). Then automatically, he will kick. I encourage him and pull him along so he's moving. And then he smiles. Awwww....

Well, I read that at such young age (he's only 19 weeks now) he should be exposed to swimming but not longer than 15-20minutes. So i kept to that...hehe worried that he will contract anything contagious...

Before AIR came, I went for some laps...then after taking him into the pool, I continued with more laps...I would've done more if not for the crowd - there were more and more people coming...satisfied though...I did a total of 45 mins...well, I would've clocked in 2000m if it was 2007...but now, I think i'd be lucky if I managed 1500m....

I wish the day would come soon...


Late Friday at work and I was hit with a bomb - horrible news. NOt a good sign. No, no, I don't want to be part of the statistics. There I was preparing a post for this blog about the ups and downs of life, and I felt I was just tied with weights around my ankle and thrown into the deepest ocean. And no, my pathetic underwater skills isn't going to save me this time.

I was caught by surprise and shocked beyond words. All I could utter were some 'uh-hu, oooh ya?, hmmm, ic' and more uhs and ahs.

So the post on the ups and downs of life - 2 days later (today) and I'm not bothered to continue writing anymore. I'm just at the lowest point. If I write at this point, there will be nothing about the high points in life. I'll be just focusing on the low points. Seriously. I shall put that off up till my mood is better. Or the situation is better. I'm just not so sure.

Cutest Baby in Red Contest

I was so excited when I saw that Mom Blogger's Planet was having another contest...this time Cutest Baby Photo contest. Each month there will be a theme and this month it happens to be CUtest Baby in Red...and boy oh boy, I was thinking to myself - 'where on earth am I going to get a photo of AIR in RED?' He only has 1 (yes, you read correctly, ONE) red outfit...this red-stripped romper/body suit. Since Mummy does most of his clothes shopping and mummy not a fan of red, so only 1 so far...hehehe

There goes...introducing my lil' Prince...

Asrul Irfan Riley

(this is the first time I'm revealing his full name on this blog)

14th Jan 2009

So, which mum won't think that their pride and joy is the Cutest on the planet, kan? Well, for me AIR (that's the acronym for his name), whether he's in red or not, dressed or not, he's always game for a photo. When this photo was taken, he just woke up from sleep at a wedding reception. He's deemed by all of our friends as the best-behaved - that night (when the photo was taken) though he didn't nap earlier and was really, really sleepy, he didn't even cry, throw tantrum or make a fuss...all he did - lie in Daddy's arms and after his feed, he was lost in dreamland...I think this make him really cute...cos the moment we left the reception, and into the car, he started to make a little fuss.. This 18-week-old muchkin can 'control macho' pulak, kan?

Want to try your luck too? This contest is open from 1st to 15th June 2009. For more details please refer to Mom BLoggers Planet's page. Thanks to Mom Bloggers Planet, PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders for sponsoring the prizes for this contest. All the best!