Sunday, April 8, 2012

This is the way to eat


 This is how my almost-two-year-old wallops her drumstick... :)

Kids' Gym

I wasn't too sure if my kids would like it so since there was a free trial class available, I signed them both up. OK, abit wasted cos AIR1's class is later, so I put both in the same class, i.e. meant for up to 3 y/o. So AIR1 technically abit older, and as discovered, the oldest in the class, by 2 months :D

Not feeling so adventurous...try the slide first
As soon as we got in, AIR1 sat for a while and then asked to go home. While I spoke to the lady who manages the place, AIR2 was too excited to wait. She kept pestering me to go in with her. And so I went in, but AIR1 didn't want to enter. It wass indeed unexpected. OK, maybe lasted for like 10 seconds and AIR1 followed us in. :)

On the rolly-polly thingy
There were only 5 kids, including these 2. And AIR2 was the only lil' girl. She was a typical girl. timid and taking things slowly. AIR1 was already running around, sweating...and I was impressed with his balancing skills on the balance beam.

Overall, FlyKidz was great. But now I dunno what to do - sign both up in the same class or 2 different classes? hmmmm ponder ponder...this is supposed to occupy those daddy-less weekends until we shall see how...AIR1 was independent enough and didn't mind the instructors' help. He loved the trampoline and all other stunt-like stuff :D

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Almost dead

It amazing that some people just takes things forgranted. As though its the most natural thing to do. Here you are sacrificing so many things, even almost at the brink of death, but u still get selfish remarks of things you should be doing instead.

Maybe I should just drop dead before the seriousness of it all is understood??

And because of this, I keep having flashbacks into the past. And having those what-ifs moments. It can be so negative and demoralizing.

Thank God at least AIR1 could at least say 'Please listen to mummy, if not mummy go hospital'. At least he was somewhat concerned. Worried he wouldn't get to go to the playground, perhaps. hehe