Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bangkok oh Bangkok!!

The Thailand office is 1km away from my hotel. Took about 15min to walk yesterday. Today I had a huge bag and another small bag to lug along so decided to take the taxi. 30+ mins to get to the office. WTH??!!

We (my Thai-office colleague and I) were supposed to leave to site early. 930am, planned. Its now 1130 am and I am still sitting in the office trying to structure my brain to do some desktop work because in my mind I'll be in the car now. WTH??

OK fine, kelig's new so I tried to assist, but seems like trying to google for location is almost impossible cos the roadnames and location are mostly in Thai and even a local person can get lost using google maps. So fine, I'm back to doing my own stuff and I decided to ask 'What time are we leaving?' you know what she said? 'I will think about it' WTH??? WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT??

FINE!  you ask me for my opinion and I tried to help you but if you don't need that opinion then just don't ask lah...ask then later when I turn around you are still doing the same old nonsense...what crap is that??

trying to keep my cool....pool at my hotel