Friday, April 25, 2014

M Boutique Hotel, Ipoh

I chanced upon this hotel once when driving by. Then a friend mentioned that it was a really unique hotel. Many many months later, a colleague managed to stay there while going to Ipoh for work, and just a few days ago, I finally made it there. 

It has a very unique set up. Individually themed floors, a gym, a 'meet-up area' and even a laundry area complete with washing machine, detergent and dryer.

And so these are photos of the room I had on 'The Adventure' floor.

 Very comfy bed with four 'white coloured pillows' on top of the two 'M' and safari-coloured ones, which takes up half the bed if I stacked it all aside :)

 My room key holder with a 'movie ticket' which is actually the wifi password

 The room number which also indicates the type of bed in the room

Photo and sculpture in the room

Breakfast at 'The Myth' their eatery and cafe

The hotel is located right behind 'Old Town White Coffee Grand'. Hence you could miss the hotel because the name is on the side. But once you see the Old Town, you should slowdown and notice the hotel just behind it.

It also sells merchandise of it own. Interesting, but might be quite pricey.

Now, I wouldn't mind going there again....this time to another floor, as the rooms are decorated slightly differently although the furnishing is about the same. Gives you a colonial touch with outback feeling, as the flooring is wooden and the furnishing, i.e. cupboard and table are all made to look like roughly cut wood.

Wooden flooring along the corridor and graffiti on the walls

Now let's see if I can get there again soon! :)