Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Guess who's going to be 1 tomorrow?

Fly FM Pagi Show

Fly FM pagi show will never be the same again next week.

Why? Ben & Fabes will no longer be during the pagi show slot. Somehow Fly FM music has recently been urm not at the lastest, but the entertainment during the pagi show is still the best. The evening slot isn't too bad either, but Fly is the only station I like listening to. And now I wonder who is going to be with Nadia during the morning slot.

No offence to Nadia but I find her alone rather boring. I find's morning show boring too, as I can't stand Rudy's accent and his laugh is annoying. I find the other stations' not as entertaining either in the morning but somehow, Ben&Fabes have synergized pretty well and perhaps are on a somewhat similar wavelength.

Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see next week.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HooHathlon, Father's Day & Birthday

AIR2 will turn 1 on 23rd June so we decided to have a birthday celebration for her the weekend before, and in coincided with Father's day.

It was a tiring day as I had a really really short triathlon race (HooHathlon) in the morning (my first tri race after giving birth to these 2 brats). Swam in the Putrajaya Lake in Precint 6 (Pusat Sukan Air), cycled around Putrajaya and we ran around that same lake again. The swim and run was somewhat a new place for me, but cycling in Putrajaya was not new. Knowing it was a short race, I pushed really hard on the bike. OK, my definition of 'hard' here is just to maintain an average of 30km/h, despite minimal training. Cycling is not my forte. Think I managed quite close to that (meter was bonkers throughout the 10.6km ride) and by the time I started the run, I was panting like crazy. If I had a HRM, I think I must've been doing more than 100%!! hehehe

on the way to the 2.5km mark

And so I ran. The 5km run never felt so long. It was already hot, although it was barely 9am. OK, when I checked with Fong, she too felt the run was long. Maybe it was the heat. Quite proud of myself that on the return leg (we had a u-turn point), I was pulling 2 guys along with me. Both seemed like first timers and one seems like a runner. I think we were all too tired to small talk. :) We crossed the finish line together!! (can't seem to transfer the photo from my phone)

Headed home after a short after event-ceremony. Goodie bag was super! There was BBQ buffet too..

Both AIRs were extremely manja when they saw me. Changed, got them ready and we headed out for lunch with my parents too. AIR1 slept on the way to lunch, AIR2 slept on the way to the party.

Then we were ready for the party!

Guests came abit later than 4pm but we were all good as the birthday girl was still asleep. She awaken to a crowd of new faces and she didn't really like it. (photo not downloaded yet ;p)

Will post bout the birthday later. We had a great time, though AIR1 and AIR2 took turns to stick to us. Thank goodness AIR1 was comfortable playing with Lil' Adam and they were preoccupied.

It was fun and hassle free for us, otherwise cleaning up would have been soooooo tiring!

Thanks for coming and all the presents, ya!!

And thanks Tey, for the race photos!

Monday, June 13, 2011

AIR2 almost 1 year after

In exactly 10 days, AIR2 will turn 1. Time really flies. But being the 2nd child in the family, the excitement has worn down a little compared to AIR1. Nevertheless, we will still hold a party for the lil’ princess and have a small celebration together.

At almost 1, she
- Still does not have any teeth (yes, it’s amazing, but she being No.2, I'm not worried as I'm now abit more aware than before)
- Loves to stand, but still can’t do a hands-free
- Likes to grab and hold on tight to people who carry her, i.e. me or daddy
- Is not stranger-friendly at all
- Loves to play ‘cak’
- Does not give up easily when trying to keep what’s hers, hers…especially if her brother is the one taking it away from her
- Loves to scream when she’s not happy with anything/anyone
- Is an ultra-light sleeper…the WILL ALWAYs wake up when lifted/moved from current sleeping position
- Ultra-clingy

Let's hope she will somehow enjoy the birthday party....

Training & baking!

11 June

Supposed to start my run at 0530 but ended up only leaving the house at 0600. The toilet ritual was horrible. It’s not even a race, but it has been 3 times this has happened, on my planned LSDs.

I ended up starting at almost 0630. Anticipating a loooong journey I started slow. Knees were not in the best shape and decided to take it easy since I was running alone this time. But then I thought I saw Fong’s ride at the carpark. I wasn’t sure.

Almost at the end of Loop 1, Fong came up and I was surprised that she was still around. It made my running more fun. But then it was just a short run to the entrance and she was going off.

Total loops done – almost 4 (got discounted cos of laborious breathing and knee pain)
Went home abit disappointed.

Decided to test out my kit for the coming weekend.
Swam for 15 mins or so. Also discounted cos it was super duper cold and I felt really weak and thought I was going to pass out in the cold water. Sides (tummy) hurt while breathing, made me feel like I was still running (the type of side stitch you get while running) so I decided to call it quits.

12 June
0530 – spinned. 20mins later, AIR2 awakens. Patted her hoping she’ll go to sleep again. No luck. Plans abandoned. :(

Used AIR2 as my weights while entertaining her at the same time. Lasted for 15 mins before I ran out of idea as I was still kinda sleepy and she not extremely thrilled as I think she was still groggy ;p

0930 – went for a swim, finally a decent swim. 30mins, maybe 1.5km or so. Forgot to count my laps ;p Satisfied.

1030 – took AIR1 for a swim instead. He sat by the pool for a good 15 mins in the sun before taking a dip and then refusing to leave. J

After lunch, went for a fondant cookie deco class. It was interesting. As expected, I’m not too good with my fingers, but I think it can be improved. Now only if I can find time to bake and make all these deco. I miss baking those cuppies, though they’re not excellent, but its therapeutic, I guess.Came back and after seeing AIR1 wallop the ‘elephant’ and ‘caterpillar’, I was thrilled and convinced I should make more J for his next birthday, perhaps.

My completed project, except the pirate.

Catepillar with some parts gone

Can you guess what these are?

Boy I do miss baking.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Finally managed to squeeze in a spa-treat. Well, actually its just a massage session. Badly needed.

But I came out dissapointed.

Massuer was a blind lady in her 40s, Sabahan and new to this place. Started off quite well but in the end, she gave me more of a accupressure-type of massage compared to what I wanted, Shiatsu. So my upper body remains 'unsatisfied' (ok, don't misinterpret, ya! hahaha) but my lower half - not too bad. Just that my already stiff knee from this morning feels weird, despite me telling her to 'knead' it lightly. Hope it will feel better by tomorrow morning!

Now when will my next precious session be, I wonder....

School Holidaysssss

It doesn't seem to make much of a difference to me this time. Ok, it does slightly...I leave 15mins later. hahaha, like it makes heaps of difference!

I could leave later but I don't. That's cos I still want to reach the babysitter's by 0715 or maybe 0725 the latest so that I can squeezeee in at least a 30min session of run. Actually if I wanted to run longer I could, but then I'll be leaving office past 6, then poor kiddos will be waiting. So instead I try to make it to office by 0810, then shower etc...

So far, this seems to be the best way to get my 30min runs! And before I leave the house, I'll squeeze in a short spin or some weights.

Inspired by Fong to get new weights now! Think my miserable weights are getting too light and boring for me ;p

Desperate to work out! I miss that pink-flushed-look after every cardio session!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Launch of Kelab Upin Ipin

The day he followed Daddy to the event and he met his idols.


He had a great time there, but the moment they disappeared, he started grumbling to Daddy. When I fetched him from the babysitter, he complained to me too....he didn't have enough.

Friday, June 3, 2011


It was just not meant to be... Registered and forgot that it was the same weekend I was going up north. And here I am, up north in Kedah, for a relative's kenduri. Next stop will be Penang to see mummy & daddy. This means no training at all this weekend! :(

Oh dear...the weather, coupled with a super-sticky-AIR2, it hasn't been easy. Except when she has slept. She'll crawl all over, grab everything in her way and unfortunately me being against the fact that there are cats wondering in the house during other times of the day, makes me uneasy letting her crawl all over..I'll be calling after her, running after her and trying to grab her before she grabs anything.

And because of that, my already not-so-perfect left knee is now suffering.
Hope tomorrow will be better.