Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anugerah buatmu (tag from Isabelle)

Thanks to Isabelle....:)

I didn't realise this tag is actually quite long, until I started to do it. Hmmmm here goes...

3 names in your message inbox, hp ke social profile ?

Fong, Jamira, Mi

Your main Ringtone.

Alamak...I can't rmbr the title of the song.

What u did at 12 last night?
12? Slept already la…

Who was the last person you went out with? where?
Erm, 4 of my keligs, out to Ikano area for lunch.

The colour of the T-shirt you're wearing now
Striped shirt, orange and white.

The last thing u did.
Am still doing something….answering this tag.

3 of your everyday favorite items
Breakfast, lunch, dinner

The colour of your bedroom.

How much money in your wallet now?
Dunno la, around RM300 kot

How's life

Good, the same, as usual

your favorite song..
none in particular, anything nice

What will you do next weekend?
Maybe meet my God-sis for breakfast, lunch not sure but Jap dinner.

When was the last time you saw your mum
Early March 2010. 3 weeks ago.

Where is she now?
Probably at home watching her serial drama.

When was the last time you talked to your parent?
Last night

Who is the last person that talked with you last night?
Hubby la

Where did you have dinner last night?
At home

The last surprise you got.
Mum’s reaction when I told her I am pregnant again.

Last thing you borrowed from your friend.
A blue pen.

Who is your bf/gf or husband/wife?
Hubby la

What do you feel now?
Can’t wait for my facial appt in 2hrs.

Wanna share with who?

Who knows your secret?
Me, Myself and I

They keep your secret?
better be...

Are you angry with someone?
Erm not exactly

What do you order at McD?
Usually quarter pounder, until they introduced Big&Tasty

The last time you felt so sad
Now it’s hormonal….

Mahu tag?
Of course….
1. Sawsawlady
2. Fong
3. Yatie Chomeyl
4. Fazahra

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Our office conducted an internal training for that. After sitting through one hour of it, I thought I was fine. Then the other trainer, the HSE Lead, who has his room near my cubicle (i.e. he walks past me almost every time) suddenly came up to me and told me that I wasn’t sitting properly. Apparently my shoulders are too tensed up, so he asked if I do suffer from shoulder/neck pain (which I occasionally do, but I always do know why).

I believe I was ‘caught’ at the wrong time. I was intentionally leaning forward as my laptop was intentionally pushed away (to allow some desk space in front). Then leaning forward, I kinda ‘closed’ my shoulders together. Hence not ergonomical. My chair wasn’t very suitable either….so am advised to get a pillow for better support. OK, mental note – go get one of those free-ones which have been lying unused at home ;p

Everything ideally should be at 90 degree to each other. See figures below (courtesy of Google search). So we should learn to sit properly, support our back, wrist and foot and ensure we’re at a good angle. But no, this is much tougher for those using laptops for extended period, but there are devices (or own-made ones) to assist in a proper ergonomic position.

Apply for Year One Online

This morning I saw a write up in the newspapers regarding registration of kids into Year 1 online. Well, it’s still a long way to go for my son, but I was just wondering what the hype is all about.

so I clicked on that. Supposed to be the 1st online school registration system in Malaysia la, and it’s been implemented in Selangor – something we should be proud off… :) (konon-nyer la)

And so after doing other things, I went back to that page and it gave me a ‘site not found’ error statement. Whopps! Nevermind, I tried again. Luckily this time the page popped out. Nothing spectacular.

So you have to put in the MyKid number and some basic info before proceeding. So I just stopped there.I wonder if this would make things easier for the parents, not having to queue at the schools of their choice to register (and perhaps save a lot of time)?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pregnant and fashionable?

What would you wear when you’re pregnant?

Would you show off your tummy, i.e. wear fitting (clothes with stretchable material) clothes to emphasize it (last pic) or would you wear the usual maternity baggy-hide-your-tummy kind of outfit?

Some people (men and women inclusive) finds emphasizing the tummy offensive and not fashionable. Some find it sexy. I'm of the second opinion, until of course when my belly-button decides to pop! Then I'm more cautious bout showing it off :)

What's your pregnancy-fashion-statement?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Encounter of the same kind...

Me : Alamak!
Colleagues : Why?
M: She's wearing the same thing as I am. Even same colour. Aiyo....
C: yalah...

Luckily she walked past not noticing and she didn't walk into the same shop.

haha safe and sound!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Stayover

Checking out the golf course outside....
Weekend stay over at the hotel coincided with AIR’s 14-month birthday. No, we didn’t intentionally go there for his birthday but it was supposed to be a postponed anniversary stay-over. It was just in Holiday Inn Glenmarie. Rooms seemed to have been refurbished since the last I was there and it’s nice. I think they went through a re-branding exercise too, as the brand logo has also been changed.

It was AIR’s first hotel stay and when we checked into the room he was super-excited. Babbling away non-stop, walking and exploring all over the room he was really happy.

After a short rest we decided to take him for a dip in the pool. It’s been ages since the last one. And that was when he hasn’t started walking. And my oh my, he just couldn’t wait the moment he saw the pool. Struggling while changing didn’t help. Once he was done, he just ran towards to pool. Aiyo, dangerous man. In the pool, he just couldn’t stop kicking and splashing with his arms, mimicking swimming moves and trying to push himself towards to side of the pool. Dunno where he learnt that but it was good to see. The best part was the kids’ pool was just nice for him to stand up. It took him by surprise when I just let him go all of a sudden, but he managed well.

Now, if a 2-3star hotel can provide free wifi and broadband services, why a 5-star hotel can’t? Isn’t it very strange? Wifi services were chargeable at RMX.95 per minute. Gosh, can you imagine? Per minute….

Anyways, it was a good stay over, minus the hectic swimming pool experience (oh boy I was tired after all that chasing around) and minus the massage/spa which I wanted to go for but didn’t have time in the end….lazing around and being entertained by the lil’ guy was good enough…
Now, when can I make that facial/massage appt? :P

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ouch, my lips!

Urrrgh! I've bitten my lips twice yesterday and three times today, all in the span of perhaps the first minute of eating my lunch!

What is happening?? mmmmm

And now it's uncomfortable.


It’s amazing how you can differentiate your real friends or perhaps just friends (or people who claim they are your friends) and friends who actually care. Well, colleagues are of a different league as some of them can be aloof and know very little about you, but yet they are concerned about you. Others are there just to make the office merrier or make your life more difficult.

It’s not the first time I’ve noticed it, but this time it opened my eyes wider.

Lunch buddies can be genuine friends too....


These two incidences made me think. (Not serious incidences)

I had the craving for teh tarik. So yesterday I tapau-ed from this usual shop. RM1.50 if you have it there and RM1.50 also if tapau. hmmmm and the portion is even larger than the eat-in one. OK.

This morning, same thing. But I tapau-ed from a hawker centre. RM1.00 eat-in and RM1.00 takeaway too. And same case, larger portion.

These were hot drinks, hence ice portions don't come into the picture.

I remember last time when I used to frequent those chinese hawker shops a.k.a kopitiam, if u eat-in its cheaper than takeaway. Drinks at RM1.00 (for example) eat-in would cost RM1.10 or RM1.20 takeaway. The logic? Plastic bags (packaging) is more expensive than the washing.

But now? Or maybe its still the practise in those kopitiam. Hmmmm I must go check one of these days. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Karyotype results

So this is what you get after you have paid lots of RM (and yes, I didn't expect it to be so expensive) to find out that baby has got perfect 23 pairs of chromosomes (or 46 in all). Yes, the envelope is there for a reason. At the end of chromosome #22, there's the X and Y, so that's where the gender is....hahaha, it's hidden! Daddy doesn't even know!

And how did that happen? after almost 5 hours of waiting to see the Dr, the lil' fella was hungry and restless and so Daddy took him out. Left me alone. I told the nurse i didn't want to know the gender, but as Dr explained it to me, it's all lined up there, and even in much for not wanting to know :)

Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary, Sayang!

Ok, so this wouldn’t be the getaway planned or the romantic dinner…so instead, after waking up from my nap, we ordered Dominos as the lil’ one just got to sleep. So we ordered our usual, plus the free regular.

When it arrived, we had the large and unable to finish it, we took that 2 pieces to keep in the smaller box, only did we notice they delivered the regular not as what we ordered. It came with hand-tossed crust but we ordered the thin crust. So, not very happy (though it was going to be my lunch the next day only), I called up the outlet to let them know that the regular pizza was wrongly sent. The person told me he will replace it and I can keep the wrong one too. 5 minutes later he called me back to tell me the order will be abit late and told me to enjoy that existing pizza first.

The doorbell rang much later, just when I thought they were not going to send anymore. Hubby came in and I was shocked to see him carrying another large pizza on top of the regular which was changed. Oh no!! Pizza feast! Seriously, I only expected the regular pizza to be replaced and not the large one either. Gosh, thank goodness they din bring the lagsana too!

Losing weight....

Weigh in at 16wks 5 days – 53.3kg

Weigh in at 19wks 6 days – 55.3kg

Weigh in at 20wks 6 days – 51kg

And how I wished under normal circumstances I’d be able to lose 4 kgs in 1 week (exact duration was probably 4 days).

After the weigh in at 19wks, I wasn’t well few days after. Well, technically I was only burnt out and was given time off from work to rest. Little did I know that I was going to fall ill the very next day and it was downhill from there. Gosh. And so I spent our anniversary at the hospital! Postponed our anniversary getaway, hopefully all will be well in 2 weeks’ time.

Not doing too great yet, but hopefully will be back soon!