Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Too many to update

I've not been so great (again) at updating my blog.

And since 2015, alot of things were changing, in the work scene and even time for managing the family. Worse when February came and a change in role in such a short notice meant a whole lot of kelam-kabut-ness (topsy turvy) in everything. I had so little time but so many things to do. Some may say, that is a typical corporate world thing, but mind you...it was not THAT bad until Feb.

For the first time, my nights after putting the kids to bed, I was on the laptop. My weekend nights were that too, and sometimes weekend daytime, where lounging around at home. I was burnt out.

To top it off, I was trying to put in training hours as I am training for a 68km run. I really didn't have time and I was worried.

Now finally I can breathe. So I shall slowly update my blog. :)

Stay tuned.