Thursday, September 18, 2014

WW - Signage in Malaysia

Delayed WW post.

Hospital < Prison??

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September already?

Happy 57th Merdeka!

Time has gone by so quickly, its amazing! I can't believe its already September. Everything is just flying by.

So many things are concurrently changing. Work, life, events....

Signed up for a races in October and December but everything is falling in really quickly. An unplaned volunteering technical official duty for Ironman Langkawi in September cropped up, and likely another officiating event for triathlon in Phuket might happen in November. I am excited. I think this year is the most run-cations and travel without involving work is happening :P

But at the same time, travelling due to work within the country (including Sabah & Sarawak) is going on quite often too.

Don't know how should I be putting it - whether it is good or bad or just nice, but it is kind tough working around all these happening at the same time.

Not all things are as rosy as it seems on the forefront.

And the year is coming close to its end and many other things are also taking place at the same time and all I can hope is for a lit path, for the way it should be.

I seem to only have a lot of issues going on at the same time. All the negativity lies within (seems to me). But it is as though there is a sign. Everytime I have that very same feeling, when I suddenly look at my FB newsfeed, there is always someone else who is facing even a harder situation, or there will be posts on words of wisdom which makes me feel slightly better. And I believe it is God's way of telling me that there are still good things waiting to pop up for me.

And I am waiting with open arms :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014


I realised I am horrible at posting photos while in the process of either cooking or preparing to cook or bake. I dunno how all of you do it.

I guess it boils down to:
1. My hands/fingers are already dirty, so how to handle camera/phone?
2. Too troublesome to go and clean and then snap a photo at almost every process or when new ingredients are added.

Hah, so how do you do it?

That said, even the finished product I would sometimes forget, until it has been half eaten or transferred into another container to keep. :) Sad but true. Maybe I should get my kids to take the photos. They are able to do random shots and selfies now. :)

Been doing some baking and cooking again these few days but my attempt at BBQ ribs have to be postponed as I will be travelling tomorrow and the weekend is again filled with activities.

Now, I better remember to get my photos ready for the weekend. It will be interesting as there is going to be a birthday bash for a 5-year-old at the ice ring. Yes, ice ring....he is one lucky fella.

Have a good week(-end) too!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back to Square 1

That was before the 2-weeks-gym-absence

And this is AFTER the 2-weeks-gym-absence

It was sufferfest at the gym this morning. Although I have been doing runs....but I totally lost my upper body ability. :( TRX helped but I didn't do it as often.

Now back to square 1....thank goodness I didn't sign up for any triathlon races....

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WW - From my kitchen recently

 10 egg yolks as part of the recipe for the cheesecake below
(first time ever baking in such huge proportions!)

 The soft and fluffy cheesecake which set a little during the second batch.

Air fried drummets (like grilled because no batter used)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Raya and such

Selamat Hari Raya folks!

Again the lull happened and the blog remained quite for a bit. Apologies. :(

Raya 2014 seemed abit subdued and slow and quiet. I have no idea why but the hustle and bustle at the inlaw's on the first day was absent. Too quiet to be true (although I was quietly glad) and quickly passed. Second day was not much different but the usual routine of my parents visiting my inlaws happened. Less hassle in food prep this time and kids had more fun cos my cousins came along too.

And since I anticipated the usual 3rd day bore, I decided to do some field visits (yes, work) on the third day. Nice weather, gloomy and cool but didn't manage to steal some time to train because I had no where to go!! So it was only work. 

I went to the foothill of Gunung Jerai but there was no proper park or track. At 8am it was lonely with only 2 or 3 other people who were tourist bus and lorry drivers perhaps waiting to ferry people. It would have been a good opportunity for me to do a hill run, but I just didn't want to risk safety. So I left and continued to work.

Then we were back in the city on the 4th night and so that was Raya. 

Good thing was kids had fun at their 'uncle & aunts' place. So we were less worried on how to keep them sane.

And so work started on 4th August as usual.

Have a blessed year ahead, folks.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WW - Baking Frenzy

Carrot Muffin

 Pumpkin Popevers

 Quinoa Breakfast Joy

 Some healthy muffin which I can't remember its glamorous name

Quinoa bread with avocado and dark choc cashew spread

WW - Ladybird invasion

Happy Teacher's Day!

Delayed posting - Kiddos took this for their Teacher's Day party at their respective kindy. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sibu - 2nd revisit

Sibu....first time was in 2006 when I was 'sent' there for the Explorace TV programme. 'Sent' because it was a surprise destination. We were not told where we were going. We were taken to KLIA and until we received out boarding pass, then we knew.

'We' would be my teamate/partner and the other two people who we were supposed to be racing against. Neutral ground for us as none of us have been there. It was an adventure on  its own where early in the race the soles of my shoes decided to peel off and I was running with a rubber-banded-sole until I tripped and fell and scrapped myself in one of the locations.

Then I tried to tape my shoe, but after one or two more tasks, one of the assistant race director was kind enough to lend me her shoe to complete my race. (In the show it was portrayed as a stranger in a random shop by the jetty who was kind enough to lend me her shoe).

Unfortunately luck wasn't with us and we lost out by just a bit to the other team. Nevertheless it was an enjoyable and eye-opening race which let us to alot more connections and friendship.

Went back there again sometime in 2011 and now again in 2014 and both were for work. Not much has changed except for a better-looking airport, renovated market complex, some new shopping centres and the rest remained the same.

A few shops have closed and some new ones have come to replace but essentially the town centre still remains the same full-of-one-way-street and congested. Night market still exists and stuff seems to be even cheaper than in the Peninsular. Eateries like Islamic Nyonya Cafe (along Jalan Ramin) still remained but with some changes to the menu. Now serves roti canai and the likes. Food is still really cheap.

Famous for its kampua noodles (foochow speciality), it was one of those things you had to try when there. Luckily there is the halal version at a few places, like the Islamic Nyonya Cafe. Then there is Mee Sapi which essentially is like the Indonesian food 'Rawon' and now there area few eateries even selling Indonesian food, which I believe is gaining popularity there too. Ayam Penyet, Bakso, Pecel and the likes are getting more common there.

Well, maybe in another four years I get to go there again. Not much to attract me to go there again for a holiday, but if duty calls for it, then its alright, as time will be occupied. Otherwise this laid back town has been explored.
 The Pagoda
 Swan at the entrance to the town centre also known as Sibu Gateway
 Part of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs at the Gateway

Part of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs at the Gateway

This is how poultry is sold at the market

Friday, April 25, 2014

M Boutique Hotel, Ipoh

I chanced upon this hotel once when driving by. Then a friend mentioned that it was a really unique hotel. Many many months later, a colleague managed to stay there while going to Ipoh for work, and just a few days ago, I finally made it there. 

It has a very unique set up. Individually themed floors, a gym, a 'meet-up area' and even a laundry area complete with washing machine, detergent and dryer.

And so these are photos of the room I had on 'The Adventure' floor.

 Very comfy bed with four 'white coloured pillows' on top of the two 'M' and safari-coloured ones, which takes up half the bed if I stacked it all aside :)

 My room key holder with a 'movie ticket' which is actually the wifi password

 The room number which also indicates the type of bed in the room

Photo and sculpture in the room

Breakfast at 'The Myth' their eatery and cafe

The hotel is located right behind 'Old Town White Coffee Grand'. Hence you could miss the hotel because the name is on the side. But once you see the Old Town, you should slowdown and notice the hotel just behind it.

It also sells merchandise of it own. Interesting, but might be quite pricey.

Now, I wouldn't mind going there again....this time to another floor, as the rooms are decorated slightly differently although the furnishing is about the same. Gives you a colonial touch with outback feeling, as the flooring is wooden and the furnishing, i.e. cupboard and table are all made to look like roughly cut wood.

Wooden flooring along the corridor and graffiti on the walls

Now let's see if I can get there again soon! :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Haze haze haze


Gosh, its been ages since  I updated anything in my blog. Not much excuses but perhaps just not the right time.

Its already March 2014...time flies and so many things have happened. Especially in 2013. Nothing dramatic but lots of experiences in 2013 which has taught me alot about life....

but anyway, rest assured, there will be more postings in 2014 and I shall update...:)

Just a short one for now....

take things easy as the haze is not helping. Every other person is not well and I have developed cough from my earlier sore throat. This will go has to :)

have a good weekend everyone!