Monday, February 22, 2010

Antics at 1!

It’s amazing how fast a one-year-old learns. I thought perhaps after seeing it done 3-4 times only the lil fella will remember, but oh no….it only takes once and then he will remember and can repeat it.

When he observed the sequences before Ah Kong opened the main door to take him out, the next thing we realized was he showed us the sequences, i.e. by pointing to the drawer where the keys were kept, so he could be carried to take the keys and then pointing to the padlock on the grille door.

Then it was when Daddy ‘showed’ him how to start the motorcycle. He’s got this fascination with motorbikes, bicycles and cars. So sitting in the ‘basket’ Daddy showed him where the key was to be switched on first, then the ignition button. After that, he switched it off. Then he promptly put him fingers on the keys, tried to turn it on but failed. So instead, he took Daddy’s fingers and put it there to ask him to turn it on for him. Then he tried to press the ignition button.

I was surprised. When we went to a relative’s house, the motorbike was of a older version, hence the ignition key was at a diff spot. He somehow still remembered where the previous bike’s was and when he found a key lying there, he took and tried to slot it into where he thought the ignition was.

It’s also been sometime since we visited my aunt and her dog. So two days back, we visited her and oh boy, was he sooo fascinated by her dog. He saw where my aunt took the biscuit to give doggy and when the biscuit finished, he took her to go take another.

And when we were back in the kg, there were chicken and cats around. He was absolutely thrilled when for the first time he touched the cat’s fur. He giggled and squealed in delight. And couldn’t wait to touch it again. Too bad those chicken were untouchable. They immediately ran away when we got near.

On our first night there, as he got up at about 5+ am for his feed, he heard the cock crow. To my surprise he actually sat up and went ‘wooo wooo’ and I thought to myself, that this would be a very early morning for me….thank goodness he slept off while taking milk, but as usual, by 630 he’s up and about again.

Early mornings everyday!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Temper Tantrums

Finally, 2-3 days shy of 13 months, AIR took his first solo steps. And after that, all he wanted to do was walk and walk and walk....but of course there were times when he wanted to hold on to us to....faster and more stable. and now confidently, albeit abit 'mabuk' he will explore everywhere and look for anyone or anything.

So back home for CNY and we discovered now he loves throwing tantrums. Yes, everyone Ah Ma and Ah Kong are around to give him all the attention he wants and so he's taking full advantage of it. You say no and all of a sudden he throws his tantrums.

Now, every morning his 'ritual' would be walk to the shoe rack, pick his favourite sandals and then point to the drawer where the keys are kept and hola, he'll make u open the main door and then take him out for a walk. I have refused many times and he will patiently wait for his grandpa to awaken and excitedly do the same. And of course, this time he gets what he wants. Boy oh boy....I wonder what's gonna happen when we get back to KL.

Anyway, happy holidays to those enjoying the long break and Gong Xi Fa Cai to all celebrating!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Home away from Home....

Home away from home?

Well, technically am in Seberang Jaya, and am approx 1km away from where I used to live, the first 12 years of my life, in Chai Leng Park. Mum and Dad would be about 15km away now, across the Penang Bridge. hmmmm so close....

So many things have changed. The Seberang Jaya Public Pool looks so much nicer from the outside and I'm not sure if it still is a public pool. hmmm it looked closed when I passed by. Seberang Jaya has changed so much. I've still not driven through CLP and my previous house which is being tenanted. Let's see what happens later. I wanna go get a glimpse of it. I miss the large garden at the side and space out in front of the house between the house and the road. Unlike houses now, where just barely 5 feet outside the gate is already the road.

mmmm I also miss the 4 mango trees and 2 coconut tress in the garden and outside the house. Oh, those were the days. Every mango season (I can't remember how many months it would stretch to), there will be harvests of up too 300 mangoes per tree. So much so, that after giving to neighbours, relatives and friends, we'll still have tons (literally) and we actually sell them to the fruit seller at the market (who also happens to be a neighbour 3 streets' away). I miss that house and all the memories that come with it.

The neighbours, the huge playground and the places my neighbour and I used to cycle to. Those were the days we could roam free (and just be back by the time we were required to). It was safe out there. We would ride through the whole of CLP and sometimes be so tempted to 'cross over' to Seberang Jaya.

The kindy I used to go to is STILL there and it seemed to have more playthings in the garden than before.

Oh, those were the fun times....

(hope I get to put some pics)

Monday, February 1, 2010


So what’s this AMNIOCENTESIS? It’s actually a procedure conducted on pregnant women who are identified in the high risk group, i.e. high risk of delivering a baby with Down’s Syndrome (DS) at full term. This is a recommended test after a first trimester blood test confirms/indicates that the mother is of a higher risk at delivering a DS baby. It’s optional but if the mother chooses this, then amniotic fluid would be drawn out from the womb for a series for tests.

Never expected that I’ll actually go through this. I’ve read about it, during my first pregnancy. However I’ve not heard any of my friends or close friends go through it either.
OK, I’ve read that they will insert a large needle into your tummy and extract the amniotic fluid from it. How large? Different people whom have not gone through it have different perceptions.

First the obgyn scans to ensure the right position to ‘poke’ you, somewhere below the navel. She marks the spot…and then the procedure starts. Then the local anesthetic injected. It was just injected on the surface and I was having my doubts if it was actually going to work. First time ma…and next she tells me that she’s gonna put in the larger needle into me. I decided to just look at the scan (besides, I couldn’t even really see, cos my bunched up tee slightly blocked my clear view of it. So I see baby on one side and then the needle goes in on the other. I couldn’t feel the pain, but there was a strange sensation I felt when the whole 4 inches went in. It wasn’t thick needle but it was indeed long. Yes, 10cm long. But to me, I think it was bearable. It was the sight of the syringe that looked rather huge ;p

Then I see her slowly trying to extract the fluid out the moment she did that, I saw baby move. Baby lifted its arms. So cute. Like in the position I was. And 15ml was extracted.

All it left was a needle scar, sealed by plaster.

When I pressed the ‘spot’ the next day, there was a slight pain. Very mild I suppose. I mean just like u injuring yourself that kind of thing la.

So it’s three weeks later before I will know the results. 3 agonizing weeks but I’m trying not to think so much about it. Let’s have a good CNY first and pray for the best.