Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So far, only one major incident has happened. But the MAIN event has yet to come. Yes, 2009 will be starting with a bang with the arrival of Junior which hubby and I are waiting patiently for. Yeah, my mum and dad too are eagerly waiting for the new addition to our family. And we are all excited.

I guess Junior has his own plans. At week 37 (circa end 2008, begining 2009), he has yet to be 'fully engaged' hence he is still taking his time. Guess he wasn't going to surprise us by giving us a new year pressie.

I'm eager to see if he has yet settled tomorrow as I'm due for another check up. Up till today (week 38 already), I've not had any signs of Braxton Hicks contractions or the real ones. :)

So we are all still waiting patiently and eagerly. Everything has been set up. The 'nursery' is ready, my bags are packed and we're all just waiting for the first signs to go!!

I'm still at work and not ready to start my leave. I wanna be on leave later for longer. Why now when I am still able? hehe

Chinese New Year 2009 will also hold a different meaning since Mum and Dad will be in KL, so I guess the festivities would be 'shifted'. It'll also be my first CNY in KL, other than the 2 years I had overseas last time.

Apart from that, I can't tell what 2009 would be like but it's going to be extremely busy juggling motherhood, work and perhaps some training.

To all out there - hope 2009 is filled with all things you've been working/asking for.

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