Thursday, November 17, 2011


Phew! It was a tiring holiday.

The whole family, kids n grandparents included, and close family frens decided to take a cruise. So off we went on Superstar Libra for a 4D3N cruise Pg-Phuket-Krabi-Pg.

Indeed it was quite nice, minus the kids...but if kids included....its just not suitable. Well, technically not suitable for kids below 5, I'd say. Otherwise it'd be a perfect holiday. To make things worse, AIR1 just has to be at his 'best' at throwing tantrums in the morning daily. Until the staff there has recognized him. And then AIR2 wasn't too well with a stuffed nose and poor lil' girl was not comfy at times.

However, the trip also turned out to be a real workout for hub n I. We went to Patong Beach in Phuket and went to the Patong Ceylon Mall (can't really remember what exactly it was called). Almost 80% of the time, AIR1 wanted to be carried. And so he stuck to me like a semi-permanent attachment ;p Even slept on me throughout our 1.5-2km walk from the complex to the jetty. And AIR2 stuck to hub...and together we had out weight workout. ;p Thank goodness my knees are still intact and not sore...and hopefuly ready for PBIM this sunday.

But anyways, so what's so special on 16Nov 2011?

Got back to good ol' Pg and shortly after all the chaotic disembarkment etc etc and reached home, I got a call from a strange number. Thinking it was from True Fitness who was for the umpteenth time trying to give me a 2-week free pass and remind me to go collect it as it was almost 2 weeks since my appointment. I answered and there was this Chinese sounding guy trying his best to speak broken malay to me. I was almost annoyed, but when he told me he was calling from Dumex Mamil, I listened a bit more. At the back of my mind I thought he was trying to get me to update my info on their database or something of that sort.

Then he mentioned something which caught me instantly...which I didn't pay attention initially. He asked if I joined the contest, but I heard if I had joined the Mamil Club ...hahaha then by then I spoke English to him and I guess he was relieved. He proceeded to congratulate me. And said I've won. I expected him to say I won RM500 for AIR2 (cos I put her name there) and RM500 was the consolation prize, but he said congratulations, you won RM5,000.!!! I was like 'WHAT? Oh, ok...' pretending to be cool. And now, he is talking!!

So info n procedures were mentioned. Thank God I answered the call. Now I wonder if he had tried many times to call me earlier but failed.

And when I looked at the contest details again, I was surprised...RM5,000 is actually the 1st prize for the weekly winner!!

Woweeee! 1st time ever winning a first prize in contest of this sort....(Fear Factor doesn't count, ok.) ;p

Now can't wait to get the bank acc set up for AIR2! Yipee!! (aptly said and pun intended! - am supposed to open a Yipee savings account thru Maybank) hahahaha ;p

Now time to go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


yatie chomeyl said...

woww......lucky u babe. congrates, rezeki anak2 tu :)

isabelle said...

Congrats dear.
giler banyak tuuuuu.
best best...

Dancing Ciken said...

wahhh rezeki anak ni, congrats!!!

reitak said...

Thanks ladies...yup, mmg bnyk and I didn't expect it!!