Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Speech development in toddlers

When AIR1 started talking we were really really excited. When AIR2 started to talk, we were excited too, but because she started a lilttle later, and she had a 'partner' to talk too, we were constantly amused.

When AIR1 started his first word, he was barely 10months. It was 'bunga' but everytime he said it, it sounded like 'buah'. When he started to talk properly, i.e. at least proper words, it was almost 14-15months perhaps, can't really remember.

But my mum told me that at 17 months I already could create my own song and sing!! I could recall the singing part but vaguely the age, but back then, the cassette recorder was the 'in' thing and I remembered recording my very own 'single' at that time. I sat in my highchair, pushed the Rec& Play button at the same time and started singing. :)

My first single was about chicken rice, because it was my all-time-favourite. And I remember before I started the song, I had to introduce myself and my age. Hence I do remember roughly my age at that time. Must go back and look for my 'single' stashed somewhere :)

Anyways, so back to AIRs. Now AIR2 started to really grasp and pronounce words properly at about 16-17months...(when I was already singing away ;p) but she just loves to babble.

It is interesting when her brother talks to her and teaches her, immitating how we thought him last time, and she would respond in her very own babbles.

Favourite pastime/ritual for now, sing and pat her dolls to bed, covering them with blanket and sometimes even 'teaching' them. Feeding them, changing diapers and taking them wherever she goes. Now I wonder when will she start to sing.....

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