Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kids' Gym

I wasn't too sure if my kids would like it so since there was a free trial class available, I signed them both up. OK, abit wasted cos AIR1's class is later, so I put both in the same class, i.e. meant for up to 3 y/o. So AIR1 technically abit older, and as discovered, the oldest in the class, by 2 months :D

Not feeling so adventurous...try the slide first
As soon as we got in, AIR1 sat for a while and then asked to go home. While I spoke to the lady who manages the place, AIR2 was too excited to wait. She kept pestering me to go in with her. And so I went in, but AIR1 didn't want to enter. It wass indeed unexpected. OK, maybe lasted for like 10 seconds and AIR1 followed us in. :)

On the rolly-polly thingy
There were only 5 kids, including these 2. And AIR2 was the only lil' girl. She was a typical girl. timid and taking things slowly. AIR1 was already running around, sweating...and I was impressed with his balancing skills on the balance beam.

Overall, FlyKidz was great. But now I dunno what to do - sign both up in the same class or 2 different classes? hmmmm ponder ponder...this is supposed to occupy those daddy-less weekends until we shall see how...AIR1 was independent enough and didn't mind the instructors' help. He loved the trampoline and all other stunt-like stuff :D

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