Friday, May 25, 2012

What did you say?

Gosh! 1 month went by and I've not really logged in or blogged. Crap. So many things happened, but thanks to blogger-friends who do link their posts to FB, I read them there :)

Well, it's been 1 month of turmoil. Yes, you heard right.

New work, new schedules, new arrangements and all sorts of things happening at home. Yes, it was a real 'rojak' of happiness and sadness.


And to top it all, I heard of some bad news about a friend this morning too. :(

Now I am thinking....and thinking of all the things that I've been through this whole month and wondering if it needs to be re-looked. Do I need another drastic change?

(sorry, I am writing in metaphors cos it's quite difficult to get to the point at this point of time)

Now let's go shopping for a present for Mummy's birthday!! :D

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