Monday, October 21, 2013

Redang Island Challenge, Reebok ONEChallenge & Putrajaya Night Marathon 2013

Looks like its been ages since I posted anything. Yeah blame everything else but myself....was going to do that, but I guess I wasn't just making enough effort to blog. Many people have not enough time too, but can find the time. Blogging was put aside for a while recently. But I do miss blog-hoping and reading what my other blogger friends have been up to.

So anyway.....

Nothing very interesting except for some drama at work and then these three events which occupied me from 16th September till 19th October. Almost 2 weeks apart each.

So it was after raya and I decided to make some changes to my eating habits, lost some Kgs and happy with what I saw. Then on 16th Sept, went for Redang Island Challenge, didn't really train for the short swim (1.5km) but after that the run and kayak was ok. Finished 15th, where the last 5 teams came in together. Happy with the results and this was an event I partnered a friend I knew for almost 10 years through Ironman/ triathlon/ dualthon but never raced with each other before. Fun event, and relaxing getaway in Redang.

Then came Reebok challenge, the most talked-about event among outdoor/multisports enthusiasts. It was an obstacle course and the distance covered was 18.95km.  Completed the course in 2hrs 15min, and I thought it was quite a notable timing, having to go through 8 challenges in between. So I had hopes of breaking the 2hr bracket in a 21km run soon. (Yes, after so many attempts :P)

I was looking forward to the night run to break that 2 hr bracket. However, I asked a close fren if he wanted to run with me, knowing he wanted to do his 1st 21km run. He agreed and I told myself my target can wait. Let me run with him and push him through his 21km.

I was surprised that I had bountless energy after 5km. I was tempted to go ahead and just break my 2 hour target, but I told myself, doing a 21km with not enough preparation is not easy, so I will stay and run with my friend. I didn't want him to give up along the way. It was a nice cool run after rain in the afternoon and slight drizzle before the race start. When I realised I had so much energy, I kept running ahead then turn to run back to get him and encourage him along. I soon felt it could be a bit too much for him and may embarass him, but after a few attempts of just slowing down to wait, my body was cooling down too fast, I could feel cramps almost setting in. It was only about 11-12km then. So I continued doing the go-first-then-run-back routine. Told him I will stick with him up to 15km, then I will run to the end and then come back for him.

And so I did. I couldn't believe that after 15km the last 6km was done at 5+ min pace. It never felt so amazing. The feeling of sprinting to the end. Yes, literally sprints to me, because usually by the time close to the end, I am always to tired to even sprint the last 100m. And now 6km?? MAnaged to encourage another friend who was suffering from blister, to run the last 800m or so.

I was totally taken by surprised. Finished 2:25.... taking into consideration running the extra distances (though I do not know how much) but I felt good doing it. Then after collecting my finisher stuff, I walked till the arch (start/finish) and then slow jogged to back-track towards my friend. I dunno if he was happier or was I happier to see him, because it was more than 1.5km away before I saw him. Though he was walking, I was glad he got till that point. And so we ran towards the finishing line.

I really enjoyed myself, running and pacing with the superb weather and scenery. I didn't think twice about having to forgo my target, which I know that can be another race for me. Now maybe the 2XU or PBIM can be my next target.

Photos will be uploaded later :)

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