Thursday, August 21, 2014


I realised I am horrible at posting photos while in the process of either cooking or preparing to cook or bake. I dunno how all of you do it.

I guess it boils down to:
1. My hands/fingers are already dirty, so how to handle camera/phone?
2. Too troublesome to go and clean and then snap a photo at almost every process or when new ingredients are added.

Hah, so how do you do it?

That said, even the finished product I would sometimes forget, until it has been half eaten or transferred into another container to keep. :) Sad but true. Maybe I should get my kids to take the photos. They are able to do random shots and selfies now. :)

Been doing some baking and cooking again these few days but my attempt at BBQ ribs have to be postponed as I will be travelling tomorrow and the weekend is again filled with activities.

Now, I better remember to get my photos ready for the weekend. It will be interesting as there is going to be a birthday bash for a 5-year-old at the ice ring. Yes, ice ring....he is one lucky fella.

Have a good week(-end) too!

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