Monday, September 26, 2011

Halal Dim Sum

Recently, I keep having the feeling that I miss doing some of the things I used to do in the past. And one of the main ones, aside from swim, bike or run, is to have my weekly sunday morning dim sum breakfast. Oh I miss that!

Rewind to five years or more ago, if I don't have a race or long ride or run on a Sunday, that would be my weekly dimsum outing. And if I do have an event, sometimes that Sunday would be replaced with a Saturday. Seriously miss that.

Now the only thing that come close to this is I keep looking out for halal dimsum as and when I can and bear with the MSG-laden taste if I'm unlucky. Otherwise, pay a hefty sum to get a superb-tasting one.

And recently, I found one at CHINA TREASURES - a halal chinese cuisine restaurant sited at the Sime Darby Convention centre in Bukit Kiara. It was one of those 'discount coupon' thing which caught my attention. RM27 per pax(something like tat) for an ala-carte dimsum buffet. So bought 5 for the 5 of us from the office and finally we went last week.

I was expecting something like the one I get in Holiday Villa Subang's Chinese restaurant, but this was fantabulous. The variety and even the taste. But of course, the price per plate is also more expensive. Thank goodness we had the voucher.

At this place, it averages at RM9 per plate. Steep pricing, but if really no choice, this is really delicious, actually. Equavalent to those non-halal places. (In my opinion-lah)

So when the bill came, between the 5 of us, we had 30plates, and thats a whooping RM270, if ala-carte. However, we already paid for the voucher at RM135 and that's really a 50% saving. In actual fact, they do have that ala-carte buffet but it is at RM48+ I think. Can't remember. Which I think is also quite a good deal. Eat more than 5 plates, and you're equivalent already. Hahaha sound so greedy!

Anyway, if you're craving really good halal dimsum and don't mind paying, this is the place to go. Sorry, too busy eating and no photos taken. One unique dish was the salted egg yolk bun - which is actually a steamed pau, black in colour (yes, its black) with really nice creamy salted egg yolk filling. I can't describe it more, but just super delicious.

I will return! Likely with mum in tow. :)

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