Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I've been such a slacker at updating my blog recently. Partly because I was really tied up with work and then there's the other reason - blame the kids ;p

Their late sleeping times do no justice as AIR2 always wants to have her say on the laptop too...and once in a while when 'mummy do work' excuse doesn't work, AIR1 will also butt in for his share of 'ABC'.

Today, one of the rare days...both asleep by 10pm with me. I say with me because when they're alone with me, I always get bullied. They sleep late and demand all sorts of things from me, despite me being stern. Maybe they detect that lil' soft spot in me, despite being stern :)

Now, at 15 months, AIR2 finally has started to walk...on her own, non-stop and even tried to play football...but with a much smaller ball. I guess she must've been itching to do that since the day she saw her brother do it.

then ,there's the 'bouncy' sessions on our bed which she always watches AIR1 enjoy himself doing. And finally, she tries to do it herself, i.e. hold and move hands up and down on her side (like jumping the star-jump), but in reality, her bouncing effect is from all the jumping AIR1 is doing on the bed. Ignorance is bliss....she thinks she is jumping, and she's so happy 'jumping'.

It;s been two consecutive days where she had mild fever at night...I hope it's just a sign of more teeth 'sprouting', because at 15 mths, she only has her two lower-jaw-bunny-teeth. But despite just having 2 teeth only, she eats all sorts of stuff.

1 more item on my to-do-list before I call it a night!
see u next week!

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Dancing Ciken said...

tapi part yang paling kesian, mesti banyak kali jatuh everytime our baby nak start berjalan. bila kepala terhantuk kat lantai, aduhhh macam sakit sangat