Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Here we go! go! go!

Whenever I feel like saying 'here we go', a mental image of 'The Cat in the Hat' by Dr. Seuss comes to mind. The show on Disney Jr. has a catchy tune which rings to 'Here we go go go...on an adventure!'...

So here we go!

It all happened so fast and unexpectedly I am baffled. I was just thinking about it while driving today. I was applying for change of jobs. I wanted to leave this $***hole. It was getting from bad to worse. But I had to consider many things. Hub and I travel in our course of work. So we take turns to babysit when it happens. That means we can't be working too far from where the kids are, to make it convenient for us. So I didn't have much hope as there were many criterias to fulfill.

And one day, a call came. And from that fateful day onwards, 2 weeks later, I tendered my resignation!! Yahoo!!

And upon tendering my resignation, I also found out that the back-stabbing which I suspected was happenning, actually happened, and even to larger scale than I imagined. It was absurd. And the boss who was trying to get me to stay (because the ISO audit is round the corner and I'd be gone by then -whocares!), had done alot of assumption in what he would want me to do in the future, plans which I saw coming, but I disliked.

Thank God that I am leaving.

I guess it is only because I am better than that back-stabbing idiot, that is why he feels so much so that he is going all out to bring me down. Be little me, make me look what you like for the remaining 3 weeks I have. I don't care! Go find your new victim, idiot! There are not many choices left.

And to the boss who must have drank a ton of this idiot's saliva (chinese saying is that you drink the person's saliva and you'll listen to that person), open up your eyes. He's got you wound on his little finger like a yo-yo. And you are more than 10 years more senior than him, I am sure you are much wiser than to just listen to ONE idiot to get news from the whole department.

You both can go rule the shrinking organization.

Cat in the Hat cartoon picture courtesy of Google.


isabelle said...

drank the saliva?
i know to whom should i use this phrase...hihi

Dancing Ciken said...

kalau pepatah melayu 'terkena nasi kangkang' hehehe. teruknya that guy, tak sangka lelaki pun terer merer bila backstabbing

anyway, good luck on your new job!