Friday, March 16, 2012

To go or not to go?

When I joined this company, I envisioned that I will stay here very long. Yes, as long as ermmmm ok long lah... I've not stayed longer than 2 years in one place. Opps for some reason or other, there were temptations out there which drove me to change. And twice, the company just went bust! Can you imagine??

So when I joined this, I hoped I could grow old here. hahahaha strange, but yes, I was tired of changing. Plus I had friends here when I joined. Now, friend and friends made along the way are also gone. Things have gone from good to bad. At one point, prospects were great and I thought I'd be reaching my 3rd year here and set a record!!


that may not just happen.

It's not easy to change jobs when you've got school-going kids, or kids in the nursery and home is quite far from the workplace and am on a 'sdn.bhd.' basis, i.e. I don't have outside help when it comes to taking care of the kids and mending the house. All done by hub & I only.

I was reluctant to look for jobs although things are not as rosy here anymore. I perservered. But now, the job came looking for me. Location - not toobad, though I may be driving alot more to send/fetch kids if hub is  not around. Pay - just a slight increase, which essentially makes no difference if I take into consideration parking and all those extra driving. So why move?

New environment and perhaps I NEED THAT change badly!! It sucks when things are what it is like here. And IF I don't take this, I dunno when will I be able to make the change again. there are not many places with these type of work. If I look for a complete change, many may not be able to give me what I want. let's just face it, take it or leave it and regret it next 2 months down the road when things turn sour, correct? So I think I shall scram as fast as I can!!


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yatie chomeyl said...

good luck at your new workplace