Sunday, July 29, 2012


So, what sahur (the last  meal in the morning before the dawn prayers during the fasting month) have been like so far?

Last year, my favourite food was roti jala with any curry....and that was it. This year, it's home-made sandwich...wholemeal bread with tomatoes, avocado slices, a slice of smoked chicken and mustard grain as the spread. Other days, there could be egg and a slice of cheese. Depending on what i hada while breaking fast the night before, the cheese and egg are optional :)

ANd I am amazed at how this kept me going the whole day!

Too lazy to cook pasta already....haha

maybe by next week I'll be sick of sandwich, then I'll do pasta :)

Secretly thanking God my kids are still young and I don't have to think of what to cook in the morning for them for sahur. :)

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