Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's Ramadhan again!

Ooh Boy! It's been ages since I blogged. Talk about busy and not having compatible hardware as excuses :P

Neway, time flies and half of 2012 has gone by. Alot of challenges have came and gone and it has been an ardous journey, seriously.

Now, I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly of things and have learnt how to take it in a stride and know when to move along and when to take it to heart. Life's journey has been such.

And guess what? After 4 years, the gym bug has bitten me again. Yeah, the kedukut me has 'invested' in the gym 5 floors below my view that I have a 42km marathon 3 weeks after Raya and with no time in the morning or evening to run or do anything anymore. I'm liking it....I go during lunch for a 40min workout. I go for a 20min sprint after work, during Ramadhan if am rushing back. I go for classes sometimes and well, though am not yet doing 5 days a week like before, but yes, it's been good so far :)

One week of fasting gone....suffered a 'detox' session 2 days' ago because I decided to have 'lemondade' at 9pm....hahaha

And now, typing this at 610am,  am contemplating a run. Contemplate cos earlier, as i was sahur-ring....both kids had their milk and suddenly had dirroehea...wonder what happened, butI think all is well and they're now ok...

so, Good morning and  have a great SUnday!

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