Tuesday, August 14, 2012

To cook or not to cook

This year, I've not cooked a proper meal during Ramadhan.

But it all changed yesterday. Well sort of. :) Leaving for a break in two days, I realised I still have some vege leftover from a 'previously planned meal'.  So I decided to make mixed vege. Halfway through I decided to make 'mui fun' (savory rice in thick sauce, sauce which is like that of the cantonese fried kueh teow), so I added a tiny portion of rice. Oh my!! the portion of vege was huge, and now with rice, it became bigger, although i only added very little. Then came the egg to thicken the sauce and it just 'went out of proportion'. I just didn't expect it to be so much!! Though it was just vege essentially. :)

But I was happy I cooked. At least i didn't throw away good vege and I ate what I liked most. Vege!

I still have some salad left. Maybe tonight will be salad with stir fried vege (again!)?

And I 'found' by chance the salad dressing which I once tasted in a Japanese restaurant and liked. I didn't know what it was so I didn't bother looking for it. But when I was looking for mustard 'spread' but in whole grains and Tesco didn't have, I decided to browse a little and saw this 'sesame dressing'. My oh my!! I was so happy when I tasted it and discovered it was the salad dressing which I actually loved!

So now it has become my staple, instead of that whole grain mustard. Into my vege sandwich!!

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