Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Full Marathon - after so long

Considering conditions of my knee (and also time limitations), I have not been very keen to pursue a full marathon. I know my knee's capabilities, and am very afraid that it may fail me, or cause me to suffer the post-race-effects for very long.

So after long contemplation, knowing my time constraints, I decided to just go ahead and do the very scenic River Jungle Marathon (RJM) which starts literally, at my 'back door'. Well, 9 miles away, that is :P

Managed to convince Fong, who was also dying for some 'target' to train for (but obviously both of us seem to be so 'tidak apa' (not very bothered)), and also wrong timing, cos its only 2.5weeks after the fasting month, so we didn't really have proper training. My so-called proper training was throughout the month before fasting, and the first two weeks of fasting, where i managed some decent 15km during the weekend. After that, it was almost downhill.

After Raya was worse. And field work this time didn't make time for me to even run. My last minute training, the week before the race - Mon&Tues (speed work for 30mins), Wed (strength), Thurs & Fri (7min pace for 40mins) and those were during my lunch break. The only time I could afford :(

And so come race day, all nervous but just went for it.

Stay tuned for the next post for the race write up :)

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