Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pityriasis Alba

Exotic name. What do you think it is?

:) Actually a skin disorder. Not too serious, but it is a common skin condition affecting children and occasionally young adults. Several round or oval slightly scaly pink patches appear, leaving pale marks when the redness has faded. Easily mistaken as 'panau' where it can happen when your skin/body is hot/sweaty and then you wipe/wash with water.

Took AIR2 to the doctor to get it checked as she had in the beginning one small patch on her cheek (I never saw the red part, only noticed the white) and after a few days, there was another smaller white patch closer at side. And of course her grandma panicked more than me. So I was given a cream to 'encourage the pigment' to develop in the white areas. Although internet sources seem to have varied cures to it, let's just hope this doctor's cream works.

I hope she gets better soon, before grandma's next visit, otherwise I'll hear no end of it :P

So what is it when it happens to the not-so-young-adults like me? :P I do have these too, but I guess its just attributed to uneven skin tones? hahaha and aging skin? kihkihkih

The haze is not gone, but today was better than yesterday and the weekend. Looking forward to clearer days ahead as I'm going insane not running!! (but I managed to steal a short one just today).

It's a long way to the weekend!

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