Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Gym

Should I or shouldn't I join the gym? I miss the workouts I get in the gym. But I do find it a lil' difficult to juggle the time (hence I stopped a year ago after my office moved and everything else became inconvenient and the extra drive seemed just a waste of time), as nowadays I don't get to send kids earlier, and by the time I set foot in the gym it'll be bit late and I wouldn't get much done.

But...but...the attraction is that the office is subsidizing half of the monthly fees!! It's so attractive. Where else can you get a chain of outlets where you can go to at less than RM100? No way, man! I'm in such a dilemma. And evenings are bad because almost everyday I have to fetch the kids too. Haish. I need a personal driver to chauffeur my kids :)

Dilemma of a first world problem!


isabelle frankly said...

What gym?
*mati la kalau i kena gi gym*

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