Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Temper Tantrums

Finally, 2-3 days shy of 13 months, AIR took his first solo steps. And after that, all he wanted to do was walk and walk and walk....but of course there were times when he wanted to hold on to us to....faster and more stable. and now confidently, albeit abit 'mabuk' he will explore everywhere and look for anyone or anything.

So back home for CNY and we discovered now he loves throwing tantrums. Yes, everyone Ah Ma and Ah Kong are around to give him all the attention he wants and so he's taking full advantage of it. You say no and all of a sudden he throws his tantrums.

Now, every morning his 'ritual' would be walk to the shoe rack, pick his favourite sandals and then point to the drawer where the keys are kept and hola, he'll make u open the main door and then take him out for a walk. I have refused many times and he will patiently wait for his grandpa to awaken and excitedly do the same. And of course, this time he gets what he wants. Boy oh boy....I wonder what's gonna happen when we get back to KL.

Anyway, happy holidays to those enjoying the long break and Gong Xi Fa Cai to all celebrating!!

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Fong said...

haha.. bijaksana this boy =) of course grandparents syg giler at him =)