Monday, February 22, 2010

Antics at 1!

It’s amazing how fast a one-year-old learns. I thought perhaps after seeing it done 3-4 times only the lil fella will remember, but oh no….it only takes once and then he will remember and can repeat it.

When he observed the sequences before Ah Kong opened the main door to take him out, the next thing we realized was he showed us the sequences, i.e. by pointing to the drawer where the keys were kept, so he could be carried to take the keys and then pointing to the padlock on the grille door.

Then it was when Daddy ‘showed’ him how to start the motorcycle. He’s got this fascination with motorbikes, bicycles and cars. So sitting in the ‘basket’ Daddy showed him where the key was to be switched on first, then the ignition button. After that, he switched it off. Then he promptly put him fingers on the keys, tried to turn it on but failed. So instead, he took Daddy’s fingers and put it there to ask him to turn it on for him. Then he tried to press the ignition button.

I was surprised. When we went to a relative’s house, the motorbike was of a older version, hence the ignition key was at a diff spot. He somehow still remembered where the previous bike’s was and when he found a key lying there, he took and tried to slot it into where he thought the ignition was.

It’s also been sometime since we visited my aunt and her dog. So two days back, we visited her and oh boy, was he sooo fascinated by her dog. He saw where my aunt took the biscuit to give doggy and when the biscuit finished, he took her to go take another.

And when we were back in the kg, there were chicken and cats around. He was absolutely thrilled when for the first time he touched the cat’s fur. He giggled and squealed in delight. And couldn’t wait to touch it again. Too bad those chicken were untouchable. They immediately ran away when we got near.

On our first night there, as he got up at about 5+ am for his feed, he heard the cock crow. To my surprise he actually sat up and went ‘wooo wooo’ and I thought to myself, that this would be a very early morning for me….thank goodness he slept off while taking milk, but as usual, by 630 he’s up and about again.

Early mornings everyday!

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