Sunday, February 13, 2011

I got my 10!

Finally, after resuming 'training' I finally managed to get 10km in one outing!

I was sore when I missed my ride yesterday as weather was great. Today I was just being lazy, as I only left the house at 8am, I didn't want to be riding till too late, hence I went to Bkt Jalil, followed Fong's directions to the safest car park and trotted abit before it became a proper run!

Had a 'partner' for a short stretch but because he only ran the small loop, we parted at the junction.

Satisfied, though I think I almost collapsed on my 2nd round up that super steep short slope. Now, how am I going to do 21km on a hilly terrain?

Mind over matter! :) .... I hope!


Dancing Ciken said...

yes finally. nanti bila dah ready, LSD joms! good job mama!

reitak said...

Thanks hot mama! Jom, lepas Bareno lah nampak gaya!

Fong said...

i know how it felt.. yeay to first 10k.. i felt naked.. hehe.. puas kan.. more to come.. =)