Monday, February 7, 2011

Chinese New Year, birthday & everything nice

AIR's rainbow cake

the steamboat affair from the balcony into the living room after it rained ;p

Chinese New Year came and gone (the first few days lah). While we were also busy preparing for open house cum birthday celebration for AIR1, many were travelling back. Thank goodness this year we decided to just stay here and not go up north. Mum & Dad came.

CNY was kinda quiet. With most of my friends up north we just relaxed at home with a steamboat dinner on the eve. 1st day CNY which usually is spent at home while my relatives visit was still spent at home. Relaxing with family and entertaining the kids. 2nd day was when the ‘full swing’ came. Since it wasn’t a huge affair, things were kept simple.

Luckily we were not extremely ambitious so not much leftovers like the previous time.

AIR1 loved his Upin& Ipin themed cake and he just wanted to ‘eat’ them. The next day he woke up and saw the cake gone, but later I showed him the portion I saved and he said to me ‘Ipin sleep’. He ate the ‘eye’, ‘head’ and some of the alphabets. :)

Beautiful cake, but a tad too sweet. The icing and even the cake itself was very sweet. Otherwise I’d have wallop every remaining bit of it, I guess. haha

Over the weekend, nothing much happened. Had indian mutton briyani. Superb! that was lunch. Dinner another mutton/lamb meal. Oh about lamb overload! :)

Sunday dinner was another family gathering. Thought of balinese-style food, we went to Subak, only to realise it's actually western. Should have gone to Bora Ombak or Bora Asmara, but nevertheless though Subak was slightly pricey, ambience and food was superb. I guess AIR1 enjoyed it most as it had so much space for him to explore!

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