Thursday, March 24, 2011


First beach experience for AIR2

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It was a short but fun stopover in Desaru, especially for AIR1. The pool, the beach and the playland were his favourites! AIR2 had her share of fun too. Her first beach experience was quite hillarious.


Fong said...

comel giler!!!

Dancing Ciken said...

AIR2 cuba masuk pasir dalam mulut tak? perut nye sangat montel, kalah pipi

isabelle said...

wah2 kemain tekun lagi AIR2 hadap paper tu...

grrrr (geramnya babygirl)

reitak said...

Thanks Fong.

Jaja, nope she didn't. Aha..tu je yg beza ngan pipi kan?

Is, ituler, mmg she loves doing it. Macam real je.