Sunday, March 27, 2011

What is that?

A very much delayed posting.

The picture doesn't do much justice as I keep forgetting and only took the photo at night. I'm not good at night photography (not that I was any good in any photography for that matter ;p)

Take a guess - what did I make? take a guess....It's not shaped like it's supposed too!

Savoury scones - aubergine, chicken ham and cheddar scones. My first attempt and it wasn't too bad. Though the dough turned out to be not as thick as it should be (it should be able to be rolled like bread dough but turned up not) it still tasted fine. I wasn't bothered to actually add more flour to make it thick to its required consistency, fearing that I might do something wrong and also the fact that I would then have too many scones!

Turned out I has scones with lots of stuff! :) Attempt #2 is in the queue...tonight or tomorrow!


Fong said...

hehe.. looks abit like fried nian gao.. never tasted savoury scones.. nanti2 nak cuba ble?? hehe...

isabelle said...

hahaha. it looks very much like my cookis tak jadi last mth. haha...mmg benda2 tak menjadi ni will look like that kot