Friday, March 4, 2011

Invasion of my personal space

KUL-BKI-LDU and the KUL-BKI sector saw a full flight.

Whenever I fly alone, aisle sit it shall be. After so many flights, my conclusion, never sit next to a 'makcik'. I'm not being racist here, but from my experience, it has been 100% true.

1. Usually this lady tends to be 'horizontally challenged'.

2. Always has a travelling buddy, i.e. another 'makcik'.

3. She thinks she paid for 1.5 seats instead of 1.

4. Arm will be on my arm rest and conveniently at times intrude into my personal space.

5. Carries large 'mature lady type' handbags, which will first be at the feet, somehow when plane takes off, it moves up to her lap and once in the air, somehow it will end up on the 'table', until meal is served, then she gets 'kelam kabut' not knowing where to put it.

6. Bag ends up on her lap and depending on how 'challenged' she is, it will tilt the table.

7. Half the time, while eating, due to space constraint, her elbow jabs me, almost her whole arm by now is within my personal space.

Once not enough, more than once her arm will keep coming. Unfortunately I had no where to run! :(

That annoys me sooooo much! Out of respect, I just bite my tongue and move closer to the aisle. Thank God I still have space to squirm away.


Fong said...

horizontally challenged??? haha, i don wan 2 challenge her.. tried flying 5 hrs to beijing.. n stuck w 'pecku' who talked nonstop, loudly n smelt porkish tru 5 hrs flight.. totally get u...

yatie chomeyl said...

i think this also goes to a org putih tua tua yg boroi - same way of sitting and hand position....buat i rasa annoying sgt2

Dancing Ciken said...

arghhh! tensionnye! er memang tak boleh kawtim mintak tukar seat ke?


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